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Thursday, June 29, 2006



Why do Brazil always have to win the game ? Why do the Ghanaian so mesmerised by the Brazillian that they allow them to score 3 goals against them? Whatever happen to 'We are playing for God and for Africa' ??? Look at the way they shake hands with the Brazillians..as if they congratulate them...'Thank you for beating us'.

Why didn't the referee seethat headbutting scene? Why Thierry Henry always have to moan about the referee?

Why is the Australian soaps are so predictable that you can always miss it and catch up again after few weeks ?

Why is Aisylene (BB) is so worked up about being nominated ? Why is Jenny Shimizu still can't get over being dumped by Angelina Jolie?

Why is all the bank in Malaysia decided that it is okay to 'belasah' the poor people with exhorbitant interest rate while chanting 'Ohh...we are offering/practising perbankan Islam Al-Waddiah, Al-Blahblah..Al-Celakalah..

Why is the kuih karipap so mahal nowadays?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This Is What They Do


Part of my job, I have a great fortune to have the opportunity to mingle with the know-it-all professionals i.e. Social Workers, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and some with elephant title but doing exactly the same job like I do but with better pay, because they were attached with the local council.

Not only these people personally are less interesting than their occupation, the fact that they spent half a day planning people's life and discussed what best for them, is unbelievable.

I must say that the nation in the UK are the luckiest, not only they have all their choices in their hands,all this choices will be financed by their government.You may declare your self emotionally unfit..after spending long day looking after your 4 children from 4 different sources or shall I say donor, on top of 4 counts of child benefits, you may choose where you want to live and dump the rent bill to housing benefits and because of the self inflicted stress, you can claim to local DWP/DSS that you are incapable of holding a job and therefore entitled for income support,incapacity benefit,disability living allowance,mobility allowance and all that shit.

You will then required to spend your day pushing prams all over high street shopping centre, exhibit your designer baby to the world and trading gossips with others.This is all courtesy of a tax payer like moir.

For those who is not British, ahh..look no further than this goldmine. After few years of slaging off your own nation, you may acquire British Citizenship and then, start to enjoy the perks.This is what you should do,

1. Claim asylum. Tell the Home Office that your life is under threat.You can make out that you're a political asylum eventhough, you don't belong to any of your local political party. Not only they want you dead, they too want your whole family vanish from the face of the earth.Tell the caseworker that you can't live in Iraq because you have succeeded in impregnating one of Saddam's daughter and now you are as good as a dead man walking.Tell the caseworker,you can't live in Afgahnistan because of your refusal to become a Taliban's and you're now in Osama bin Laden bad book.Tell them, you can't exist in Jamaica because Jamaican kills Cicimannnn...

2. Have all this heart wreching episodes of your life told to the caseworker.If you're wee bit wealthy,assign a solicitor who will then represent this soaps to the caseworker.

3. Submit your asylum application. Within 6 months, you're full fledge British Citizen with ability to sponge off benefits and you may import your entire families here.

Painfully, the truth behind all that was..there is some of the successful asylum seekers that have been in and out UK, revisiting the nation who they first claimed wanted them dead.There is indeed a gay bar in Jamaica..and there's a British National who is seeking Osama bin Laden and willingly travel back to their forefathers in Afghanistan for a crash course in making bombs and preaching hatred.

More painful, there are some very genuine immigrants who worked,paid tax,lived harmoniously alongside the civil citizens and that their residency application was blatantly turned down because of some petty excuses.

To all the foreign professionals, please have your bank account fill up before you could apply for residency or working visa.If they fail your application with no option of refunding your fee, please appeal and tell the Home Office people that you hate the Kaffir's and want them dead. The verdict ?? You'll get your British passport the next day.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Semi Charmed Life

Listen to this...I want something else to get me through this semi charmed kind of life, baby oh baby..I want something else and you're not listening when I said goodbyeeeeeeeeee...

