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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 8

Day 8. Ada hari happy banyak, ada hari yang happy sikit, ada hari makan sikit, ada hari makan banyak....ada hari menyampah dan ada hari rasa nak marah-marah.

Hari Happy & Makan Banyak
Ada few days yang happy banyak ni. Hari sampai KLIA, walaupun baggage handling macam celaka, tu belum masuk delay from LHR to 2nd airport. Kesian MC yang dok cokoh sesore dio kat KLIA tunggu I. Nak buat cemana kann? Well, semua rasa bengang sebab kena tunggu lama itu terhapus apabila barang2 yang dipesan tanpa belas kasihan bertukar tangan dan nama geran. Malam tu jugak, I dengan tak cukup tidur, tak cukup rehat dan tak cukup segalanya...pergi berderak lagi, untuk derak sessi pertama. In the end, I tido pukul 6 pagi sebelum dijeritkan oleh pilot-belum-pencen untuk sessi derak nombor 2.Hari jumpa kawan-kawan memang happy banyak...dapat makan nasi tomato, roti jala & karipap yang telah dipesan tanpa bayaran dengan muka tak malu nya. Mekasihhh naa....Ratu Batu Caves. Mung memang la Diva Dapur, happily and genuinely bestowed by me and my friends...kerna kehandalan mu memasok sambil mementen kan kejelitaan dan kebersihan dapur Laura Ashley mu ittew.Pun bagitu...idok la pula kelihatan peket-peket kuah segera yang biasanya digunakan oleh Diva Dapur area lain (area Richmond terutamanya)

Semalam juga adalah hari yang happy dan makan banyak. So Kiah, snap out of your strop ye...walaupon ko bolayan aku dan mementingkan telepon bimbit mu dan membiarkan aku dicabul oleh orang lalu lalang depan kedai tu. Nasib baik aku diselamatkan oleh Belladonna yang kali pertama menengok muka ku yang amat stress. Habis keperkasaan Suria Perkasa Baja Hitam aku.

Happy that I am meeting real-real friends (one missing, sebab dia tengah jadi Supir mithali laki nya) I want to write about my trip to KLCC in a taxi (Kiah cakap apa tau...ko hengat aku nak jemput kau kat Shah Alam pastu gi KLCC?????!!!!! Dengan sora petirnya pulak tuuu) The planning was rather haywired because my KL simcard decided to play dead on me, so I was without alat komunikasi tercanggih walaupun baru aje beli I-Touch 4th Generation itu (kau adaaaa???) MC lives in the area where the mobile reception macam jahanam and Kiah waited til the very lastminute to brave up and call. Well, who can blame her. I cheated on Kiah in January but fair and square as Kiah has been committing adultery via Facebook and it is still current and happening, so usahlah kau jeles antara aku dan dia okeh? Lagipun kau sekarang dah tahu yang dia pun set-set Ikan Tuna Jepun, so..we might as well resume our indiscretion...

I got picked up by a taximan from Jalan Sabung Ayam. He was a bit ( I think) stunned looking at me locking up my passenger seatbelt (weh..tak pernah ke tengok back passenger pasang seatbelt???) and ask me if I have particular route that I want him to use to KLCC (macam la aku tahu kannn) but remembering what my sister told me, don't behave like a tourist bila kau naik teksi or you will get overcharged and sila jadi peramah sikit, I told him, tak kisah lah Encik, mana-mana yang cepat lah. So I thought, that was going to be the extent of our words exchange.Ohhh...Encik Teksi sungguh peramah. He is very charming too. He asked if MC's office was mine, I said NO. Tu opis kawan. He somehow know what sort business MC's into by reading the signpost, kalah aku yang tido sekatil ni (ohhhh) Then Encik Teksi (ET) asked if I'm in Interior Design business, I said NO and rasa nak gelak pun ada. Not gelak at him you know...but gelak at myself. Ye lah...kalaulah kita ni lawa macam Zara Salim Davidson ke to be mistaken for Interior Designer, takpe lah jugakss kann?

