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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nice, But Not Perfect

Women moans about their husband a lot. I guessed, that must be the healthy way to express their little, if not a lot, displeasure of the man they marry who has no intention to change and blissfully oblivious to the fact that perangai mereka tu baik sikit aje dari Robert Mugabe. Ye lah, nak simpan dalam hati kang jadi darah tinggi pulak kan? Nak tak nak...tambahlah dosa dengan menceritakan kebaikan laki they all yang tak banyak mana tu. I suppose, how ever much dosa they amassed from one of many gossip sessions with friends, maka account ledger buku pahala dosa they all tu akan ter reconcile balik when they are back to square one at home melayan their husband, memasak, basuh baju etc..albeit badan rasa nak roboh, kan?

One of my closest friends have been married for 10 years to a man she knew barely just before they got married. She was one of the sought after girl in school (also known as anak ketua kampung, as in...dah le lawa...menjadi pojaan ramai lak tu..) I would have thought that she might ended up with a guy with similar criteria. Tak...her husband is just an ordinary man...idok la nak kata kawan I ni extraordinary, but she is a medical doctor and busuk2 pun, kenalah cari yang seangkatan pangkat and darjat jugak kan? When she met him, he was just a bank teller or worker, and he was the one who sorted out her hire purchase payment. That's how it started. My friend ni, although academically pandai, menda-menda practical camtu dia kurang arif (couldn't be arsed more like) sikit.

My friend was here 2,3 years ago for some fellowship program (apa benda ni, jgn la tanya I ye...things that them GP's does, beneficial for their career) and we saw each other regularly. This lady is not the moany type, but she does moan, maka...adalah yang dah panas kat dalam yang dia takleh tahan tu. She opens up a lot to me...one of which dia jealous dengan ke 'single' an...that I can just do almost anything in a heart beat. Ye la tu...

Masa berjauhan dengan laki, masa ni lah dia boleh nak reflect balik her life for the past years being married to him. The perfection...the imperfection. Of course this time, I was having problems in my own relationship at the same time, still reeling about chenta agung (im sure masa ni dia belum mati lagi...but somehow he is in the mission nak membuat my luka lama berdarah that shite. If I only I knew that he has terminal cancer...but then again, terminal ke, in remission ke...all clear ke..he had his chance kan, Kiah?

My friend ni dok nasihat kan kat I..move on laa...hidup ni jangan terlalu banyak expectation. Asalakan tak menyakitkan kepala dan hati...harung saja lah katanya. We agree that ada orang, yang kahwin sampai mati pun tak semestinya bahagia, tapi the marriage situation is liveable and bearable walaupun the partner is not 100% perfect.

She told me that her husband is the most boring man she ever met. Rupa pun idok la hensem and nak kata kaya, as my friend put it..duit aku lagi banyak dari duit dia. Although katanya in all the years hidup bersama, belum lagi meletus perang besar only adegan terencat akal sana sini from her husband mostly. But on top of all that...walaupun adegan terencat akal lakinya tu bisa membuatkan dia ni rasa nak lari dari rumah...one thing she realise is that he loves her unconditionally and he is such a nice man.

So my friend ni cakap dengan I....nak cari lelaki yang sayang kat kita and most of all berakhlak mulia, macam nak cari kasut size 9 kat KL. Susah nak jumpa....order pun belum tentu ada stock you...so, katanya...tak payahlah nak berlakikan jantan interesting or menurut citarasa kita yang tah hapa-hapa ni, dapat yang baik aje cukup lah. Dapat yang banyak duit kang...lain pulak activity nya.

So, looking back, she said that was the reason why she married him. They dated for a little while. Masa pompuan ni belum dapat lesen kereta, this guy sanggup pi hantar jemput naik motor nya. He called her everyday..even until now, just to tell her everything...tanya dah makan ke belum. When they had their first child and the husband accompanied her to the labour for a day and a half, he cried profusely..not because his baby was born, but he was sorry that he has put her through that beranak ordeal and told her, ikut you la kalau you nak beranak lagi ke tidak.

