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Monday, July 31, 2006

Sugar Rush or Weed Rush, maybe...

My degree of laziness elevated 3 steps further again today by me not wanting to walk to my nearest Tesco and instead I did the online shopping. If I tell this to my orang kampong, they probably think that I am that kind of super genius yang tak yah gi kedai sorong trolley and taruk budak anak kecik in that small space where you can fit in a small children to sit while you push the trolley.

One thing for sure, I have no such excuse to use like ada anak kecik yang tak boleh langsung dibawak berjalan, walaupun ke rumah orang sebelah in case masa tu pulaklah dia nak menunjukkan kehebatannya.

So, if I need to get my shopping done, no children will get in the way. So, my case scenario is that I’m pure lazy.

Working in a mental health sector taught me that lazy...excessive laziness is one of mental spectrum disorder. I wish I can go into detail but nanti cakap lebih, adalah orang yang kecik ati. It relates closely to depression and it is infact, an antecedent and behavioural consequences for clinical depression. Asalnya malas sikit aje. Tapi bak kata Makcik Senah, sikit sikit lama-lama jadi KLCC.

So, mathematical concept is 'Ketaksamaan Linear' or may I just simply put it, aku memang malas sangat sekarang ni. I’m starting to think that my work stress play a huge part in my tahap kemalasan. I chaired a staff meeting today and tah macam mana kuasa Gaban yang ajaib, I told off my 2 senior member of staff, telling them to stop moaning and start doing something about themselves to get recognised. Mana I dapat that kind of guts to utter that words, tuhan ajelah yang tahu.

Mesti diorang lepas ni akan pakat-pakat menaruk racun dalam my coffee. Habis lah aku.

So, I guess for this month, I will have my shopping delivered by Tesco delivery service. My shopping basket includes sandwich filler untuk I bawak bekal pergi kerja (semenjak termakan vavi earlier this year, I strive to become a vegetarian tapi tak jadi because after 3 days, I kemaruk KFC and kesudahannya, I just beli sandwich filler and buat sandwich bawak gi tempat kerja)

Err...perempuan zaman sekarang, tak macam dulu. Contohnya, diri I sendirilah. You want to know what else in my shopping bag ? Always Ultra Night Safe Wings.....memalukan betul. Habislah driver lorry Tesco tu tau I pakai sanitary towel brand apa.

Finished the notes and thinking that's that for another week when Cat Stevens singing 'I love my dog as much as I love you' comes on the TV - who does that remind you of?

See you tomorrow.

P/s :- I just came back from a session with a manic depressive Jamaican guy. In our session, dia bantai hisap rokok daun dia and me, inhaling all that with no care in the world.When I read back what I wrote, I noticed a 'different'. Maybe aku stoinggg kot!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Kau Kunci Pintuku, Aku Takleh Masuk...

Well,that's what happened today.Yang paling menyayat hati,I was so desperate for a wee and how I wish I was wearing pampers,adult version.Naik kembong perut aku.

To ease up the urge to terkenchh, I pon bawaklah diri berjalan-jalan dikeliling my apartment block and start texting Liza to unlock the door from inside for me.Pahal plakk dia bangun lambat hari Jumaat ni.Telepon tak jawab lak tu.Masa ni lah I think, any woman would wish that they are a man with waterpipe and can slush anywhere. Pompuan punya modus operandi nak kencing ni complicated sikit,kena bukak tu, bukak ini, cari area paling secluded and kena mencangkung lak lagi...

Tapi tuhan itu maha mengasihi hambanya yang teraniaya.After about 10 minutes fighting with my pundi-pundi kencing, Liza rang my mobile dan gave me the access,sambil memohon ampun dan mahap kerana mengunci pintu. Ohhhhh....

Because I was away yesterday,I didn't get the chance to read my internet newspaper.So, after minum kopi dan gosok kopi (or the other way round) I pon bukak lah utusan online dan terbacalah berita yang sungguh menyayat hati ini....

Anak saya tidak terlibat salah guna dadah – Yusof Haslam

And together with the caption boast along a picture of the daddy, the mummy and the man in question flashing away the urine test result. I bet this photo is published on the front page.

Couple of days back, Malaysia was shocked by Hani Karmila's traumatic loss of her dad and Sultan Pahang's sister unexpected death, stabbed by her own son who is high on drugs.

I don't know about you, but I think we rather read something else than the Yusof Haslam's son drug test result. Well, good for him.Berhentilah clubbing for good.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Memori Kacang Botak

Masihkan you all ingat cerita ini? Hati Bukan Kristal, the title and it was on the cinema possibly about 15-16 years ago when Julia Rais is still pretty to look at and Ridzuan Hashim still has plenty of hair on top. Erma Fatimah never changed a bit apart from graced to maturity like apple. Thanks to her night firming cream, if she is applying one.

Hmmm..It is so hot now in Twickenham where I work that I am finding it difficult to concentrate. I get sleepy and hungry easily and the only way to combat that sensation is too put aside work and browse the internet dengan sewenang-wenang nya. And I come across this. Hati Bukan Kristal. Here are some bits and pieces of Hati Bukan Kristal. Let’s do the ‘transenglish’ bit...Heart Aint Crystal or maybe, My Heart Is Not Crystal. Either way, if I assume correctly is the same. The Cik Cur called Michelle tetapi adalah gadis melayu yang bernama Erma Fatimah is a mistress to one of the most influential and successful businessman in the country, bukan Datuk K. Nina adalah gadis separa melayu (bcoz mak nya adalah pompuan omputih dan bapanya adalah jejaka Kelantan gitu) bernama Julia Rais or now YAM Cik Puan Julia, is a young and aspiring journalist takes on the role to uncover details of the ruthless world behind the lights and glamour surrounding Cik Cur Michelle who is also a model. Julia Rais went on a joyride later on in a middle of the night with Susan Lankester and banggggg…married the Crown Prince Of Pahang. A Model in KL probably don’t earned that much that Michelle need to do moonlighting jadi Cik Cur mencari pendapatan sampingan bagi menyara kucing-kucing siam nya dan membayar bil Celcom gitu.

Nina the journalist was guided by the experienced newsman Razif or once-upon-a-time-a-handsome man called Ridzuan Hashim. They both went undercover to expose the dark secrets of the upbeat lifestyle of the rich and famous, only to stumble upon the truth - among which includes drugs and an explicit affair with a sugar daddy.

Ridzuan Hashim (hensem sungguh dia masa ni) taken up a role of a man who hired a Cik Cur but would rather spend a night with her chit chatting. The Cik Cur was so taken by his charm and menaruh hati gitu and eventually found out that he is using her as a part of his news scoop. Not only left broken hearted by him, Michelle the Cik Cur is also left facing an angry Sugar Daddy that in the end accidentally killed her.

Penned by Habsah Hassan and directed by that camp-looking Raja Alaudin. This movie, apart from featuring Julia Rais who was like a popia goreng panas in her time, is well worth watching. Taklah mengarut-ngarut macam cerita melayu lain…yang kunun nya directed by a director with Prof.Madya title before his name.

Zaiton Sameon is in it before the freak accident where she lost her only son and her true self. Wherever she is, I hope she is okay.

I think, this is a time for me start getting nostalgic and start searching for all the quality old Malay Movie like Adik Manja, The Jins Shamsuddin Esok,Esok,Esok movie and many more (not Badul or Mr.Os pleaseeeee)

And while watching it, I’ll be back to my usual self…mengata..mengata..dan mengata sambil mengunyah kacang botak. Cukup bahagia.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ku Terbakar Kepanasan Hatiku...