Give an answer to this question...your best mate is having an engagement do this weekend.You know that it will mean a world to them, because apparently you will be his/her only guest.Ironically, for childish/selfish/crayfish/bodoh'ish reasons, you're now hardly speaking to his/her other half. Would you still go?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Inundation Of Shit Feelings


Can you think of anything to take your ‘kusut masai’ mind of things? Especially things that can reduce your heart to failure? I packed my suitcase last night with intention to get away for a bit or maybe longer. Others should have a bit of space from me and so should I from them. Good for the relationship. My suitcase ain’t heavy (his my suitcase) but with the unforgiving weather like today, you don’t even want to drag yourself anywhere...but some of us have to work and have to earn a living, especially ‘pendatang’ like me.

I had a good night sleep. My bed is in different position now and it is less noisy and more cooling...and I woke up feeling less edgy. That’s how I want my morning to be. I remember laughing before bed last night as I read through ‘Peragawati’ blog about buttock. How did he know about Beyonce hairy bum, tuhan ajalah yang tahu.

As my mind was set to leave, I wrote a small note to my best friend asked her to wish me luck and to tell her that I am always going to be behind her no matter what happened. I don’t say things like that everyday to her but it is good to have her know that I’m always going to be there for her...manalah tau kalau kalau matilah pulak aku hari ni dilanggar bas. We only have each other here, macam mana marah dan benci bila bergaduh tu, she is still the pillar of my strength. Chewwwahhhh..Di Dalam Emosi Ini.

My day to begin with was good til about midday. Then I found out that father was found unconscious and has to be taken to the hospital. That little information has now changes everything. I am now can’t even lift my chin up. My colleagues are trying their level best to cheer me up and for the 5th time in this month, I utilised my power at work to have someone to stand in for me while I need a time out to chill.

I don’t know how to talk myself out of it…I mean, this state of mind I’m in. It seems easy to ask others to do it but when it comes to your own, how you wish you can slap the people who even have the guts to suggest that. I tried to sleep but my inner vanity fair stopped me from dozing off. Jadi debab pulak nanti.

This may not work for other people but it seems to have done wonders for me so far. Sheila Majid song that is. I have to keep reminding myself that I live among orang putih and have to make sure that I will not get an irate warning through my post hole. This is because I’m planning on having Sheila melalak full blast on my £159.88 stereo. So...Twickenham...let me present you Malaysia’s best kept secret...Sheila Majid and here is...Selamanya…

Ketika ku membuka album kenangan dulu
(When I opened my old album)
Ku teringat kepada dirinya yang ku cinta hingga kini
(It remind me of you that I love til today)
Ke mana pun perginya, kita selalu berdua *
(Wherever we go, we always together)
Dari hari ke hari terasa indah saja *
(And everyday feels great)
Itu dulu, masa lalu *
(That is, before)

Ku ingin tetap menjalin cinta kita seperi dulu
(I want to keep falling in love with you)
Merasakan bahagia bersamamu selamanya (repeat *)
(And feeling happy with you forever)
Meraih bulan dan memetik bintang
(Touch the moon and pluck the stars)
Akankah kita cuba demi cinta kita berdua
(Together we will do it for love)

Psssst..I am trying my best to be a good translator.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The End Is Nigh...


People should learn on how to communicate better. I should. For some reason, spending years in one of UK’s prestigious educational institution didn’t do nor shall I say improve my communication skill. Singapore Airlines taught me how to smile that sells. MTV taught me that music’s is therapeutic. Working with the LD’s, enlightened me that there are people is this world that are less fortunate than me and how we all should cherish life to the fullest. Even though the money is shit.

I am blessed with unlimited supply of an honest opinion. That is the fact. I have been through 3 difficult processes in the psychotherapist college to have that bestowed upon me. I am still trying to work out on how I feel about it. Not working.