My friend said...her husband is not rich..so nak dapat Svaroski ke, or makan2 angin hotel 5 bintang ke memang tak ada lah. He is not ambitious either. He is happy to just maintain a self-sustainable life...and buat jokes bangang. So, intelligent conversation or whatever that mean memang nggak adalah dengan laki nya. He is just like a surirumah in a man's body. ( I am not saying that suri rumah takde class ye uolss...but I'm referring to more typical woman who prefer jaga laki and anak dari bercita-cita nak jadi jutawan tupperware tu)

My friend said that because of his imperfections...when she is away from him, that time..she realised how ungrateful she had been to him and resigned to how lucky she is not to have that insecurity feelings around him. Ye lah..tak yah pikir dia ada affair ke, apa ke kan? As kampung or boring he might be, he is the one that sticks around without komplen.

Moral sebenarnya dari karangan diatas ialah....I bukannya nak sarankan kita menutup mata akan ke biolan or ke huduhan perangai laki or partner kita. kalau kita rasa the other half kita tu is sustainable...maka, janganlah kita nak ber stress 24 jam.

Apa yang patut dijadikan iktibar daripada cerita diatas ialah, betapa baik nya kita pompuan ni menerima apa saja keburukan and kebaikan partner kita. Because some guy I know, stray around bcos bini terlampau baik (aiyoh, cam ni pun ada ke?) or DD, who finally had enough of his wife sebab pompuan tu kg.com katanya. I wonder if we can leave our laki/partner dgn alasan dia dah mengembang macam pau suri?

I know a man who divorced his wife kununnya sebab dia perangai macam lahanat and wife don't deserved him. But then he married another woman. Bukannya kalau perangai dia cam lahanat ke cilanat, no other woman should be subjected to more tortured life? Alasan lah kan? So, type pompuan cemana kah yg perfect? Yang kikis duit dia kah..ke yang gediks?

Is there such thing as perfect partner? MC admittedly cakap kat I yang masa lampau time dia reject I tu, dia tak tahu apa yang dia nak apart pun tgh gila kuasa nak joli katak. And now bila dah mellow (tua) dah malas nak menyakitkan otak and teringatlah kat I yang sungguh boring ni. So, being nice does not make you the first choice...or getting a good treatment for that matter.

And that's why we moan.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Thanks to Facebook, I am now able to wish 'Happy Birthday' to all my friends and families (provided if you're not too secretive about your birthdate, that is)

Today is one of my FB friends birthday. We are not that close but in the past, we crossed each others path regularly when we're living in a hostel near Sikamat. She was my late brother's primary schoolmate and in N9, people practically knows each other (our parents that is)

Over the weekend, when I was reading my usual online newspaper, I saw this news about how 8 people died in a road traffic accident, at a several locations. In N9, the atrocities claimed 3 lives, 2 of them is a husband and wife. I can't help to get annoyed whenever I read about traffic accident with fatalities, however sorry or sympathy I am to the victims and their loved ones. Why can't they be more careful? What's with the stubborness to wear the safety belt? Why this and why that? Can't they think that although death and accident is unavoidable, car collision is and they should have been more if not extra, extra careful. But having said that...as a Muslim, I am brought up to believe, when the time comes, whatever that was causing the death is just the reasons to be filled in their death certificates.

Yesterday, dengan tetiba..I dok teringat kat this girl and off I clicked her wall and I saw so many well-wishers writing condolences messages.I went on reading til the bottom of the page until I saw one good samaritan giving direction on how to get to her parents place. The good man also informed all her friends that she has indeed lost both of her parents.

I went looking for the news in the news archived and re read the news. The names and places are familiar. I was so shocked.

It is her birthday today and I just don't know how to wish her. But I did...and also wishing her a peace of mind in this difficult time. I can't imagine how it is like for her...losing one is utterly shattering, but to lose two in one go with no notice, enough to test your sanity.

