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Monday, July 31, 2006

Sugar Rush or Weed Rush, maybe...

My degree of laziness elevated 3 steps further again today by me not wanting to walk to my nearest Tesco and instead I did the online shopping. If I tell this to my orang kampong, they probably think that I am that kind of super genius yang tak yah gi kedai sorong trolley and taruk budak anak kecik in that small space where you can fit in a small children to sit while you push the trolley.

One thing for sure, I have no such excuse to use like ada anak kecik yang tak boleh langsung dibawak berjalan, walaupun ke rumah orang sebelah in case masa tu pulaklah dia nak menunjukkan kehebatannya.

So, if I need to get my shopping done, no children will get in the way. So, my case scenario is that I’m pure lazy.

Working in a mental health sector taught me that lazy...excessive laziness is one of mental spectrum disorder. I wish I can go into detail but nanti cakap lebih, adalah orang yang kecik ati. It relates closely to depression and it is infact, an antecedent and behavioural consequences for clinical depression. Asalnya malas sikit aje. Tapi bak kata Makcik Senah, sikit sikit lama-lama jadi KLCC.

So, mathematical concept is 'Ketaksamaan Linear' or may I just simply put it, aku memang malas sangat sekarang ni. I’m starting to think that my work stress play a huge part in my tahap kemalasan. I chaired a staff meeting today and tah macam mana kuasa Gaban yang ajaib, I told off my 2 senior member of staff, telling them to stop moaning and start doing something about themselves to get recognised. Mana I dapat that kind of guts to utter that words, tuhan ajelah yang tahu.

Mesti diorang lepas ni akan pakat-pakat menaruk racun dalam my coffee. Habis lah aku.

So, I guess for this month, I will have my shopping delivered by Tesco delivery service. My shopping basket includes sandwich filler untuk I bawak bekal pergi kerja (semenjak termakan vavi earlier this year, I strive to become a vegetarian tapi tak jadi because after 3 days, I kemaruk KFC and kesudahannya, I just beli sandwich filler and buat sandwich bawak gi tempat kerja)

Err...perempuan zaman sekarang, tak macam dulu. Contohnya, diri I sendirilah. You want to know what else in my shopping bag ? Always Ultra Night Safe Wings.....memalukan betul. Habislah driver lorry Tesco tu tau I pakai sanitary towel brand apa.

Finished the notes and thinking that's that for another week when Cat Stevens singing 'I love my dog as much as I love you' comes on the TV - who does that remind you of?

See you tomorrow.

P/s :- I just came back from a session with a manic depressive Jamaican guy. In our session, dia bantai hisap rokok daun dia and me, inhaling all that with no care in the world.When I read back what I wrote, I noticed a 'different'. Maybe aku stoinggg kot!!

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Lee Novotny said...

Ahhh the wonder of technology.... mak ni kalo boleh nak pegang pegang dulu barang tu..think twice then baru beli...I suppose with sanitary towels, you will never get it wrong, right?? hehehhehe

U go gurl..tell them off.. tahu tahulah omputih ni syok sgt moaning 24 jam!