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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Tak Makan,Lapar...Kalau Makan, Gemuk...


It means, if you don't eat, you'll be hungry but if you do, you put on weight.Because of my active lifestyles...cycle to work,walk-walk-walk anywhere plus excessive stress from work,my weight fluctuates like FTSE100. It's quite okay now with 62kg and I can easily slip in size 10 clothes.Thanks to stressful work and relationship.

I read about Leah (Big Brother) that sold her house to afford corrective surgery.Not only paying £80,000 and become homeless, she chopped off her 22 stone fats and awarded herself with inflatable boobs that well will save her,if ever she plonk herself in the swimming pool and realised that she can't swim.

There's so many ways advertised to help people to lose weight.Some are expensives and some are FOC, like walking in the park. Those with money and a bit of will power can opt for the expensive ones.Those who have not so much money and would rather spend their hard earned cash on something sensible like Diet Coke, have to rely solely on their will power and the envious feeling that developed from watching the telly programme that shows all those sticky thin model.

I once read in Malaysia's Harian Metro (local tabloid) about a young woman that was o n trial for her drug case.I'm not quite sure either she's smuggles it or misused it.But when asked by the solicitor, in her defence, she said she took those drug to battle weight problem.Goodness Gracious Me!!! She must have that junkie image in her head, skinny lifeless soul and decided, okay...I have had enough of this diet, let's do drug.The result is guarantee and the proof is obvious.

How stupid? But still make sense.One of my friend told me that her weight ballooned up after she quit ciggarettes, and now she intend to resume smoking.Alasan..alasan..

I think, in the end...it is up to the owner of the body.If she like the way she look and then be it.Eat all you can and exercise if you want to.If you think you look pleasant when you are plump, or when you're thin..the best thing you can do is to continue living your life the healthiest way and avoid the disease.

Or you can change the way you think to improve the way you look.Ask Paul McKenna, the famous hypnotist.I don't really like the concept but it is one of human many ways to reduce weight.

Tak apalah kalau debab, asal sihat.

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JDK92 said...

tapi nyah..kalau dalam masa 6 bulan naik 11kg ..apa ke kesnya..wah sgt merana okey...naju semua ketat dah..ni kerana kes baru kahwin hati gumbira ke apa