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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Age Of Empire..The Answer To A Modern Destress..

Here's the thing, you're given the town in a selected location.You can create as many villagers as you fancy as long as you have enough food to create them (no sperm or egg needed) and a house for them to live in (not that they always going to be in.

You can choose how many enemy to fight or to compare how far you have gone into creating your own civilization.You can create your own army troop,enhance their fighting power, order them to kill.You can create your own war galleys and equip it with the sharpest and strongest arrows and second-to-none weapons.Woo Hooo...

You can build a monastery and create a priest that can convert your enemy into one of your people and at the same time cure the injured.

You can mine your own gold and stone.Produce your own food,hunt the animal for food and so on.Anything you can imagine on your fingertip.

Everything is possible in the Age Of Empire.But then again..life can't be that perfect.World can't be your oyster.Not only after spending hours building and planning your town and its households..your enemy can crucify and demolish your hard work within second.In front of your very eyes, your hard blood,sweat and tears can disappear like a ciggarettes between your fingers.Not forgetting,how you can waste the time you don't have.

Well, you can always restart..(your computer), keep on building your dream and ignore the wall clock and without knowing, it is 4am in the morning and at 8.30am, you have this very important meeting and some paperworks that your boss have asked you to complete, fortnight ago.

We strive to have a less prozac nation.My answer to a modern way to de stress is - get yourself a copy of 'The Age Of Empire'.Might work though.Or you can always try another way.I know someone who produce wonders like the drawing above, to escape stress.Of course, de stress in more mature way.

*The Age Of Empire - By Microsoft
*Drawing by LT