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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Is This Really Necessary ?


I decided to ride my bicycle to work today...so that I can make a big round around the Twickenham Rugby Club.Menjamu mata.

I just left my flat less than 5 minutes riding bicycle along Twickenham Road...on the cycle lane.As I was riding along,some gundus decided to park their cars along the road and obviously,their cars occupied the cycle lane, and that left me with no choice but to invade the main road which of course I am trying to avoid.Because one poor man got killed in Chiswick while riding his bicycle to work.

I decided to avoid main road and go through the pavement.Well,no one's walking and I'm not disturbing any pedestrian so a quick ride through will not give anyone any harm.It's a quick decision and there I was, on the pavement, riding me bicycle.

Out of nowhere appears 2 PCO's (Community Police Officers) walking side by side on the pavement.Our eyes met and they stopped me.They what??? Yeah..they stop me.

Excuse me Madam, can you please step down from your bicycle.I did.I also took out one of my MP3 earphone.Then the officer went 'Ohh..we will need to discuss about that too (pointing at my earphone) but let's do this first.You do know that you're not allowed to ride your bicycle on the pavement?

They goes on this and that...telling me about the rules and stuff. I gave them the guilty look hoping that they will stop nagging and let me go, quickly.When they finished with the cycling-on-the-pavement bit, they started to go on about my MP3 and how dangerous it is for me not to have full concerntration when cycling.Takutla aku tak dengar danger...

I braved the traffic of people looking at moir like I'm somekind of ASBO girls. After 15 minutes of free speech, they let me go and I went without looking back and started swearing like a trooper.

My flatmate said the Community Police got nothing much to do and they will picked up every little petty things.

Why can't they go and lecture those school pupils that is violating the peace?


Lee Novotny said...

NO it aint necessary and like u said, there are lots of other things they should be worried about. Just because kita ni nampak lain dari mat saleh, mulalah kan???

Lain kali senang je..bila dia tanya u soklan bodo, cakap berbelit belit... cakap melayu ke..carutz ke depan diorang..rasainnnn haram sepatah depa takkan faham! :P

Han said...

aduzzz..kata-kata semangat 46 gittew.hope u have fun on yr euro trip