My days are very depressing. The last 2 or 3 in particular. I’m trying to de stress and look up for Peragawati latest satirical news. None in there. How dare him. He can’t have off days. He is not allowed to. I need him badly now. I need to laugh.

I’m contemplating to move on from Gooseberry Avenue. I have caused grief to others that I am finding it hard and unbearable to live with the fact that the discomfort feelings was caused by my failure to communicate well.Maybe I should get in touch with Suhaimi Sulaiman and his 'Omnimedia' or consult my good friend (????) Maz who communicates excellently.

Its funny how one can make themselves so emotionally available and the next minute,withdraw that facility when something in their mind went wrong.It can be very messy when they have no ability to conceal their real feelings towards you. They’ll tolerate you as long as it takes but they will make it so obvious that you are less likeable than the obvious choice.

I feel the need to have time machine/travel machine right now. So that I can travel to Section 17 PJ Hawkers Stall (somewhere around buildings of flats area by the UIA place) and makan mihun goreng.


Saturday, June 24, 2006



It's not really her looks. Did I tell you her looks? A cross between Sade and Olive Oyl. That's not exactly complimentary is it? No, it's true she's striking to look at and massively charming with her ready smile and doe eyes, but not really my type. No, really not really. Too tall for one thing, though she was wearing flats the other day.

That helped.

"Do you think these look like Chinese shoes?" she said.

"A bit but not entirely," I responded, engaging immediately with her, even though I was meant to be working; indulging her really. (What do I care for the look of a pair of shoes who myself have only two pairs: one pair butch boots for the manual labour I sometimes do; the other for the office, that let in rain?) "Though Chinese shoes usually have a curved -" (looking for and failing to find the noun) "- are rounded at the top."

Leaning back in her chair, she regarded the shoes on the end of her outstretched long - as I said - legs. They were black with a gold trim which curved across the upper foot, denying the characteristic round top of the Chinese slipper shoe.

"I think they look funny. D'you think they look funny? I said to my friend when I was buying them - do they look funny?"

(What friend? Another friend? I used to think they were all one friend but now I'm not so sure. There's only ever one at a time though, that's certain.)

"I like them" I said bluntly.

"It's so nice to have a low shoe when you want to be comfortable, isn't it?" she said, seeming relieved.

"Yes," I said, who wears nothing else. Twenty years in deepest dykedom have taken me out of high heeled shoes and out of the world of high heeled shoes, except on the feet of other women.

I thought though, that the soles looked thin enough to let in water just as well as mine. It was hard to imagine that she could or should or would wear them out of doors.

I didn't ask her.

Instead I turned back to my pc and thought: I would lick her feet from heel to toe. I would lick her inner thighs. I would sip at her vagina. I would take her clitoris in my mouth yes breathe it in and suck and lick and draw it in. I would crop the hairs above with gnashing teeth. I would embrace and ambush her from behind and assimilate her all before.

I would wallow in the hollows of her mellow coffee skin.

But not today.

Originated From 'The Chinese Slippers' - Courtesy Of Liann Snow (www.liannsnow.com)

The Secret Life Of A Gooseberry...Series 2

How can I put it cleverly without offending anyone? The only time I laughed today is when reading ‘Peragawati’ blog. I laughed my despair away. Away as far as Chiswick I guess and then, back again. Lisa ‘Ching Chong China woman’ was voted out by BB viewers today. Well expected. Too much swearing in the world. Imagine if she swears in Chinese words. Nian Mah Ciao Chi Bai.Goodness streuth. The Welsh did their bit of keeping Imogen in; I really think it was for Glyn benefit. He was so upset with Richard he could not utter a proper word in English and confided in Imogen ‘who is going to speak to me in Welsh if you gone?’. Hah...good trick.

