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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Thanks to Facebook, I am now able to wish 'Happy Birthday' to all my friends and families (provided if you're not too secretive about your birthdate, that is)

Today is one of my FB friends birthday. We are not that close but in the past, we crossed each others path regularly when we're living in a hostel near Sikamat. She was my late brother's primary schoolmate and in N9, people practically knows each other (our parents that is)

Over the weekend, when I was reading my usual online newspaper, I saw this news about how 8 people died in a road traffic accident, at a several locations. In N9, the atrocities claimed 3 lives, 2 of them is a husband and wife. I can't help to get annoyed whenever I read about traffic accident with fatalities, however sorry or sympathy I am to the victims and their loved ones. Why can't they be more careful? What's with the stubborness to wear the safety belt? Why this and why that? Can't they think that although death and accident is unavoidable, car collision is and they should have been more if not extra, extra careful. But having said that...as a Muslim, I am brought up to believe, when the time comes, whatever that was causing the death is just the reasons to be filled in their death certificates.

Yesterday, dengan tetiba..I dok teringat kat this girl and off I clicked her wall and I saw so many well-wishers writing condolences messages.I went on reading til the bottom of the page until I saw one good samaritan giving direction on how to get to her parents place. The good man also informed all her friends that she has indeed lost both of her parents.

I went looking for the news in the news archived and re read the news. The names and places are familiar. I was so shocked.

It is her birthday today and I just don't know how to wish her. But I did...and also wishing her a peace of mind in this difficult time. I can't imagine how it is like for her...losing one is utterly shattering, but to lose two in one go with no notice, enough to test your sanity.

I second Kiah, that this week is indeed a depressing one for some. I am not good with words of comfort, because sympathising over someone's death to their loved ones can reduce me to tears myself, so...I am not about to become the hard up ones, if you know what I mean...orang lain yang kehilangan, kita lak yang nak feeling N(eng) Y(atimah) lelebih kan?

I know some of my friends are affected by the recent death around them. If there's any comfort or consolation, some people are fortunate enough to prepare themselves to face death and to spend some bought moments with their family and friends. While losing the people we care about to death is naturally painful thing to experienced, let's just be thankful that they, the deceased had enjoyed their very last moment however painful, sedated with a morphin even, surrounded by their loved ones. They had their opportunities to trade goodbyes, apologies and words of wisdoms.

Some of us/them did not even get the chance. Some even left with regrets that will not going to go away.

I am indeed very, very touched (ko tak caya ke?) by the email sent to me by my grieving friend. She lost her friend and she wrote in her email to me, asking me not to die on her. All I can say is, Insya Allah...(terus merasa cari telekung ni) however with the kind of job I am doing...e.g. orang gils lying await behind the door with offensive weapons what not and bermacam-macam risk lagi..juga termasuk kesakitan hati yg amat sangat yang boleh meng induce sakit jantung, it is hard for me to promise that.

Kawan-kawan yang dichentai....berdoalah untuk keselamatan dan kesejahteraan saya dan MB's.
(dan Mamee perasa kari pedas and Nescafe Tarik saya sudah hampir mau habis...silalah hantar bantuan kemanusiaan)

Al-Fatihah to those who has lost their lives recently.


mokjadeandell said...

Hjh Esah,salam.
Everytime I nak pi mana mana,terasa macam nak pi berperang.Balikkah aku in one piece.Tapi dlm rumah juga,ada saja yg terjadi.Tau tau orang tu dah pergi.
Anyway,take care.
Love ,makcik blogger from utara,M'sia.

Manal said...

Yea berat indeed!!!!! and very very sad!
May the departed souls rest in peace upon returning to their Creator

aking said...

well nok, mak so far tak tahu pun ada accident yg teruk*sbb mak tak sentuh lgsg soratkobar* anyhow al-fatihah pd keluarga tu.

Insyallah nok doa utk kwn2 semoga semua selamat. Oleh itu nti mak cari misi bantuan kemanusian utk uols...mak taw apa uols na, compliment dgn O2 skali lah kan...