Schtum for bit when opened a post at work today. One of my disgruntled ex-colleague has served us with a letter from his lawyer. Alah..bukannya lawyer bayar, ni bangsa lawyer no win no fee tu, those who represent accident that isn’t your fault claim.

If I’m not mistaken, the similar letter came few months ago and because I don’t know any better (or malas nak melayan sebenarnya) I pon pass lah surat tu kat my boss. Let her deal with it. Orang putih dengan orang putih. Eloklah tu, yang menyaman si Irish, nak tukang ambik alih si Welsh. So, si Melayu macam moir, duduk makan kacang cap Pagoda aje lahh..

Today, I decided to stop dwelling on my guilty feelings for my buruk sangka of the late Hani Mohsin. Well, indirectly I tak bersalah because itulah hakikat freedom of speech sebenarnya tapi kejahatan mulut is something one can certainly avoid by mengurangkan activity mengata dan menggossip orang lain. I tried to look at things differently because I never thought about him in years. There was a time when I fancy him like mad during his bujangan days and my menengah rendah persekolahan days. He was in that drama where he acted as a son of the orang kaya servant and he got bicycle racing. He stood out from other actors because he got that classic look, the hero Malaya look. My father likes him and that Ahmad Fauzee. I doubt because of his acting abilities (because my father minat kat pompuan jambu-jambu macam Siti Nurhaliza, Seripah Ani, Azie, Uji Rashid) I think it is more to do with him being a student at MCKK. My father can talk about MCKK for ages. Macam la dia sorang yang dapat masuk MCKK dalam Malaysia tu. MCKK this, MCKK that. Tak kuasa betul. Tu belum lagi I bagitau dia that Suhaimi Sulaiman yang bijak bistari tu pon student MCKK jugak..lagi besarlah batu jemala my father gamaknya...By the way..Hidup MRSM...rasainnn kau MCKK!!!

The surat saman betul2 membunuh mood I bekerja hari ni. But you can’t tell your client as such..ermm..don’t disturb me today because I just got a letter from people who intend to sue us. I hate Mark Sweeney!!!! The celaka besar Irish man. In addition to his celaka ness, he named me as one of his referee when trying to look for new job. And because of that, I have to mengadap my HR Director, mintak advice...

My HR Director, si pompuan tua yang berambut platinum blond itu, advised me to just give him a reference. This is because he can actually use my reluctance against me personally in the Employment Tribunal. I told the HR Director that my reason for not giving him one in the first place is simply because I have nothing nice to say about him. Really nothing. Not because of pure malice but Mark Sweeney is just a very unpleasant man. So, do you want a bad reference or no reference at all? (My reason lah) So, in the end, I took up her advised, I respond to his reference request and the majority of my answer to their question is ‘I wish not to comment’. The last question was so poignant where they asked ‘Would you re-employ this person? If yes, please state reasons’. I wrote back ‘No’ and my reason ‘ I wish not to comment’.

Rasaiinn kau Mark Sweeney. Suka lagi melawan akak. I can’t help to think dia ada masalah mental dalaman yang membuatkan dia marah2 tak bertempat. Sexually frustrated kott??

Meantime, I kenalah cari jalan lain untuk selesaikan masalah surat saman ni. Benci betul bila baca paragraphs from the lawyers ‘We consider that you are in breach of the pre-action protocol in still failing to make a decision on liability, failing to give reasons for your stance on liability, and failing to give disclosure of all relevant documents. In the circumstances, we must assume that there is some significant issue between us.’ Macam bagussssss aje.

Itulah gunanya ada Line Manager. Maka kepada dialah akan ku pass kan surat ni besok. Dan aku, boleh lah menonton ‘Bad Girls’ dan ‘Big Brother’ dengan hati yang amat tenang sambil memakan ceklat Maltesers. My aphrodisiac.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hani Mohsin Passed Away ?????

Apparently so.Al Fatihah. My sister emailed me briefly, and I learnt the rest by browsing the news.I feel so bersalah sebabnya,prior to this blog, I was writing about HM ex wife, Tiara Jacquelina.Ada indication mengatakan yang HM semestinya dapat untung dari his divorce from her. Not that I knew of for a fact but human nature, sukalah bergossip.Sekarang ni dah mati sakit jantung pulak.Akak terasa sungguh berdosa.

While browsing,I read about how civil their relationship were (HM & Tiara)and they even celebrated his birthday together with her new family.And that piece of information really made me feel worse than it is now.

For all we know, he maybe still nursing his broken heart from either his failed marriage to Tiara or his unblessed relationship with Chef Wan daughter.

I met Hani Mohsin in person few times, that is while he was courting Tiara (during Raja Lawak stage show) and when some years ago,I happened to know someone working nearby his office in Ampang. So, selalulah nampak dia.A good looking, smart and a sentimental-looking man.

He died of an apparent heart attack in front of his only child while waiting to board on a plane.My thoughts are with the girl who I can only imagine, traumatised from witnessing her own Ayah collapsed and died.

Anything can happen..to anyone. To Hani Mohsin, rest in peace and Al Fatihah.

Melancholic Life

Deepest sympathy to Sultan Pahang & family. I read the news and learnt about the shocking tragedy.If I'm not mistaken, this has happened before.The same Royal Family, the same incident where the 'troubled' son stabbed his dad to death.15 years ago? Can't remember well but it was in the news.

If godwill, this can be prevented.Those who is closer to the 'trouble' should seek help eventhough it mean exposing you and your family. I worked with the troubled and I applaud their family openness.Although some decided to severe all ties,some brave enough to seek help.

Some people would rather chain their 'troubled' underneath their house, locked them where nobody can know they exist.Feed them like they feed their pets.Exposing them mean exposing the family shame.The 'troubled' was refused all helps they can get just because the family are so defensive of their pride.

Our mental health problem is something we should watch out for, because everybody has it.It's either mild,moderate,severe or just under control.That is why we sometimes do things we later regret.

Go out and seek help.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Puteri Gunung Ledang - A History I Don't Know About

I’m almost 2 years too late but lucky enough to get the chance to watch this movie. Directed by a director that I never have heard of and acted by the sexy, Hani Mokhsein ex wife Tiara Jacquelina and M.Nasir. It also featured that stupid looking, wannabe Simon Cowell from that Academy Fantasia. His called Adlin Aman Ramlie (as per the ending credit) I’m glad that he secured the role of Sultan Mahmud and as I remember vividly, Sultan Mahmud is the stupidest Sultan of Malacca. His stupid face matched the not very clever role. Sodapp nyo aku mengata…

Puteri Gunung Ledang (PGL) is beautifully made, in addition to the beautiful Tiara Jacquelina. I’m glad I bought the VCD and only managed to find a time to watch it now.