I second Kiah, that this week is indeed a depressing one for some. I am not good with words of comfort, because sympathising over someone's death to their loved ones can reduce me to tears myself, so...I am not about to become the hard up ones, if you know what I mean...orang lain yang kehilangan, kita lak yang nak feeling N(eng) Y(atimah) lelebih kan?

I know some of my friends are affected by the recent death around them. If there's any comfort or consolation, some people are fortunate enough to prepare themselves to face death and to spend some bought moments with their family and friends. While losing the people we care about to death is naturally painful thing to experienced, let's just be thankful that they, the deceased had enjoyed their very last moment however painful, sedated with a morphin even, surrounded by their loved ones. They had their opportunities to trade goodbyes, apologies and words of wisdoms.

Some of us/them did not even get the chance. Some even left with regrets that will not going to go away.

I am indeed very, very touched (ko tak caya ke?) by the email sent to me by my grieving friend. She lost her friend and she wrote in her email to me, asking me not to die on her. All I can say is, Insya Allah...(terus merasa cari telekung ni) however with the kind of job I am doing...e.g. orang gils lying await behind the door with offensive weapons what not and bermacam-macam risk lagi..juga termasuk kesakitan hati yg amat sangat yang boleh meng induce sakit jantung, it is hard for me to promise that.

Kawan-kawan yang dichentai....berdoalah untuk keselamatan dan kesejahteraan saya dan MB's.
(dan Mamee perasa kari pedas and Nescafe Tarik saya sudah hampir mau habis...silalah hantar bantuan kemanusiaan)

Al-Fatihah to those who has lost their lives recently.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

'When You're Calmer...We Should Talk'

I got a text message from DD today.

'When you're calmer, we should talk'.

I try to remember him. You sent text like this to a laki/bini, after a huge row and both of you need to resign yourself away from each other. Pernah ke aku kahwin or ber gewe dengan dia? Tidak, but it is either he is a jantan blessed with mega self-confident and muka tak malu or, he must have undiagnosed learning difficulties. I pun tatau.

If I am the kaki gaduh...or shall I say that if I care, I would have call him and ask, what do you mean by that?

Some men like to pretend that they mean exactly what they said and blamed women for over-interpreting. Jahat kan, Kiah?

And if we women do like to over-interpret, why can't they see that is because of them not communicating properly? Ye la..bila partner kita tetiba berubah menjadi terencat akal, tak ke kita ni akan mengesyaki sesuatu? Cubalah cakap dengan kita betul-betul...apa dalam kepala hotak they all tu, takdelah kita susah-susah nak buat calculation salah 2+2 dapat 5 kan? Hilang macho kah if you're being expressive? Okay...having telepathic ability (kalau lah ada) is cool and impressive but marriage and relationship needs physical exercise, okay? Don't expect your wife to know yang you sayang kat dia, if you only say it dalam hati.

I only ever had one serious relationship with a man who has problem expressing himself....while we were together. Tak tau lah apa masalahnya. I think and I believe, when we are still together, he doesn't know what he wants. Men are a good juggler. They juggle things carefully and somehow, able to concealed their obvious motive. Like, I love you...but the underlying truth is, I still want to keep my option open, who knows what is in store for me next. I think.

Of course la...universal consequences nya, they always realised that we are their 'one' after we left or after things between we and them are irretrievable.

Serupalah macam set-set yang me manipulate kan kepandaian beliau dan membuat orang lain terasa bangang. Like this guy I know, adalah suatu ketika berkecik ati dengan I. Rightly he told other people how he feels. Biasalah..bila kita ber emosi, kalau apa yang kita rasa tak kena tu macam the world and the people are all against us, walaupun itu hanyalah perasaan kita aje. So, this other people he told, pi la cakap dengan I and I pulak gi lah tanya kat Mamat ni, you apahal nak kecik2 dengan I? I would expect dia cakap lah apa dia tak puas hati dengan I kan...and then we can clear the air ke hapa. Tidakkk uolsss. Dia mengambil langkah menyalahkan si tukang bagitahu kat I tu and announced, oh..they all tu salah faham. Ceh..patut ke? Kalau you tak nak mengaku salah you, janganlah pi kata orang salah dengar ke, salah paham kan?