Ermm...focus. I want to talk about me. I feel like shit. Why? Because I see myself as a gooseberry again. Since when? Ermm...yesterday. How come? Because I feel like a little pickle again. You’re in a bad mood. Bad day? Obviously. Okay. Let’s not talk. But what with the chicken shit face? Okay...okay..I get the gist. You want to be alone yeah? So you want me to piss off? Okay..can do. Where to? Why are you doing this? Why do you always have to make me feel that I don’t belong here? Have I upset you? Was it something I said? No..it wasn’t me. It’s you. Just because you feel like shit, it’s really not necessary to make other feel the same too. What am I supposed to do now? Back to my room, playing Age of Empire and talk to no one.

I supposed you feel a lot better today because you look a little bit cheerful than yesterday…yeah, you’re sorted now. But I better don’t trade in the water just yet; you might still be in the bad mood. Well, love up then. Act like nothing happened. Good for you. But what about me? Do you not want me around? Well, I leave both of you alone…and I am going to be my usual self, back in my nutshell and feeling shit.

(That was me, talking to myself)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Father's Day...Daddy Cool



So many things happened lately. Erra & Yusry decided to call it a day, Amy Search won 2 million law suit against SONY, the stupid St.David's lawyers decided to practise their petty law knowledge on us by blocking Liza's car and not owning up. Ugly tank anyway. I’m officially back at work yesterday. The 1st 5 hours was spent on reading emails/mails/memo/message kept for me when I was on my AL and SSP. Too many demands and so little time. This keeps me away from worrying about father. Well, I can’t help it. Will I face a possibility becoming a fatherless woman soon?

Reading what Suhaimi Sulaiman’s wrote about his ‘Ayah’, made me think of my own rather emotionally now. He is a very proud/clever/powerful/successful man. I believe he may have his share of the opposite sometimes but like my ‘abang’ always said...he is still our father.

As a child and adult, I haven’t had large demand on things. Apart from wanting to eat chicken only and drink Diet Coke. My world is simple and complicated in its own way. I remember being the quiet and the lazy one. My father always made his allowances on this but I know it sometimes pisses him off. My closest clan have always telling me that I am indeed my father’s favourite. Whatever that mean. There was a time that he made it very obvious that I secretly suspect that my other siblings plotting to have me poisoned!!! I get away with things and believe me, it is a lot of them.

My father was away from home most of the time I could remember. His absences turn my ‘abang’ into a bully and a spoil brat. It was hell and that time, I wish father is around to knock him flat. When he telephoned home, I’ll be the one who will ‘mengadu’ every single bad doing’s happened in the house. And I will not miss to ask ‘Abah, bila Abah nak balik ni?’

My father is a very emotional man. He wrote a loving letter to my mother and to us too. When he was away, we remember him as this nice father who always brings back nice stuff and take us for a ride in his car.

There was a difficult time and as I elevated into maturity and complexity of thinking that I started to see things differently. It wasn’t pleasant and I spent loads of money to have myself to able to come to term with it. Cisss...

Liza lost her ‘Bapak’ recently and the whole scenario changed the way I see things. It was so beautiful to have witness how ‘Bapak’ waited for Liza all this years before clocking off. Like me, Liza was her ‘Bapak’s’ favourite.

My father has suffered a terrible loss of his son and that deteriorates his health. He wasn’t very well all this years I was away but families told me of how ‘energetically charged’ he was when I came back last time. When I went home last month, I stayed home longer. I know it was very difficult for him to see me off again. I made it as casual as I can to hide my real feelings. I promised to see him again and I will.

It is a difficult relationship for me but I have no reason not to love my father. Get well soon.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thinking Allowed..Thinking Aloud..And I Am So Unhappy..


1351 hours today...I'm always at work at this time of the day.But,for my own good, I have to be quarantine.Not for long now.This free time on my hand is not doing my marble any good.I'm in love with someone that I'm now are quite happily to love to hate.Making sense? Nope.Text Message came in early for me in the morning.Papa is not well.He's been unwell..physically and emotionally.When I last spoke to him, he said that he will have me texted if God decided to terminate his life contract.Save me from all the hassle of travelling back, so he said.'You're too far.I'll be 'berulat' by the time you arrive KLIA'.Enough to drive anyone to the brink of 'bengang'.Get well soon.