There’s so many question came up in my head after watching it. I’m not sure if this movie was reconstructed to fit in Malaysian audience taste or the legend really happens as it told. I have done very well in History lesson in my time that I am enthralled to learnt about something I never heard of.

a) I never knew that Puteri Gunung Ledang is Gusti Puteri Retno Jemilah, originally from Majapahit. Since I am fully unaware of her existence, I can confidently say that I certainly never heard of Sultan Mahmud and Co., visited Majapahit that lead to Hang Tuah first set eye on her.
b) I never knew that the Majapahit Royal family possessed the power of Matrix that they can telepathically communicate with each other and do that fly fighting stuff. I am doubly surprised that Hang Tuah got the same ability. How bizarre!!
c) I never knew that Prince Demak or Pak Haji Demak (because Azmil Mustapha clothed in a Tok Bilal costume)of Pulau Jawa exists!! Let alone know that religious person like him will resort to attacking some innocent village people in Majapahit in bid to marry Gusti Putri Retno Jemilah (panjang nama, sakit tanganku menaip ni)
d) That The Majapahit King is so desperate to offer his sister Gusti Puter Retno Jemilah for marriage to either Sultan Mahmud or Prince Demak in bid to save Majapahit from their attack. It’s a very contradicting facts taking into account that The Majapahit Royal family have that special super power that enable them to save their own selves.
e) On top of all this new account of untold history, I never thought that Hang Tuah secretly admired or have embarked on a long distance love affair with Gusti...errr PGL. I knew about him suka nak gila kat Tun Teja but later decided to pass on his luck to Sultan Mahmud. I can’t help thinking that he might pocket some handsome reward in return. Like Hani Mokhsein & Tiara Jacquelina and later beautiful Tiara decided to marry that Datuk. Mesti ada kick back tu. Do you really believe that people will be generous enough to do the kind of sacrifice?
f) That Hang Tuah was so broken hearted that he decided to disappear but they later found him lying down in the pool of mud with his face facing the sky helplessly. Tak macho betul.
g) That stupid Sultan Mahmud is so evilly powerful that he is able to cursed PGL to become invisible by day and visible by night.
h) That Hang Tuah is a national sprinter that runs insanely fast to beat the sunset in bid to catch PGL before she become eternally invisible.

Beside all the above historical point that must have been left out from my history text book (or I simply tak membaca) I never knew about Tiara Jacquelina hidden talent. She sing and dance very well that I almost mistaken her for Toni Braxton. I can only imagine how Hani Mokhsein must be feeling when seeing his beautiful ex wife. Well, good for the Datuk. Good for Tiara Jacquelina.

As the unofficial movie reviewer, I highly recommend all of you to watch this. It came with the subtitles and some unseen footage. If you live closer to me, give a shout and I’ll lend mine to you.

The Labyrinth

I would like to wish my dear blogging counterpart, Lee Novotny to get well soon and so that he is able to get his arse soon on that comfy chair in front of his laptop/pc/palm whatever and start writing his must read blog. Makanlah lemsip bebanyak...

As for me, there's plenty of things to feel sorry for. The manipulation of the system that is directly affecting the innocent.Lee's story wasn't something new to lament about. I was given the horrendous treatment before likewise and to be honest, is inhumane and unnecessary, speaking about holding people up in queue, asking bloody stupid question that is all out to embarass them.

What do we ever do to deserved this? Yet,you're welcoming,treating,feeding and housing the ungrateful cadgers and in the end will gang up on you and set out to demolish the nation who rescue them from poverty,war torn country,anarchist and from all those self-made devils.

We are simply...a person who are fortunate enough to have a slightly clever brain and skills that is worth sharing. We worked our way up.We paid rent,council tax and all those sky high taxes.We made our application to stay in all true account and we are not asking for anything only to be treated fairly.

I guess, to be treated fairly is too much to ask.

Sunday, July 23, 2006



Some of us got hitched yesterday. Good for them…who did got married and well done for those who made the time to attend.

Well done for those who eventually managed to overcome their nerves and fear.

Well done for those who eventually decided to end their long on again off again courtship and replaced it with something more solid and permanent. You’re now officially glued to each other as long as you wanted to. Hopefully forever till divorce do you apart.

To Frankie, congratulations!!! There’s something worth doing your head in for. Hope this is for keeps. I love you.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Memoir Of A Single Woman


I feel the need to enjoy today. Liza called 2 hours ago giving me the bad news that she unable to escape work because one babi-jahanam-celaka didn’t turn up to work. But she promise to finish up early so that we can go to Oriental City in Colindale to eat Meehoon Goreng. So, to kill time, I took up the responsibility to be a Laundromat woman for the day. I emptied Liza & Lou’s laundry basket and the soldiers are now smartly placed on our indoor clotheslines. I was a bit gutted that my fabric softener ran out and I can’t have my aromatherapy session.

Today is my last day to be known as a single woman. Something might happen tomorrow and I might change my name. I need to make a fuss about today because lots of thing might change after tomorrow. One thing for sure, I can’t lose my freedom because I’m a headstrong woman. If I do, maybe a little amount, speaking about kebebasan untuk keluar menyundal. Things like that.

Living by myself has taught me how to love myself even more. You always have to regard the number one first. If number one is not happy, then do something about it. Always value number one opinion however silly or stupid. If number one is not convinced, then you may ask for other’s opinion. This is gospel.

I have to apologise to some people for whatever reason. For upsetting them, for unable to invite them, for breaking their heart (Angelina Jolie, Hillary Swank, Anuar Zain to name a few) and for all sorts of reason.

I have been concentrating to make my self happy for the last one week. I have to. I have stopped my therapy session because I’m taking a break from my painstaking-training to become a wizard-session for now. Life without someone who care shit about you but is paid to listen to your absolute rubbish are quite disconcerting.

I have been a pain but I’m so glad that my 2 flatmate are still able to put up with me. Our mutual understanding arbitrated our many disputes. But I know deep down, they care and will support me through.

This isn’t easy and has never been. I’m drained, fucked and powerless, at times. I really salute my own perseverance and level of tolerance and because of that, I come this far, much to some people dismay.

I spent half an hour staring at a pic of my ex. How we have love each other so much that the break up hurts. (It hurts me) We don’t speak anymore although I would kill to have a friendship. I tried but at the same time whilst trying, I also read between lines that my effort isn’t mutual. And I stopped. Physically but I’m not sure how I feel about it emotionally. I moved myself on. I succeed. Thank you for making it easy. And I can now finally tell myself that we are just not destined to be together and you will still be in that very special place in my heart.

How To Blog - And Keep Your Job


This came through my email inbox today from my overly concern partner.Have a read through...

A British secretary allegedly sacked from her job in Paris over an internet diary is the latest in a growing line to pay a heavy price for blogging.

Catherine - who blogged anonymously under the pseudonym "Petite Anglaise" about life, love and work - has now launched a test case under French employment law.

She claims she was dismissed from accounting firm Dixon Wilson for bringing the company into disrepute, despite never naming it in her diary. The firm has not commented.

Since Catherine - who told anecdotes about office life and admitted lying to take time off - announced the legal case on her blog site, more than 200 readers have posted messages of support.

Her story is far from unique in the blogosphere.

* Source news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4737671.stm

What do you think ?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Is This Really Necessary ?


I decided to ride my bicycle to work today...so that I can make a big round around the Twickenham Rugby Club.Menjamu mata.

I just left my flat less than 5 minutes riding bicycle along Twickenham Road...on the cycle lane.As I was riding along,some gundus decided to park their cars along the road and obviously,their cars occupied the cycle lane, and that left me with no choice but to invade the main road which of course I am trying to avoid.Because one poor man got killed in Chiswick while riding his bicycle to work.

I decided to avoid main road and go through the pavement.Well,no one's walking and I'm not disturbing any pedestrian so a quick ride through will not give anyone any harm.It's a quick decision and there I was, on the pavement, riding me bicycle.

Out of nowhere appears 2 PCO's (Community Police Officers) walking side by side on the pavement.Our eyes met and they stopped me.They what??? Yeah..they stop me.

Excuse me Madam, can you please step down from your bicycle.I did.I also took out one of my MP3 earphone.Then the officer went 'Ohh..we will need to discuss about that too (pointing at my earphone) but let's do this first.You do know that you're not allowed to ride your bicycle on the pavement?