Samalah jugak dengan yang menyalahkan Facebook, yang ter automatically delete kita kan, Desert Rose? Tak nak kawan, cakap aje lah kan? (Pssstt DR, ko jangan branikk delete aku ye?)

So DD. It is now rather obvious that dia tak rasa langsung how he has offended me big time and aku pulak nak disalahkan kerana naik angin?

And why should I talk to him anymore? Apart from pleasing Kiah dengan goss-goss terbaru pasal DD, I really can't see the point menyakitkan hati aku sendiri dengan bercakap dengan orang yang terlampau pandai tu.

It is interesting to know what he thinks happened between us and what he thinks or what he have to say. But, aku idok lah nak menelepon ye, Kiah?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


It is Saturday..and I am at work. Workaholic kah? Well...tidak juga lah. It's a shame that I have a job that doesn't finish when I want it to. People breathe 24-7. My work is around people. The duty of care (benci tau aku sebut ayat ni) lies on my hands, unless if I am not in the country or not assigned to be on call. Trust me...I don't earn like the City bankers or any other health professionals. Social Workers got paid shit money and the risk of us facing a declining mental health is greater. So friends...please watch out ye. Leave me instantly once I started to exhibit signs of psychopatic behaviours.

Some of you who commented on the last post, asking and hoping to hear the other party opinion on long distance relationship. Eh..tak ke kita tahu orang jantan ni bukannya suka memeningkan kepala? Sebab dia boleh cope lah yang dia boleh dok jejauh kan? I only know handsful of people in similar situation. Ada yang jumpa 6 bulan sekali. One of the criteria berchenta jarak jauh ni is kita perlulah mempunyai hati yang agak kering. Bukannya suka-suka, but in some cases..terpaksa. Kalau dah rezeki kita bukan dekat dengan tempat tinggal orang yang kita chenta, nak wat cemana lah kan?

One of many things I am envious of men is their ability to switch off. Takde gunanya nak stress pasal benda-benda yang kita tak leh nak buat apa-apa. It is either you nak buat or tak nak buat. This is the deal...I have to work and things are better elsewhere. If you want us to work, this is it. We can only see each other this time and this time. Nak hambikkk..tanak, syudehhh. Like that lah. So I bet, if you want to ask the other party, they are likely to say..laa...nak buat cemana. Kena tahan lah. Then..jangan pikir bukan-bukan.Itu lah resepi penyelamatnya.

This also applies to those who get stressed memikirkan perangai laki and boyfriend yang tak serupa laki or boyfriend. What can we do apart from hoping? Kalau dia nak berubah, dia akan berubah. Kalau dia tak nak berubah, kitalah yang kena berubah. Its either kita berubah taste dan mencari pengganti or kita berubah sikap dari menjadi agensi pemikir antarabangsa to lantak lah kau nak buat perangai biawak pun asalkan kau tak kacau duit ku. Boleh camtu, Kiah?

Ada pulak yang bertanya apa nasihat yang patut I kasi kat Nenek Penne. Jawapan saya senang aje...kenapa pulak saya kena bagi nasihat kat Nenek Penne? Dan adakah NP memintak nasihat kita? Whoever you are, I am sure Nenek Penne would be so chuffed to know that ada jugak orang concern. Macam ni lah...rightly, we have to assume that anyone of us have capacity to do and to carry out what they think is right for them. Things that people do may not be right to us. I went out with my ex when he was still married to his wife. All the time we were re-going out, he was more honest about his feelings to me than he ever was. I don't know why but we, as a person are usually truthful to ourselves when we are racked with guilt. What is there to lie and hide about kan? Looking back, morally it was wrong. Wrong in the sense that he was actually someone's husband. But he is also has right to have friendship with almost anybody he wants. Point I am making here is that, I didn't set out to steal him.

