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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Tale Of Psychological Damage


Penat sungguh.Driving all the from Worthing,as early as 7.45am and eventually arrived Twickenham at almost 10.00am, and I am supposed to start work exactly at the same time.

So,dengan kekuasaan yang ada padaku sebagai Manager, hehehe..I called in and told them that I'll be late.In the end, I only sat there for 3 hours and pissed off again.

I deadly forgot about the 3 major appointment that I personally arranged last week.Ish..nak cikyak pulak rasanya,bila teringat-ingat betapa cuainya I.Okay..let me excuse myself first,and see you all later,if only there's 'you all'.

Okay, back now after 10 minutes.Relief.News about Java Tsunami came through via Liza's sister today.I was too busy reading Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk K (Kambing?) on Utusan Malaysia last night to notice that dreadful news.So sorry to hear that but this is all geographical hazard, kan ?

Peragawati did cheer me up with his 'kencing kotor' tips.Lee Novotny and his 'Come To Cambridge' that is beautifully written that made me feel like going now now.

This wedding took up heaps of my mental energy.Sepanjang hari bergaduh over the weekend when we can't even agree on what to wear.

We will be looking a wedding band today, and I really hope I have enough strength.


Lee Novotny said...

Waaahh manager ker?? Vangga sgt!

Hhahah cikyak..ni semua LeeZ punyer influence lah ni LOL..

Cian Datuk K. jaidk datuk kambing pulak..musti pandai mengembek,kannn?? :P

Datanglah Cambridge!! It's absolutely nice! :)

heavenvshell said...
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heavenvshell said...

waaaaa...peminat Nikki jugak ker??

sedeyyyy kan Nikki terkeluar last friday!!!!! sob..sob...sob...

Han said...

mmg sedeyy cik joyah oii..dah takde makna dah tengok BB.

Lee..mmg nak datang lah ni.I pun vangga dgn you pasai u dok Cambridge yg cantekk tu.Tapi i lagi vangga dok Twickenham dikelilingi avang-avang rugby