They goes on this and that...telling me about the rules and stuff. I gave them the guilty look hoping that they will stop nagging and let me go, quickly.When they finished with the cycling-on-the-pavement bit, they started to go on about my MP3 and how dangerous it is for me not to have full concerntration when cycling.Takutla aku tak dengar danger...

I braved the traffic of people looking at moir like I'm somekind of ASBO girls. After 15 minutes of free speech, they let me go and I went without looking back and started swearing like a trooper.

My flatmate said the Community Police got nothing much to do and they will picked up every little petty things.

Why can't they go and lecture those school pupils that is violating the peace?

Racially Motivated Blog Part 2


Well,speaking Bahasa again.My blue eyed (literally) flatmate kerja kat sekolah and I tau, dia kadang2 akan curi-curi baca my blog.So,kalau nak mengata tu, susahlah sikit.Makcik Putih ni siap ada kamus lagi, nak belajarlah kununnya.So, I dengan Liza kalau nak mengumpat dia, kena mengumpat dengan penuh hati-hati gitu.takut dia paham. Kita orang melayu kan dah biasa lepas makan basuh pinggan dan mereka-mereka serta keluarga mereka tu pakat simpan pinggan mangkuk,piuk,cawan kotor sampai bertingkat-tingkat macam project rumah UEP Subang Jaya, pastu baru basuh.Cara membasuh pulak,pakai buih aje tak bilas.Maybe orang putih ni obsess dengan buih kot.So,kerja I dengan Liza kat rumah ni,bila mak Putih tu takde or tak nampak, kami akan membilaslah balik pinggan mangkuk yang dicuci oleh Mak Putih tu.I dengan Liza, maleh le nak makai dishwasher, pasal tak nak menbuang karen...pastu, duit yang berlebih itu akan digunakan untuk menjelajah donia.Sekarang ni, I tengah active mempromote kat my 2 flatmate supaya bercuti kat Cambridge.So,Cambridge,tunggulah kedatangan 3 dara (ye ke dara...) pingitan ni.

Well,mengulas tajuk blog ni...iaitu Racially Motivated Blog Part 2, I nak lah berkongsi pengalaman I dalam bus no.111 semalam.Cuaca yang panas ni, samalah panasnya dengan hati I.Benci betul naik bas bila time budak-budak sekolah balik.

Adalah 4 budak sekolah pompuan ni.Orang Putih.Sekor tu debab dan 3 lagi pengikutnya,2 orang Putih dan sorang lagi, tak pasti ethnicity nya, nak kata Mixed Race, tak de pulak nampak bayang-bayang Hitam kat dia tu.Macam Brazillian lah..macam kulit kita yang exotic gittew...

My flat mate selalu kata, budak budak sekolah ni, kalau in group memang macam askar Zionis.Jahat.Baik pompuan baik jantan.Cikgu sekolah pun boleh trauma mengajar diorang ni.Tak macam kita kat sekolah dulu.Jumpa cikgu sekolah kat pekan pun, menyorok.Especially kalau tengah memonteng.

Dalam ramai-ramai budak sekolah yang berdiri dalam bas ni, adalah seorang budak yang kecil size nya,pakai tudung, berdiri betul-betul depan I. Diam aje.I'm not so sure kalau dia kenal group gangster ni but for sure, dia orang satu sekolah because they wore a same uniform.

Budak orang putih yang badan besar ni, nampak sangat ketokohan kaki buli nya.Everytime the bus stop and move on again, seems to be that her fat body is having difficulties to balanced up and at many times, acted like as if, she is going to fell and everytime when this bus movement happened, dia himpit budak yang pakai tudung ni.Siap pegang-pegang kepala budak pompuan bertudung ni lagi,and yang paling sedih, everytime she does that, the whole group laughed. Gila-gila punya gelak pulak tu.Tersentuh hati akakkk..

This fat bitch will patronisingly said sorry to her, push this tudung girl head rather un-gently and said to her other bitches, 'Hey, do you know her...'.

Sakit betul hati I tengok peristiwa tu. Tudung girl look so distressed tapi tak kata apa-apa, macam benda yang diperlakukan keatasnya adalah perkara biasa.

I rasa nak tegur budak-budak orang putih kurang ajar tu, tapi, keselamatan diri ini perlu diutamakan.Tak pasal, aku pulak yang kena taruk dengan that group. I keep thinking, where is the Community Police Officer when you needed them? This is all anti social behaviour and that groupof mat salleh sundal's must be charged for bullying.

Bila I turun bas, budak perempuan tudung tu pun turun jugak.I followed her...well, not really but we are actually walking towards the same direction. I accosted her and said that I saw what happened on the bus.She told me, ohhh..they do that at school.She smiles...sign of despondency.I told her that I was rather offended witnessing that.She asked me why? I said, well...I'm a Muslim and that offends me big time when they make fun of your head like that...pushing them around.

She look at me again, surprised..and asked 'Are you really a Muslim?' ...You don't look it (maybe pasal I tak pakai tudung kot)

I smiled and said, as a Muslim, I know that head is sacred and no one but your parents have rights to hit them.

I suggested that she report them but she gave me the look that certainly mean 'What for..they will probably do more and more. When we parted way I tapped her back gently and said, look after yourself.

And I keep thinking about her still.

P/S Semalam, I dengan Liza pergi Kew Garden M&S, beli bra.Terkujat betul Akak bila mendapati yang Akak sekarang bukannya size 34C macam dulu, dah jadi 32B.Seddeyyy..tu lah, asyik makan maggie perasa kari aje.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lagi Lagi Datuk K...


Baking hot today. Well, I’ve seen worst, it’s just bila dah duduk negara sejuk ni, badan pun jadi manja dan mengada-ngada. Tak tahan panas konon…

Jayne is now up for eviction. The fact that she got less vote than that equally-annoying Richard shows that having a big bust does help to earn a little nectar points from the men. The stupid lot like Mikey, MP (Michael Pengotor), Spoirall Siall obviously will favour those with CikTek and would happily nominate Richard yang takde CikTek tu.

It is really really dull and this is what we have to live with to watch, since all of us decided to chucked Nikki out. Padan muka kita.

Reading Lee Novotny’s blog reminds me of this rather annoying man I met at work today. How some people use a desperate measure to make themselves ‘stand out’ from others. Why they do it, is questionable. I can only think of them having a very, very low self esteem. To overcome that, they will do anything and unconsciously becoming an exhibitionist. Like this man I met today. The HQ decided to send all the Manager’s for Employment Law Training at Kingston today.(Bengang nya, takleh lah pakai short gi kerja hari ni) He is apparently a Deputy in one of the project down in Southampton…dan tak hensem. He overtalk his boss (in fact, he overtalks everyone) and in many occasion, made references to some of what he thought is funny examples. Tak kelakar pun. He laughed at his own recollections of events, probably hoping people will notice how ‘unusual’ he is. I think, but I'm not sure if he is trying hard to show that he is knowledgeable. It ended up making him look immature. Hmmm..Immature,that is more like it. I don’t think he’s that old eventhough I could be older than him (but acik kan maintain younger look, thanks to Olay Anti Ageing Cream gittew…) In addition to my account of annoyance, he sat in front of me…bubbling away like budak2 pandai. Celaka.