What can I do with you now, Frankie ? Kill you or kill myself ?
Listen to Will Young...and weep.

Sometimes you know you push me so hard
I don't know how I feel
You almost make me doubt I feel at all

It's not as though I always listen
But there's just so much I don't hear
Maybe I'll never be what you want
I know that all you're asking for
Is a little place in my heart
But I don't find it easy to give

Maybe I get a little selfish sometimes
Why shouldn't I?
I used to say I love you
But would it make a difference this time?

And who am I to tell you that I would never let you down
That no-one else could love you half as much as I do now
And who am I to tell you I'll always catch you when you fall
Well I, I wouldn't be myself at all
I wouldn't be myself at all, at all.

I always find a reason why I didn't put you first
It's not that complicated I know
I really hate it when you shake your head like this ain't gonna work
Maybe you'll never reap what you sow

I didn't want to do what everybody does
And hide the truth to find we never knew a thing about love
Cos this is real life, real love
And knowing what it comes down too
It just might be enough


Tale Of Human Curiosity..Nosy More Like !!


Some of us are fortunate enough to be given a choice of how they want things done for them. I am too, apart from certain things. Non-Muslims can opt to have their body cremated and scattered anywhere in the world or their local TESCOs. JFK Jr wished to rest in the ocean. They discovered that in his will. People went through the tough task locating him and the wife when their self driven plane nosedives into the ocean, courtesy of John John himself. Their bodies were found a week after..floating in the ocean. They were brought back to the land for the civil formality..saying goodbye and stuff. After hi, bye and wasting the Kennedy’s family unlimited supply of cash, John John and wife are brought back to where their bodies were found, in the ocean. This time, in ashes. What do you make of that? Is it really necessary to put the rescue team through grim? I won’t bother, if you ask. What for? They already in there (the ocean) Dead, obviously. Leave ‘em there. Well, his choice..their choice.

I accompanied my best friend to her mom’s resting place at Bukit Kiara recently. One of the Muslim’s poshest resting ground. Populated by those Tan Sri/Puan Sri’s, Datuk/Datin’s, Yang Mulia Tengku This That and some famous soul. I pitied those departed soul in there because Bukit Kiara Cemetery is not so much a resting place anymore. The left, right, centre and corner development and even storeys of motorways run across the grave. How can they rest? On the other hand, I don’t think they (the posh lot) mind so much as maybe when they’re still breathing, they are used to traffic jams, construction noise and all that stuff.

I can’t help but to notice the ‘unusual’ sight in the cemetery. Nothing malicious but I’m amazed on how creative people are nowadays with the tombstone. I’m so used to the conventional way of addressing the deceased. Name, birth date, departed date and some ayat-ayat suci carved on them. I don’t believe that people are born and have their birth registered with award they acquire in their later life i.e. Datukship, Tan Sriship..the nonsense. If you were born as Dzul ‘Atfi bin Mohd.Rawi, you should be buried as the same. No offence to the posh, but do you really think your title matter 6 foot under? I supposed that when you really worked hard in your life to achieve something worth flaunting, then maybe why not? And that come down to people’s freedom of choice. It’s a bit pretentious, but hey, it’s still a human choice. Deciding to add your son’s nick name on his tombstone, however silly, is still a choice. Rest in peace Chi Chi.

While my mate is having a silent moment with her mom, I combed through the row of graves. I recognised some. MUSTAFA NOOR, NURAINA EMIR, KAMAL BAMADHAJ, LOKMAN MUSA to name a few.

