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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Syafinaz Is Too Choosy ?


According to Berita Harian lah...Is it really? Commonly, Malaysian journalist seems to have the habit of asking the zillion dollar question to those who gracefully embracing the big 3.I wonder if what readers really want to read and finds out is why are people is still unattached after they approached their thirties.

Does it not occur to them journalist that choosing,finding,finalising a life partner is something that people have to weigh and measure million times?

Syafinaz is reputably a busy woman.I doubt she even have time to make herself available for a date.And even if she does have the puny little time,at that age (33 like moir) you have got to be very choosy.All this while, you have managed perfectly alright on your own.You only report/tell/ask permission of and to your parents.No one else.Unless you bagged yourself an unordinary man...you might as well stay single and be blissfully happy.

Theres a written news about this poor man..poor..mind you..who made a public complaint to the Malaysian Government..that he was left in a dire straits since his wife was asked to attend the National Service and left him looking after the baby.I am so tempted to ask..who's baby is that? Who made it? Did you help to carry it when it was ballooned up in your wife tummy for that 9 months? Haram Jadah takde..

Ordinary man..in my own context and perspective is those who
a) Make sure when you marry him, you marry his entire population of family
b) Doesn't help with housework and child care
c) Those who have zilch feminine side..and they don't care about how difficult it is sometimes have to deal with your own feelings let alone others
d) Do not practise or understand the equal opportunity concept
e) Many more to think of when you are not rushing to get ready for work...

Syafinaz needs an unordinary man.She may have a joy finding them in Gunung Ledang.Good luck my friend...

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JDK92 said...

mine is all a until e..to be exact typical malay man