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Friday, September 16, 2016


Very the dah lama tak hapdate uolssss......

But tak palah..takda orang baca pun. Kan? 

So I thought I share this comment some anonymous sent me. So macho lah he had to resort to being anon.

But hey, siapalah yang berani didunia nyata sekarang ni? Orang yang berani akan menulis di FB dan menunjukkan muka.

Orang penakut macam I, akan bersembunyi disebalik blog.

This guy commented about a flak I made about guys yang suka-suka buat lupa. Haaa...aruah siamang I lah kan...but let's just digest how easy men brushes off things...

'gonna put my comment for you.

guys leave girls because they are ugly (you probably are). girls leave guys because they're boring (we probably are).

so...work it out. if you are either ugly or boring.

you write blog because you want people to listen to you. but they don't because you are ugly, so you make a blog. if you dont post this comment, that proves nothing and everything.

accept the fact and find something that suits you. no point of getting something out of your league and whine about it. it's just gonna make your private part bigger. the one at the bottom.thanks.

life's always wonderful.'

That last part I tak faham...perhaps this guy think that I am out of his league. Well, if your league consist of Accapan or Khir Toyo and the like, yes...I am glad that I am not in that league. Takpalah Dik...I am seriously not hard up of you, your kind and certainly your big private part.