People rarely want to hear other people to tell them to stop doing things that they like to do. However wrong that may be. We usually know what we are doing. Question is, can we really tell whether that is the right thing or not? Hardly. You have to live it through to know and to see. Like, twenty years ago, we all think that Agassi lah yang mempunyai rambut yang paling chantekk kat muka bumi ni, and kita tanpa rasa was-was telah menyuruh kawan kita yang kununnya pakar menggunting rambut, memotong rambut kita gaya Agassi. Tup-tup...gambar kita berambut Agassi itu muncul kembali dalam Facebook. Seraya hati kita pun berkata...what was I thinking..(and lahanat kau who unearthed that pic and tagged me)

Apa yang kita baca dalam blog kadang2 boleh dijadikan pengajaran. Ada jugak benda yang kita tak berapa berkenan..like set-set suka tayang handbag and tayang segala macam. Some of you may like handbags and worshipped that kind of blog. I ni, kurangg sikit. Ada pulak yang suka tayang brand baju apa anak dia pakai. I pulak tak boleh fit in kat dalam blog ber temakan keibuan sejati ni. Ye la..I kan takde anak. The only blog orang yang ada anak yang I suka masuk pun dah berkonsep chipsmore dah sekarang. Blog orang PHD pun I jarang masuk jugak. Malu la weh..kita pun degree ala-ala hidup segan mati tak mau gitu. Tapi I suka masuk blog orang buat PHD yang sokmo berseteru dgn supervisor nya tu. Berani kau..nak sangat ke kau di fail nya???

I don't write to preach. Far from it. Unless you are really after my opinion and wouldn't mind to be slapped with the potentially blunt comment, please do not ask me to give advice. I am a bad example as it is.

Let's just read with an open mind. Benda baik, kita belajar. Benda yang tak berapa..kita tengok je lah..(pastu kutuk sambil makan cekodotsss kat Seksyen 13 kan, kengkawan????)

Cheerio. (Go, go Espana!!!!)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Jauh Dimata....Dihati Pun Boleh Jauh Juga...

Ada adik ni bertanya...macam mana ye makji boleh cope ber chenta berjauhan mata?

Okaylah Dik...tapi nak diingatkan disini yang entry ini juga boleh mengundang muntah nasik yang dimakan tadi, so sesapa yang rasa dia dah meloya tu, sialah tinggalkan bacaan anda sekarang jugak.

I have done twice chenta jarak jauh ni. Yang memula tu...dua kali gak berjauhan, 1st time masa dia pergi further study kat UMIST sinun and I pulak masih terkontang kanting kat NCUK. Masa ni idok lah terasa peritnya pasal, bukannya we all jumpa selalu pun. So dia ada ke takde kat depan mata rasa sama aje. Alah..masa ni kan chenta monyet, plus chenta untuk tatapan umum, yang kira-kira, asal ada orang nak kat kita, tak kisah lah kalau dia tu dok kat Zimbabwe pun, janji satu Malaya tahu kita ada boipren. Kisahnya lah masa tu....(ish..malu nya bila ingatkan balik betapa desperate not-hoswipe nya we all masa tu)

When I came to UK, we sort of rekindled the romance yang idokla romantik mana pun kalau nak dihingatkan balik, where he was busy with his studies and MUFC (and being so over friendly with other Minah Gedikss) and only sedar yang I ni ujud bila dia lonely githoo..ces!

Well, he is not all bad. Ada jugak benda-benda kecik yang dibuatnya yang sebagitu romantik yang I ingat sampai kini, and walaupun dia lari pi kawin dgn pompuan lain, ada jugak memory before and after mati between us yang boleh juga membuatkan I rasa nak nangis bila mengenangkan chenta yang patah tu. When he return to Malaysia, that was our 2nd round of chenta jarak jauh yang berakhir dengan dia kahwin dengan orang lain. Entahlah..hati orang boleh berubah kan?