So that woman in LA Fitness is probably a low self esteem case…and the need to show off the things that she can do best (menari-nari sakan) is so important for her own mental health needs. Like Datuk K, when I was in Malaysia recently, I read about the news that Datuk K is still enjoying his conjugal access to his marital home with his on again off again ex wife. I supposed, he is doing that (kongkek wife dia walaupun dah bercerai gittew) for his own mental health needs as well. His look gives out a lot of definitions..misai pun nampak gersang aje. Habislah Siti Nurhaliza.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The L Word


This US made, lesbian-orientation TV drama are coming back to Living TV this saturday, after a long hiatus.Personally, I wasn't that impressed with their 2nd season...partly because Karina Lombard aka Marina Ferrer was mising.Shane's hair look stupid considering she's a hairdresser and Jenny, the Yahudi, still cannot decide if she prefer 'puki' or 'konek'.Bi-Curious lah gittew.(Copy dari Cik Kak Peragawati dan Cik Lee Novotny kita)

For sure, I'm going to miss this 1st episode, due to my prior engagement yang tak boleh di cancel langsung.Tapi, mesti ada repeat, so tak le ralat sangat.

Honestly, in a real world, I have a feeling that those georgeous-supposedly-gay-woman living as a eligible lesbian in Hollywood is too good to be true.I hope they're there somewhere and successful, macam gayak-gayak jantan. My good gay male friend addressed gays as gayak, just in case you all tak paham apa makna gayak tu...tapi, mestilah paham kan?

Lesvos-lesvos disekitar West London ni, tak mengancam belaka.For a weird reason, my gaydar works very well and I recognised one straight away.Adalah few yang DDG (cantik jatuh dan mampos)tapi majority nya macam guni beras berjalan dan dihiasi anting-anting yang tak sepatutnya...well, I'm referring those silly looking stud that made them look like a mad cow.

So,when served with the like of Jennifer Beals,Leisha Haileys,Karina Lombard & Katherine Moennig roaming around West Hollywood, hunting for minge,rasa tak percaya aje.Ye lah, can you imagine actress yang mirip-mirip Jayne Badak berlakon jadi lesvos, siapalah yang berselera melainkan lembu gila..

I'm so looking forward to see my DDG Marina, who mysteriously went AWOL last season.Mesti rating tergolek dog dan producer L Word, terpaksa menghantar tepak sirih menjemputnya kembali kepangkuan.

Well done and welcome back.

The Tale Of Psychological Damage


Penat sungguh.Driving all the from Worthing,as early as 7.45am and eventually arrived Twickenham at almost 10.00am, and I am supposed to start work exactly at the same time.

So,dengan kekuasaan yang ada padaku sebagai Manager, hehehe..I called in and told them that I'll be late.In the end, I only sat there for 3 hours and pissed off again.

I deadly forgot about the 3 major appointment that I personally arranged last week.Ish..nak cikyak pulak rasanya,bila teringat-ingat betapa cuainya I.Okay..let me excuse myself first,and see you all later,if only there's 'you all'.

Okay, back now after 10 minutes.Relief.News about Java Tsunami came through via Liza's sister today.I was too busy reading Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk K (Kambing?) on Utusan Malaysia last night to notice that dreadful news.So sorry to hear that but this is all geographical hazard, kan ?

Peragawati did cheer me up with his 'kencing kotor' tips.Lee Novotny and his 'Come To Cambridge' that is beautifully written that made me feel like going now now.

This wedding took up heaps of my mental energy.Sepanjang hari bergaduh over the weekend when we can't even agree on what to wear.

We will be looking a wedding band today, and I really hope I have enough strength.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Racially Motivated Blog



Semangat Perkauman.I have to apologise to my friends who don't understand Bahasa Malaysia atau pun bahasa Negeri Sembilan.Untuk keselamatan diri yang jelita ni, terpaksalah acik menggunakan bahasa melayu.Idea nak menulis cerita ni timbul semalam masa acik balik kerja.Acik naik bas ulang alik tempat kerja,tapi kadang-kadang tu acik naik basikal.Tengoklah angin..kalau angin rajin dan bila terasa diri ini debab, acik akan naik basikal..tapi kalau acik malas dan terlambat bangun, acik pun habiskan lah duit dalam oyster card acik tu naik bas.

Semalam kan...masa acik dalam bas yang ber aroma celaka tu, yelah, bila musim summer ni, ramai haram jadah yang mengambil peluang tak mandi ataupun terlupa taruk deodorant.Kesannya, ketiak mika akan berbau ikan dah tah hapa-hapa lagi.Yang acik heran tu, mika ni tak terbau ke diri sendiri masam macam puaka gondang iteww? Tak self conscious betul.Disebabkan mereka yg takde disiplin diri ni, acik serta orang-orang lain yg didalam bas yang berbau wangi, menjadi busuk. Sakit hati, beli eau de parfum mahal-mahal..alih-alih, import bau orang lain.Okay..berbalik kepada topic asal..Adalah Mem Putih ni duduk membaca buku gitu didalam bas.Dibelakang tempat dia duduk, duduklah seorang pompuan sambil memangku baby nya yg ada tokoh nak jadik gangster bila besar.Pompuan yg ada baby tu pompuan hitam..ala-ala afro carribean gitu...paplakkk..mmg afro carribean lah..sebab bila dia bersuara, patah-patah pertuturannya macam Sean Paul gitu.

Nak jadikan problem, baby pompuan hitam (acik suspect nama dia 50 cent, tak pun Tupac Shakur) main lah tendang-tendang kerusi.Maka Mem Putih yg tengah kempen membaca buku ni,macam tak selesa lah..lama gak ketakselesaan dia tu.Adalah dalam 10,20 minit dia menahan sabar.Pompuan Hitam ni pulak, takdelah inisiatif nak kawal anaknya malah diagah-agah lagi supaya menendang-nendang kerusi Mem Putih tu.Maybe, dia nak anaknya jadi Ronaldinho.

Mem Putih, akhirnya menegurlah....katanya dlm English tapi diterjemahkan oleh acik, Ekius me...boleh tak kau jgn bagi anak kau tendang kerusi aku, sebab sakit belakang aku terkena turjahan-turjahan kejam anak kau tu.Aku nak baca buku lagipun...

Mak Hitam, dengan gaya ular tedung selar, bukannnya mak mintak mahap on behalf of anak dia si Tupac Shakur tu, tapi dengan ganasnya menjawab dengan slang Jamaican nya, apa masalah kau ni..

Mem Putih tu berkata balik dgn lembut tetapi tegas, aku rasa terganggu dgn aksi-aksi ganas anak kau tu.Bolehtak kau berbuat sesuatu demi keharmonian bas ini...pintanya manja...

Mak Hitam...apa pulak anak aku yang bersalah...kau nak aku bubuh anak aku kat mana..atas bas ke ? Tupac Shakur inikan masih kecil dan belum akil baligh..kenapa pulak kau nak bermasalah dgn dia...kau nak buat apa dengan anakku Si Tupac Shakur ni..katanya ganas...

Mem Putih menyambung..aku takde masalah dgn anak kau, tapi itu anak kau, kau buatlah apa yg patut supaya dia jangan menyepak kerusi aku.

Mak Hitam..Ohhh..kau eksen pasal kau putih dan anak aku hitam.Pasal kami ni ber kaler hitam..kau berani lah ye..

Pada masa ini..semua orang, termasuklah acik rasa tersentak.Bagi acik lah..Mak Hitam tu tetiba je bukak subject perkauman...padahal tak menda hapa pun yg boleh menjadi isu perkauman.

Tapi, acik respect dgn Mem Putih ni...dia dgn tenang menjawab, kau yg kata begitu, bukannya aku.Aku cuma minta jgn diganggu.Tapi kalau kau rasa macam tu, aku rasa kesian lah dgn kau...dan Mem Putih itu terus membisu sambil menyambung pembacaan bukunya..