He talked and talked...about him, about his children and about his wife, which I find very endearing. Most married man like to tell you his non-existence problematic marriage or maybe pretend that he is an overdue bachelor. ET talked about how wonderful his wife is and how he took pity on her drowned in a sea of kain-kain buat baju kurung raya and how he helped to jahit sembat susup (his wife is a tailor)

I wonder what is it about taxi driver (some only) who manages to loosens my tongue. I have encountered a few. I rarely talk to people. There's something about the backseat of a taxi that seems to have the magic of therapist's couch, eliciting confessions and cerita-cerita dalam kain yang kenkadang kita nak cerita kat kawan baik sendiri pun tidak.

In that 40 minutes journey, he now knows who am I currently still being married to, why it didn't work, confession about how I don't really know about Malaysian newly built highways DUKE,NKVE,Sprint etc etc...because I actually lives in London. He show me the new still in construction Istana Negara along Jalan Duta near KL Soho (???amboiii) and how the project was sponsored by so and so. He talked politics too and that have our toungues engages for a long-long conversations.

Arrived KLCC, he complimented my BM, that to him is still intact after years of beng anglicised. I told him that I can speak Deghoyan and Kolo Pilah too. I tipped him with cash and Kiah's share of chocolate. I told him, ni suitable for Vegetarian ni..so in a way, walaupun takde cap halal, Encik boleh makan lah ye...he said, ohh..the thought that counts...furthermore, this chocolate is from England.

Hari Makan Sikit
I said to MC, I want the nasik lemak under the tree. MC said, dia tak pernah nampak keujudan payung bawah pokok with Makcik Nasi Lemak seller around PJU5.I don't know if MC still frequenting the stalls bawah pokok like we used to many,many years ago.This is already day 8. I haven't been to any stall bawah pokok. And I haven't eaten any nasik lemak bought from bawah pokok. But, I am an independent woman. I went to Giant Shah Alam myself, not very far from MC's opis. MC said, you nak gi macam mana. I said I will jalan kaki. MC want to drive, and I said its only 15 minutes walk. MC is not the knight of shining armour type. If its were me, I will insist driving my love one even to lautan berapi (and menipu laa kan...) but MC will not argue and say..ok lah..jalan baik-baik ye. (errrr) So, sesampainya I kat Giant, I helped myself with 8 popiah basah. In one go. Tu sikit baru....if only people can take up another hobby but not starring at people who you think looks a bit different. Terencat tau, I tell you. This is when you need Kiah. The day after, I want Mamak Mee Goreng but Kiah took me to this Mamak Happening place that the parking system can induce stress.But with Kiah and Belladonna, I can go anywhere and eat anything. I can pinch their food from their plates too. I am so unfazed by Kiah killers glare.I got taken to some posh place. I live in UK, where you can't find table under a tree...breaching the health and safety regulation. So to me, all eating places in the UK are posh, unless it is a chippy or chinese takeaway. Even Malaysian Hall is posh (rega nya saja..service nya idok) and Malaysian Hall eve have their own regulations...non-Malaysian are not allowed unless accompanied by Malaysian. Weh, bukak kedai kat rumah/tanah orang, lagi mau taruk regulation itu macam ka?

Hari Menyampah & Rasa Nak Marah-Marah
I have been housebound and office bound.I don't get to see lots of people. MC told me that since I came back, the weather is more considerate. When I was waiting for Kiah at KLCC, I got told of by this female securityguard, who couldn't be bothered to come closer to me and told me gently to move away from the wall. No. She is auditioning for the role of prison warden in Teater Musikal 'Bawaklah Dadah Maka Kau Pun Masuk Jail'. So, armed with many audience, she told me off, I'm sure is heard by many passerby and the eating customer. I could have been very sarccy and answer back, where is it that says 'No Waiting Here' sign and challenge her, but I'm struggling with my conscience of thinking...I'm sorry that she is ngok takde budi bahasa or I'm sorry she is the guard been on her feet all day long. I said sorry and reposition myself near the pole where I got hit and run by segorombolan manusia who thinks its okay to invade your personal space and not say sorry. Funny that the Malays Muslims make this huge huge huge fuss about tidak bersentuhan kulit so and so, but baik lelaki dan perempuan yang lalu lalang kat KLCC tu kalau berjalan mengalahkan sekawan gajah but berfungsikan babi hutan with no sense of awareness that their way of mobility may as well accident prone. I have to warn this adik tudung with her tudungs friends who is walking across me. I cakap...can you please see where you're going? What I got is a stare, not sure if its a stare of annoyance or stare tak paham bahasa.