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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wherefore Art Thou ??

Who is the most beautiful woman in Malaysia ?? LIna Teoh? Emm..yeah, once upon a time. Many people said it is that Nona woman...Normala Shamsuddin...but do you really think so? My father and one of my uncle used to say that it was Azie(singer/presenter in the 80's). She is also famously known of leaving her husband to marry Syed Sobrie..and we never heard of her since) My father and my Pak Lang Zubir will never leave home on Sunday to watch without an inch of blink 'Selamat Pagi Malaysia', hosted by Azie. Yeah, she is indeed very beautiful. People said that woman from Negeri Sembilan (one state in Malaysia) are the one with good looks. Like moir..heheheh..

Okay..focus. Normala Shamsuddin? Pretty? Well, it work with that Home Affairs Minister and some other blokes, but ain't for me. For some reason, I think she look biasa. I think, for all time, it has always been Wan Zaleha Radzi.Not only she is sooooo pretty, she got the bionic brain as well. She is also..partly Negeri Sembilanian..(betul kah sebutan tu?) That counts her beauty.Even though she is now over 40 and happily married to that horse face.

My cousin Shaliza and me used to (or probably still do) minat her like mad. When we were working at our grandfather printing company in Shah Alam while waiting for SPM result, we used to beg our Mak Teh to re route the journey back from Shah Alam to Gombak and have a de tour around TV3 old office in Bangsar, hoping to bump into Wan Zaleha. Fat chance, never struck the luck.

We remember Wan Zaleha's birthday and so fascinated when it comes.Coincidentally, Mak Teh got the same birthdate too.Lagilah syok.I have once, made Wan zaleha a scrapbook full with her photos from newspaper and magazine cutting and made Shaliza to drive me to TV3 building to hand deliver them.Tapi Wan Zaleha takde kat office lak masa tu.

We also 'stalked' Wan Zaleha.How ? When Shaliza got her driving licence and company car, we have more chance on our hand to joyride around KL.With the help from TELEKOM MALAYSIA phone book, we acquired Wan Zaleha's home address and we always, on our way back from work, made a 360 degrees round around her house.Gila betul.

This was 15 years ago..when we were young and stupid.I have not spoken to Shaliza in many years now because we just don't meet.I'm here and she's there.As for Mak Teh,I last spoke to her 10 years ago...and I have no intention to resume speaking to her again.

Whereever Shaliza or Kak Long is now, I hope she's okay.I will endeavour to contact her when I balik Malaysia soon.

At some point,people does get over their silliness. I never think of that (things with Wan Zaleha) is silly.However, if I ever bump into her one day, I takdelah pulak nak jatuh pengsan-pengsan.

Funny that we can get over that kind of obsession...but can't get over certain hatred.I'm talking about me and Mak Teh.I hated her..10 years ago.I don't know how I feel now but for sure I'm in no rush to start talking.Maybe, I just don't care less anymore.I just wish things is different, now and before.

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