Mak Hitam, tanpa rasa segan silu, terus ber chok check chok check..macam anak burung gagak mintak makan..sepanjang-panjang journey tu.Bila acik turun bas, dia masih lagi memaki hamun...tak tau lah kepada siapa, maybe dirinya sendiri.

Hari ni, bila acik mengenang peristiwa itu, acik pun terpikir sejenak..Orang Hitam suka mengapi-api kan keadaan yg tak huru hara.Mereka selalu kata mereka di aniaya kerana kalerr mereka..tapi, kadang kadang, mereka yg start dulu.Selalunya begitulah..orang kata orang putih ni racist...adalah sikit-sikit org putih yg bangsa tak sekolah tinggi makan duit kerajaan tu..racist lah..tapi majority org putih selalunya baik hati.Orang Hitam atau separa hitam...ni yang selalunya perangai cam Abu Lahab.

Apalah nak jadi dengan diorang ni????

Spiral Must Go


Spiral,Spoiral, Sialll have to go tonight.Too bad Jayne Badak is immuned from eviction, this annoying Irish must be out.

But, there's a huge possibility that tonight votes might be manipulated by the Irish.They will save Spiral like they saved Orlaith last year.Semangat Perkauman lah tu.Tak pasal-pasal, Susie pulak yang kena keluar.Walaupun dia boring, dia tak bersalah apa...begitulah cerita Makcik Syarifah Sherry bila di interview oleh suratkhabar Harakah.

Drunk and Disorderly...Big Time


This is the world worst antic.And you can be charge for it,if you decided to display the results of your intoxication fuelled behaviour in public.

I am fortunate enough not to get 'intoxicated' in public places.Considering that I will only become friendly with alcohol on invitation only.Sometime you have to sip some,when you're trying hard not to offend the person who offered.

There's a time when there is no one to offend, that is you want to drink voluntarily, like moir.Alcohol, for a very strange reason is a good sleeping aid for me.I have difficulties sleeping...especially when I'm free from work.I'm always sleepy when I'm at work.Errr..indication of psychological damage.

I woke up today like usual today.I slept well last night and early too because I remember that I didn't watch Big Brother.You can usually tell when people went funny with you.My inquisitive nature starting to ask question and in the same time, trying to remember whatever it was that I can remember.

As at 8.42 am today, I vaguely remember some unpleasant bit of my intoxicated self...and there will be more memory to come.

Not very pleasant at all.No wonder they went funny...weird kind of funny.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Syafinaz Is Too Choosy ?


According to Berita Harian lah...Is it really? Commonly, Malaysian journalist seems to have the habit of asking the zillion dollar question to those who gracefully embracing the big 3.I wonder if what readers really want to read and finds out is why are people is still unattached after they approached their thirties.

Does it not occur to them journalist that choosing,finding,finalising a life partner is something that people have to weigh and measure million times?

Syafinaz is reputably a busy woman.I doubt she even have time to make herself available for a date.And even if she does have the puny little time,at that age (33 like moir) you have got to be very choosy.All this while, you have managed perfectly alright on your own.You only report/tell/ask permission of and to your parents.No one else.Unless you bagged yourself an unordinary man...you might as well stay single and be blissfully happy.

Theres a written news about this poor man..poor..mind you..who made a public complaint to the Malaysian Government..that he was left in a dire straits since his wife was asked to attend the National Service and left him looking after the baby.I am so tempted to ask..who's baby is that? Who made it? Did you help to carry it when it was ballooned up in your wife tummy for that 9 months? Haram Jadah takde..

Ordinary man..in my own context and perspective is those who
a) Make sure when you marry him, you marry his entire population of family
b) Doesn't help with housework and child care
c) Those who have zilch feminine side..and they don't care about how difficult it is sometimes have to deal with your own feelings let alone others
d) Do not practise or understand the equal opportunity concept
e) Many more to think of when you are not rushing to get ready for work...

Syafinaz needs an unordinary man.She may have a joy finding them in Gunung Ledang.Good luck my friend...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Have You Come Across Someone Like Him ?


He's very sad, isn't he? Millions knows that he fancies Aisylene.He is trying very hard to convince himself that he don't feel a thing for her..by telling us about it everyday in the Diary Room.

Now,he is making it a big issue about Aisylene 'rejecting' his kiss.He made sure everyone knows about it and how Aisylene made a biggest mistake of her lifetime for not kissing him.

And, as at 2118 hrs today, he is still talking about it.Ohhh...what happen to all the girls in Dublin.Why didn't you kiss him before he went into Big Brother house?

Aisylene, why didn't you choose Jonathan ?

Wherefore Art Thou ?? Part 2

Some years ago, I am fortunate enough to be invited by an ex to a showcase in Kuala Lumpur Planet Hollywood.My ex was sent over to interview Anggun Cipta Sasmi...or just Anggun...

Physically, dark skinned,good looking Anggun is a very small person.Many was mesmerised by the way she dance.Unique and ...how shall I put it, difficult to copy.Ogy, in one of her 'Melody' stint, tried once and looks horribly funny.

No Malaysian can deny the fact that Indonesian sings better than them.True, very very true.Before 'Academy Fantasia',Malaysian Pop Idol and those Malaysian Talent Search Reality Programme,we watched 'Asia Bagus' religiously.(I'm talking about me) and the fact is that Indonesian hopefuls are the most much awaited contestant.They sings like goddess.I remember a young lady who sang like Whitney Houston but talked like Megawati Soekarno-Puteri...kung-klang-kung-klang..

Whilst other Indonesian like Kris Dayanti,Ruth Sahanaya and the rest are still riding high in the local media, we seems to have lost touch with Anggun. Dimana kamu ya ?

From the birds and bees and the babi's....Anggun is still very much alive in France. In fact,her concert tour had lined up till end of this year.

So, Anggun, aku akan datang ketemu kamu di Peranchis yah....

Saturday, July 08, 2006

And Life Is So Beautiful...Like Amelie Mauresmo


Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.
Sing like nobody's listening.

Tak Makan,Lapar...Kalau Makan, Gemuk...


It means, if you don't eat, you'll be hungry but if you do, you put on weight.Because of my active lifestyles...cycle to work,walk-walk-walk anywhere plus excessive stress from work,my weight fluctuates like FTSE100. It's quite okay now with 62kg and I can easily slip in size 10 clothes.Thanks to stressful work and relationship.

I read about Leah (Big Brother) that sold her house to afford corrective surgery.Not only paying £80,000 and become homeless, she chopped off her 22 stone fats and awarded herself with inflatable boobs that well will save her,if ever she plonk herself in the swimming pool and realised that she can't swim.

There's so many ways advertised to help people to lose weight.Some are expensives and some are FOC, like walking in the park. Those with money and a bit of will power can opt for the expensive ones.Those who have not so much money and would rather spend their hard earned cash on something sensible like Diet Coke, have to rely solely on their will power and the envious feeling that developed from watching the telly programme that shows all those sticky thin model.

I once read in Malaysia's Harian Metro (local tabloid) about a young woman that was o n trial for her drug case.I'm not quite sure either she's smuggles it or misused it.But when asked by the solicitor, in her defence, she said she took those drug to battle weight problem.Goodness Gracious Me!!! She must have that junkie image in her head, skinny lifeless soul and decided, okay...I have had enough of this diet, let's do drug.The result is guarantee and the proof is obvious.

How stupid? But still make sense.One of my friend told me that her weight ballooned up after she quit ciggarettes, and now she intend to resume smoking.Alasan..alasan..