Sekarang pulak...I pun baru lagi la nak berjarak jauh ni. Baru nak masuk 7 bulan. As you know, I dah kawan dengan MC lama...and dia pulak, dah 16 tahun kemudian baru terperasan yang I partner material. With us things happened all so sudden, I balik cuti, dia ajak jumpa...takde pun plan nak continue where we left things off ke (we are talking 16 years ago ni) and dari lunch melarat sampai dinner...until malam tu I dah tak boleh tido dok teringat kat dia..and dia pun dok teringat kat I.

So, we sort of know that I am going to be far and we agree to give our relationship another go. Memula tu susah lah jugak...ye lah, prep talk nya 3 jam sebelum I naik flight and we had to get to know each other again via Skype, YM what have you.

Of course now, we had the chance to spend longer time together and we know this is what we want. But still not easy. I think you pun tahu, masa bercintalah kita kena dok dekat-dekat sebab masa ni lah time makan tak lalu mandi tak basah nya pun. But since we all pun umur dah past 12noon, takde lah sampai tak mandi and tak makan. Yang paling terasa is bila masa kita sensorang and dah takde benda nak buat and masa ni lah kita memerlukan orang kat sebelah kita. I am not saying this in a bad way, of course when you with someone, you need them all the time. (Ohh..MC, you tak nak ke datang visit I????)

You kena tanya diri you jugak...apa kes nya you all nak chenta jarak jauh pun? Paksa ke rela? Yang dah tahu dok kat Malaysia yang pi nak cari sahabat pena with intention nak dijadikan laki kat Angola tu pe kejadah nya if sama-sama tak nak beralih tempat duduk kan?

Kalau dah terpaksa, macam kes I ni, then you mesti tanya diri you sendiri...boleh ke you berjauhan? Boleh ke you percaya diri you dan diri orang tu? Boleh ke you tahan jumpa 2 bulan sekali? (ish..untung lah hang Sally..)

I think, the other disadvantages nya is when we encounter some bad moment and pulak tu orang yang kita dok harap-harap untuk memujuk hati kita yang lara ni sibuk buat menda lain. Maka cepat lah kita berasa hati dan membuat adegan merajuk sampai melarat ke pikir benda bukan bukan, leading to us feeling so despondent dan hati pun boleh berkata..ohh..why do I bother? You are not here anyway..I'm all by myself..missing you badly and you don't even care!!!! (Percayalah...script ni seringkali terkeluar bila hati marah)

All I can say is that..you must love someone deeply to do this. Love can sometimes overlook all difficulties, walaupun ada nearest option, yang sijauh tu jugaklah yang di chenta-chenta, maka...itulah jawapan kat soklan you whether or not, you nak buat Program PJJ ni. Bila berjauhan ni, hati mudah sensitip..kalau suara orang tu jawab phone call kita macam nak tak nak pun, kita boleh nangis macam dah mati laki. Semunya memerlukan kekuatan mental dik oii.

Perlu dingat, berkepit dopopat jam juga tidak menjanjikan bahagia....(ini juga adalah kata-kata untuk memujuk hati saya kenkadang)

Monday, July 05, 2010

Cerita Berita

Sila percaya......I ni adalah demam. Demam yang kurang tahu puncanya apa...tetapi, bila keluar rumah aje dan melalui kawasan padang atau hutan-hutan, hidung aku akan terasa kembang saperti serombong kapal. Ditambah pula, I tetap busy dengan kerja-kerja makan gaji yang semakin jarang ada peluang nak memakan gaji buta ini.

So Kiah..sebelum kau dengan muka tak malu nya bagi hint-hint kat pesbuk suruh aku hapdate..nah hambekkkk.

Sebagai orang Malaysia yang perasan glamer dan duduk di oversea secara sepenuh masa, I am depending on online news la nak hambik tahu hal-hal dalam Malaysia pun. Itu pun, ada sekali I tanya MC, siapalah itu Din Beramboi...MC cakap..oh, dia tu hakim Raja Lawak and asked me why I'd asked. I pun cakap..ohh..dia kan dah mati. And MC dengan terperanjat kambing gurun nya cakap..lah, ye ke, mana you tahu? So kasimpolan nya, Orang Malaysia pun ada jugak yang tak baca news kan?

