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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Let's Learn To Do Business The Malaysian Airlines way And Then Watch SEPET


When I was home recently, I decided to get in touch with some local film, by buying the VCD and watching them. Having travelled back to KL using the mahal-nak-mampus Malaysian Airlines, I was served with the local selection of movies and I chose to watch ‘Baik Punya Cilok’. Whatever it really means. I have always like Afdlin’s work but for some reason, I wasn’t impressed with this one. I can’t understand his obsession with the ‘macam bagus’ Hans Isaac. That amaa kadawale guy cannot act at all. But, maybe I see things differently from others. I’m struggling with my level of endurance having force to watch him act in Afdlin’s BULI. If I may, I would have marked his face black so that I don’t have to be reminded that he is in there. Lain orang lain selera.

My orang putih flatmate really enjoy the patuk ayam scene. If only Afdlin care to include an English subtitle next time. Susah betul nak buat 2 kerja dalam satu masa. Watching and translating.

When I went shopping around KL, Seremban and Subang Jaya, I tried finding other product other than Afdlin’s. I’m sure Malaysian is now more creative and getting better at making things for us to watch. So, abang hensem and the amoi-amoi that worked in the Speedy Video and some other shop that sells VCD recommended Gol & Gincu, Sepet, Puteri Gunung Ledang, Ah Lok Café and Buai Laju-Laju. Fortunately, they came with subtitles.

Ah Lok Café was a big letdown. I haven’t seen PGL and BLL yet. I read about Gol & Gincu on the internet news where it was much publicised because of the writer studied ‘writing’ in the UK. There is so many issue in one little story. Incest, closeted lesbian (not in so many words), inferiority complex, dreams, abusive relationship etc. However, it is likeable. Different. Not corny like that cinta-cinta meleleh movie.

Sepet is just superb. I have no more words to describe it as it is just so pleasant to watch. I have the VCD. Get in touch with me, for those who live in London, if you want see it.

Lastly, I urged all the intelligent Malaysian, those with a degree or maybe a capacity to do business or managing one to replace the gundu-gundu that are running the operation of the national carrier. How on earth can they make more money if they are selling ticket same price as a house? Or are they only doing business with pegawai kerajaan that travel on discount? Flipping expensive. Pramugari Pramugara tak jugak makin lawa.

I texted my best friend this morning, asking her of where she's at? You want to know what she replied? 'Kat rumah. Main pukek sorang dirik bah'. Who ever read this, let's have fun and translate it for me in the comments column.Hehehe.

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