I think, in the end...it is up to the owner of the body.If she like the way she look and then be it.Eat all you can and exercise if you want to.If you think you look pleasant when you are plump, or when you're thin..the best thing you can do is to continue living your life the healthiest way and avoid the disease.

Or you can change the way you think to improve the way you look.Ask Paul McKenna, the famous hypnotist.I don't really like the concept but it is one of human many ways to reduce weight.

Tak apalah kalau debab, asal sihat.

Friday, July 07, 2006

A Year On...And It Is Still Raw

A year ago today, I was getting ready to work.The agenda for the day is to travel to Luton with one of my client.As at 7.15am, as I am leaving my flat and get on bus to work,for some reason,I decided to travel on different route to Luton.We usually get on Picadilly Line from Hounslow East to King's Cross and then Thameslink to Luton.When I arrived work,I suggested to my client that for a change we should try on a new route to Luton and it will be fun.My client was anxious at first because changing route is like changing her whole routine and for young adult with autism, changes in routines is major thing.At 7.45am we left London from Richmond Station and changed for Thameslink at West Hampstead.Little that we realised that sudden decision changed our fate.We could have been perished that Thursday, 7th July 2005.

My colleagues,friends and family frantically trying to reach me on my mobile.It's so chaotic that day that mobile transmission was badly disrupted.I keep getting text from my mates asking 'Are you still alive?'.I did not realised what happened till about 11am.My friend in Malaysia texted saying that there's a bombing and 30 people had died when the BBC and GMTV news keep telling us on the telly that there's a power failure at the train station and there's fatality.I supposed they wanted to keep London calm.

I called my family in Malaysia and assured them that I'm okay.But I was shakey a bit because I can't get over the thought that I might have been dead,exploded to bits.

For couple of months, I was emotionally disrupted.My partner live in Finsbury Park and to visit, I have to brave the tube, which I couldn't bear to come near for weeks.I have to depend on my MP3 player to get me through the tube journey, until now.I could easily get an asthma attack when the tube suddenly stopped in the middle of the tunnel.I happened to know some people who aren't fortunate to survive.I can't believe that in this modern world,there was this 4 disgruntled obviously misled young muslim man who dare to take this stupid measure to destroy other people's life.

Is this really Islam teachings or just 4 stupid bastards that agree to do Osama bin laden stupid job? They're protecting the religion? But from who? The tube driver? since when suicide is permitted in Islam? Why aren't Osama bin Laden suicide bombed himself? Why manipulating young men to leave their own responsibilities behind and bombed others?

Whatever happened to soft approach in Islam, where the Prophet Muhammad applies on his people and families? Is there anywhere in the Quran that says 'Packed your home made bomb and blow yourself up on the packed tube?'?

I don't believe so.But 52 people has died for nothing and left an unbearable void in their loved ones life.

Let's join all of us at noon for 2 minutes silent.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Emancipation Of..........Me Me


Free at last from mental slavery...thanks to 1500ml of Coca Cola.There's goes all the inhibition.I value my inhibition like I value my Age Of Empire games.When I go to parties, I tried my level best to avoid sipping alcohol because in 10 minutes, I become the centre of attention and quite possibly will be singing Pussycat Dolls song.

If you are watching Big Brother, tonight is the night where Aisylene have evict 1 of her 2 'best mate'.She finally chose Jonathan to go and as we speak, crying like mad.The cruelest eviction ever.

The moral from that short stint is, anything can happen.Anything.Ida Nerina who's just married can just be not married anymore tomorrow.Malaysian Airline, of which I publicly slagged off on my previous post, today have the audacity to send me an Enrich Gold membership card. Just after I decided to stick with flying with Emirates for good.

Who can travel on Malaysia Airlines? I can't.Too expensive.They can't do £700.00 for LHR-KUL vice versa.Too much.Emirates just charging less than £400.00

Lot's of things that is not right back home.Banking systems is sucks...mobile telecommunication is ridiculous.How can you expect people to pay the call charges (prepaid,top up card whatever) and then at the same time expect them to pay roaming, what fuck airtime charges as well?

Mobile phone in the UK is given free if you hold an account with them.Mind you, a very good model too.Call among the same company..Vodafone to Vodafone for example is free of charge.Local call is free too...infact most of the call is free.You only need to pay the monthly charges, which is cheap anyway.

Broadband,Digital TV and stuff like that,all presented to you reasonably charged.Bank and credit company here will not rush to charge you the sky high interest if you fail to make payment.Instead, they call you and ask how can they help.

Malaysian public services should copy that.Malaysian are buying one car but ended up paying for 2, borrowing money from bank who claim doing islamic transaction.

Human Rights kat Malaysia, jangan haraplah.Look at the homosexuals...Malaysian should appoint a gay rights activist.They have them in London.Muslim gays.Muslims should now learn to separate their own belief and others.I'm saying that if you thing being different is hideous,okay, fair enough and keep your opinion to yourself and start to accept and appreciate an individual the way they are.Yes.It's wrong, but it's them.Be happy for them.That is the best.At the end of the day, it is between them and their creator.

How's that? Leave the gays alone.You homophobics, get on with your life.It's a life choice, not an epidemic.End of.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Let's Learn To Do Business The Malaysian Airlines way And Then Watch SEPET


When I was home recently, I decided to get in touch with some local film, by buying the VCD and watching them. Having travelled back to KL using the mahal-nak-mampus Malaysian Airlines, I was served with the local selection of movies and I chose to watch ‘Baik Punya Cilok’. Whatever it really means. I have always like Afdlin’s work but for some reason, I wasn’t impressed with this one. I can’t understand his obsession with the ‘macam bagus’ Hans Isaac. That amaa kadawale guy cannot act at all. But, maybe I see things differently from others. I’m struggling with my level of endurance having force to watch him act in Afdlin’s BULI. If I may, I would have marked his face black so that I don’t have to be reminded that he is in there. Lain orang lain selera.

My orang putih flatmate really enjoy the patuk ayam scene. If only Afdlin care to include an English subtitle next time. Susah betul nak buat 2 kerja dalam satu masa. Watching and translating.

When I went shopping around KL, Seremban and Subang Jaya, I tried finding other product other than Afdlin’s. I’m sure Malaysian is now more creative and getting better at making things for us to watch. So, abang hensem and the amoi-amoi that worked in the Speedy Video and some other shop that sells VCD recommended Gol & Gincu, Sepet, Puteri Gunung Ledang, Ah Lok Café and Buai Laju-Laju. Fortunately, they came with subtitles.

Ah Lok Café was a big letdown. I haven’t seen PGL and BLL yet. I read about Gol & Gincu on the internet news where it was much publicised because of the writer studied ‘writing’ in the UK. There is so many issue in one little story. Incest, closeted lesbian (not in so many words), inferiority complex, dreams, abusive relationship etc. However, it is likeable. Different. Not corny like that cinta-cinta meleleh movie.

Sepet is just superb. I have no more words to describe it as it is just so pleasant to watch. I have the VCD. Get in touch with me, for those who live in London, if you want see it.

Lastly, I urged all the intelligent Malaysian, those with a degree or maybe a capacity to do business or managing one to replace the gundu-gundu that are running the operation of the national carrier. How on earth can they make more money if they are selling ticket same price as a house? Or are they only doing business with pegawai kerajaan that travel on discount? Flipping expensive. Pramugari Pramugara tak jugak makin lawa.