Semalam ke tah bila recently, adalah cerita sang suami yang malang ni....pilu lah hati nya..sebab bini nya kena tangkap berkhalwat dengan jantan lain. Cehhh...sedih kan? kan? kan? This is not the first of the same news. Dulu pun rasanya, ada jugak cerita sang suami ni..conveniently lah sungguh jejantan ni dapat jadi bahan news, and his case pulak, bininya kena tangkap dengan another guy on her birthday and this suami mithali lah sangat kononnya, is pictured on the news parading the birthday cake he bought, kekonon nak surprise lah kat bini. Sedih la tuu....(psstt..Kiah, aku tengok cake tu, macam cake brand Teskok aje, idok le grand like Resepi Rahsia tu)

The similarity was, two guys started off realising yang wife-wife depa tu dah berubah konon nya....and his suspicion followed by adegan menjadi Magnum PI selama beberapa hari. Nasib bini tu malang (or is it women are not good at conducting extra marital affair) husband pun berjaya dalam projek perskodengan nya. Unlike pompuan yang selalu kena tipu dengan laki, women often take laws into their own hand, but these men, sompek lak pi tepon all those JAWI/JAIS to cekup their wives.

Pastu dengan pilu nya (pilu naa....Kiah?) pi ngadu kat wartawan Utusan Meloya ka, Harian Meteruk ka etc, betapa hancur luluh nya hati masing2 tu. Nampak sangat lah ada babi disebalik kuehtiaw kan?

Well, I can only guess that these men took pleasure from being shamed as cuckold. Didn't they have ego as huge as Istana Sultan Brunei?

Or, maybe this is somekind of revenge they thought best served to their cheating wife? Either way, kalau bini you cari orang lain, wouldn't that reflect on you Bang oiii?

So ini adalah pengajaran kat bini-bini yang suka menyerang lakinya kat tempat awam ke, bilik hotel dan sebagainya. Lain kali, janganlah buang karen gi bising-bising kak oii...telepon je Jawi ke sesapa, pastu meh pakat bawak video cam masa laki you kena tangkap basah tu...post aje kat mana-mana pesbuk ka, yutiub ke...tak yah gi nangis-nangis depan reporter. Wat malu aje. Dengan ada nya bukti kecurangan laki kita tu, hah..tunjuk je bukti fresh kat Hakim, mintak diceraikan serta-merta and claim lah gheta laki kita dengan sewenang-wenang nya. (If dia ada duit la...)

lagi satu berita yang boleh meloyakan tekak is cerita chenta terbaru Pasah Sandak.Sumpah you all, kalau lah Kiah tak bagitahu I siapa pompuan ni, mati hidup balik pun I tak kenal. Okaylah...katanya dia ni pi kacau laki orang, sampai bercerai berai orang tu dengan bininya yang tengah mengandung tu. Ye lah...to the ex wife, kalau barang yang dah tak elok, buat apalah nak disimpan lagi kan? Count your blessing lah...kalau dah sampai bercerai tu, adalah sebabnya, maybe Allah pun kesian kat kita jugak, tak nak bagi hidup lama dengan jantan yang ghope itu.

But what is with declaration dalam sokabar....yes, we are together now and saya menerima chenta nya kerna dia bersusah payah datang naik helikopter? And si jantan tu dah menghadiahkan cincin batu sungai sebagai tanda yang sya ini milik nya.

Wehh...chantekkkk kah kau? (Kiah..is she really THAT pretty? Kau rasa, Wan Zaleha lagi lawa tak?)

Si Pasah sandak tu..idok ke mikir..dah le kau hambik bapak budak tu dari maknya, perluke nak buat declaration confirming betapa materialistik nya kau????