I texted my best friend this morning, asking her of where she's at? You want to know what she replied? 'Kat rumah. Main pukek sorang dirik bah'. Who ever read this, let's have fun and translate it for me in the comments column.Hehehe.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wherefore Art Thou ??

Who is the most beautiful woman in Malaysia ?? LIna Teoh? Emm..yeah, once upon a time. Many people said it is that Nona woman...Normala Shamsuddin...but do you really think so? My father and one of my uncle used to say that it was Azie(singer/presenter in the 80's). She is also famously known of leaving her husband to marry Syed Sobrie..and we never heard of her since) My father and my Pak Lang Zubir will never leave home on Sunday to watch without an inch of blink 'Selamat Pagi Malaysia', hosted by Azie. Yeah, she is indeed very beautiful. People said that woman from Negeri Sembilan (one state in Malaysia) are the one with good looks. Like moir..heheheh..

Okay..focus. Normala Shamsuddin? Pretty? Well, it work with that Home Affairs Minister and some other blokes, but ain't for me. For some reason, I think she look biasa. I think, for all time, it has always been Wan Zaleha Radzi.Not only she is sooooo pretty, she got the bionic brain as well. She is also..partly Negeri Sembilanian..(betul kah sebutan tu?) That counts her beauty.Even though she is now over 40 and happily married to that horse face.

My cousin Shaliza and me used to (or probably still do) minat her like mad. When we were working at our grandfather printing company in Shah Alam while waiting for SPM result, we used to beg our Mak Teh to re route the journey back from Shah Alam to Gombak and have a de tour around TV3 old office in Bangsar, hoping to bump into Wan Zaleha. Fat chance, never struck the luck.

We remember Wan Zaleha's birthday and so fascinated when it comes.Coincidentally, Mak Teh got the same birthdate too.Lagilah syok.I have once, made Wan zaleha a scrapbook full with her photos from newspaper and magazine cutting and made Shaliza to drive me to TV3 building to hand deliver them.Tapi Wan Zaleha takde kat office lak masa tu.

We also 'stalked' Wan Zaleha.How ? When Shaliza got her driving licence and company car, we have more chance on our hand to joyride around KL.With the help from TELEKOM MALAYSIA phone book, we acquired Wan Zaleha's home address and we always, on our way back from work, made a 360 degrees round around her house.Gila betul.

This was 15 years ago..when we were young and stupid.I have not spoken to Shaliza in many years now because we just don't meet.I'm here and she's there.As for Mak Teh,I last spoke to her 10 years ago...and I have no intention to resume speaking to her again.

Whereever Shaliza or Kak Long is now, I hope she's okay.I will endeavour to contact her when I balik Malaysia soon.

At some point,people does get over their silliness. I never think of that (things with Wan Zaleha) is silly.However, if I ever bump into her one day, I takdelah pulak nak jatuh pengsan-pengsan.

Funny that we can get over that kind of obsession...but can't get over certain hatred.I'm talking about me and Mak Teh.I hated her..10 years ago.I don't know how I feel now but for sure I'm in no rush to start talking.Maybe, I just don't care less anymore.I just wish things is different, now and before.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Why Are You Still Fat ???

1. Because I can't stop eating very much.
2. Because it is in the gene, where my frame are huge. I'm not really fat but huge (either way, still fat lah!!)
3. Because fattening food is tastier than the healthy one.
4. Because I want to be in the Guiness Book of World Record.
5. Because gym fee is so expensive and I am feeling very uncomfortable being in the changing room where public nudity is a must..and also the unisex steam room (uncomfortable?? yeah..right!!)
6. Because I can't cook in small portion, so to avoid wastage (yang sangat dibenci Tuhan) I ate them all. Mercilessly.
7. Because Syanie,Afdlin Shauki,Missy Eliott,Twista,Sumo Wrestler still fat.
8. Because I can't do my bit during the fasting month because of my gas-and-a-lot-of-tricks problem.
9. Because I don't exercise in the park.Too many stray dogs.
10. Because...my baby fat is still there even after 30 odd years.

What else ???

Sunday, July 02, 2006



England Team suffer a similar fate like Wayne Rooney,got sent off from 2006 World Cup. The result was unsurprisingly anticipated by many Britons (those who tak gemar bola)who obviously expect the least from their 11 lions.

Now the WAGS and the men itselves can start packing and return back to England. I bet Theo Walcott luggage is the heaviest as he, compared to others have more spare times for shopping and lurking around photographing himself around Baden-Baden.His holiday of a lifetime.

I think we might be wishing farewell (or good riddance, more like) to Cristiano Ronaldo.After famously winding Wayne Rooney's up,he will definitely be in England hitlist.He may as well claim asylum in other football club outside UK.

I wrote about Mawi and his love life misfortune.Today came the news of the demise of his father.I can only imagine his grief over both losses.

People say that you can never guarantee the longevity of a relationship.True.Relationship are often fragile and will always be.Footballer's and their football clubs,husband and wife or even friends.Longer period of relationships will depend on your level of tolerance of each other.Why is separation happens? simply because you no longer can tolerate who you're with.I must say that I applaud those who are in a long term relationship.But they lied if they deny of never bitched about their partner.That's alright.You're allowed to let off some unwanted steam.If you can tolerate shit then you can always live with it.And because of that,we musn't blame one of being insecure,because nothing in this world is secure.

There's a time when I hated my partner's guts.I'm better off with orangutan sometimes..(I said this out of spite) But there's always room for making up.I guessed, both of us still tolerated each other and I hope it stays that way.

Saturday, July 01, 2006



And the nation weeps..and by the nation I mean, adik-adik,kakak-kakak,pakcik-makcik,ustaz-ustazah yang cukup bermurah hati dengan meng AFUNDI mereka-mereka yang menimba ilmu di Academy Fantasia.

(Kata-kata ini dipetik daripada Makcik Jamilah yang suka bergossip) When most of us thought that man like him is different from others...(what do you mean eyy?? how different? mata besball kah?)

So now, employees of Kleenex, look ahead on bigger bonusses, they already made millions on sales after the grand divorce of Yusry & Erra, and now Mawi and that girl.

Tak apalah dik..there's plenty ikan masin in Trengganu.

Monkey Balloon ? Balloon Monkey ?


Either way, they suck to death.Why? The least I can do for my mate who will bertunang today is to get her something nice, like helium balloons.It's like killing two men with one shotgun.Hehehehe..apa maknanya tu? Well,after partying hard..mind you the matsalleh's can party whole day..finished up the whole crate of wines and nursing their hangover the day after.So alcohol-unfriendly like moir, main balloon lah..Begitu tujuan murni yang sebenarnya.

So, last Tuesday, I called up this balloons company that I got from one of the blogger's adsense.I made and paid the order by 10.45am. Free delivery on 1st class Royal Mail.Okay..the mathematics in my head works like this..the most delayed will be Friday.That is fine..because Engagement Party is today.I was a bit edgy on Thursday when nothing came through the post, but I give it another day.Came Friday, no show so I decided to call.Balloon Monkey people (or now shall I address them as monkeys) confirmed that the order was out Wednesday and as usual blamed the forever unreliable Royal Mail.However, she took my mobile number and promised to track my balloons and will call me back.Haram jadah takde.

Again today, the day..there is still no balloons and of course, no monkey.The website announced that there will be no refund given to the delivery made through Royal Mail first class.Well, we see how it goes.

I have few facts to argue.Tunggguuuuuuu!!!!

So, the morale of this story, avoid at all cost BalloonMonkey.co.uk
They terrible, they sucks..and they're monkeys.

To my best mate and her other half..Congratulations on your engagement. Sorry, the balloons is absent.