I got into talking with this girlfriend of mine yang pernah la ada 'chenta' dengan that helicopter guy. Ye lah...anak orang kaya kan..masa dok belajar dulu, bukannya belajar sangat pun dok berlumba kereta aje. His ex gf's semuanya student-student yang pandai-pandai yang now ni dah jadi orang berjaya jugak lah kat KL and he is still chasing glamour girls.My friend ni cakap..nevermind lah..they suited him. Hope that he will do some growing up after this....weh, dalam nya makna.

Pasni, sure lah dia akan sewa private jet gi pinang si Pasah Sandak ni kan? Ohh..we are so into superficial things nowadays. Long gone all the men yang menunjukkan chenta nya by mixing tapes of love songs to their gilprens. Ohh..I love them men!

Lastly, gambar this girl tengah pose-pose pegang anak anjing. I'm sure the reporter and those yang meluat will now started to question her faith.

Would you rather see her posing, kicking that dog with her stilettoes?

Apalah salahnya bergambar dengan anjing pun (terus sorok gambar aku dengan neighbour punya chihuahua) ? Manalah tahu pastu si pompuan tu gi samak ke tangan dia? kan ke buat dosa aje berprasangka buruk?

Speaking of which, I got some photos taken with pig, masa pi farm some years ago. What does that make me then?

Dah la...we have far more moral problems to probe rather than bergambar dengan anjing kan?

Thursday, July 01, 2010

For You

I received a message from a friend today. Quite lengthy one. Sounds hysterical too..but in her way. Her subtle way.

While I love to be near her and tell her this ( and boleh juga aku singgah PJU7 dan memadu asmara), I must resign to the fact that I can't always get what I want..and what I want is not necessarily perfect. Sometimes, we just have to make do with what we have.

Once upon a time, I fell in love with what seems to be a perfect man for me. I must have done everything in my power to keep him around. I was young and not that wise. What's normal and perfect was to have someone to call a boyfriend, whom the existence and presence is vital to the world (at that partcular time). Come to think of it, I would have done okay with or without.

I think, me and you..we are quite fortunate to have control on what we want to do in life. Despite our exterior yang nampak cam arnab jinak, we are such a keras hati person. Things happened because we allowed it to happened, kan?

If I am allowed to give you advise, it would be this. Although it seems like we are such a caring person, the person we really care about is actually ourself. We may not realise this but if we sit back and look at our priorities, it is our needs that stands out from the others. As bad as it may look and feel to you, this is not actually a bad thing. It signifies we know what we really want. We just have to find peace in our heart to accept that we are this selfish person we hate to admit.

We are not a bad person. We have been in the back burner long enough to know this.

What do you actually want in your relationship? People often say that they want a loving partner who will love them not matter what. Chances of that is like England winning world cup. We have our own way in expressing ourselves. My konon nya chenta agung sejati whatever told me that I was the love of his life when he has only months to live. But when he was alive and kicking, he decided that someone elses was more suitable bride.

You may sleep with the same person for the rest of your life, unaware of his/her real motives why they're with you. We will never know. Unless they tell you..but how can you be sure if the words are true?

We may not love our spouse deadly, but deep down we know that he/she is the one we can't live without. He/she may not be the perfect one, most likely the one who always make you cry but until the day you both agree that things can't go on any longer, that will be the day you stop being with each other.

Nobody knows about you more than you, so people can only guess and keep guessing. Happy is very subjective. Some people are happy being miserable. When our life involves another person with their own mind, it is hard to expect anything let alone control. They, walaupun hati sesejuk ikan Salmon di Tasik Scotland ittew is the one that sticks around. Don't waste your energy to 2nd guess or to please others expectation.

For once, let it be about you and what you want. Unless he/she says otherwise. There is no bridge in sight, so keep walking. Cross the bridge when you come to it.
As for some mulut puwaka, don't hold your inner thoughts. Some sharpey little reminder that you can only tolerate certain type of crap need to be told to certain person who cannot differentiate the boundaries. You sometimes have to spell out what is okay and what is not okay. If this going to cost you having less friends, then be it. Those maybe the useless bunch that you should rid off long time ago.