Life is so short. Live a little.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Secret Life Of A Gooseberry Part 1


My biggest regret is letting myself being attached. That includes attaching myself to the Age Of Empire game that I simply now can’t live without. That’s awful. I tried many things to deviate my obsession, one by agreeing to be part of the show ‘How Clean Is Your Garden’ in Channel 6. It was broadcast in Bedfont TV.Ada ke ? Well, I do enjoy cleaning the garden that my whole body ached (not to remember the fact that my Chicken F-ing Pox residue of spot still actively growing in my private departmental store) I didn’t expect to have my nose elevated few inches high as I’m so pleased with what I did (that may include being partly involved in getting Lou’s bontot ..dibahagian atas sedikit..terbakar dan menjadi sangat merah sebab terkena cahaya matahari yang amat berlebihan.) That is the agony of being 'Orang Putih'.Kasihan sungguh.

My attachment to human being is what worrying me to death as well. I can develop high expectation within me. And when it went pear shaped, I can get very annoyingly upset that has succeed to affect the dynamics in my life..and maybe others too.

I have been what you can call a gooseberry for the last 5 or 6 months. It’s really okay when you don’t think about it and when everything is alright. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I never seem to mind apart from at times, I do feel like a pickles in their Big Mc...Or Double Cheeseburger. When that feeling comes, the need to get away quickly turned into auto cruise mode and can be nauseating too.

I tried very hard to fit in.And now I have started to think that the whole picture is wrong..like Leah's boobs and her penchant for cock. What can be done about it? Am I jealous because I’m not even half as happy as them? Or am I hating the fact that they rampantly ravaging each other more than I have done in my own sexual life? Which one? Happiness or Sex? Yucks..yucks..yucks..Or they just blissfully ignorant that the poor me is forced to watch their PDA’s and there is no way can I not help myself to the audiotainment (audio entertainment)of their moan and the groan, like Will Young to my ears.

What I do know for a fact that I am very upset now. And for sure, not because of being a poor gooseberry in a Sex In The City. Pathetic me.What I can hear is my own ramification of feelings.So pathetic.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Don't Kill The CiCimannnn...

The 2 thugs that thumped that Jody gay man to death got 28 years lease in jail. They hated homosexual man so much that they proudly shouted to the passer-by that they don’t like the poofters and poofters should be killed. How evil. If they lucky, plenty of sex starved man that populates the jail they’re in would be happy to give them back pleasure. They surely won’t be needing conjugal visits from their partners.

The common theory of reverse psychology technique is that people who hated other people is really hating what they saw of themselves in that other people that they hate. What you reckon? That common psychology mess with your head ? That I agreed big time. What you feel about certain things can affect your way of thinking. I used to loathe drug that came in tablets. There is no way can I avoid taking tablets vitamin when I was little as my mother worked as a nurse and whatever you say to save yourself from the taste of that bitter stuff in your mouth won’t wash with her. No matter how easy other people said it would be to swallow a tablet, the psychology of pure hatred and terrified ness will ‘stop’ that tablet from entering my throat. I can feel that my pharynx swollen up that no tablets can get in. That is stupid psychology doing their bit in my head. I cannot remember at what age really that I started tolerating tablets. Probably only quite recently when I became desperately ill and in need of antibiotic that sadly did not came in liquids. So, unconsciously, you can beat psychology.

I used to have this weird thing with cats..that I disliked them cats. Urghhh..I supposed when I was heaps younger, some nasty ugly cat must have succeed to signed some bloodied autograph on my cheek that put me off them for good. My hatred towards cats and dogs is more like my ‘takut' to the max with them. I terrorised the hell life of cats. Cats better pray not to cross path with me or they will be catapulting 10 metres away from my free kick. My mother got sick of they way I behaved to the poor cats and keep brainwashing me that those cats will come and haunt me in my dream. Ohh..ibu..nak tau tak..that never happened.

I am now cat-terrorism sober. It’s been 10 years and for the last 10 years, cat made me sad. Unconsciously, I became cat friendly. I lost my younger brother suddenly 10 years ago and as his image slowly fading from my head, his love for cats strengthen my memory of him. My partner has a cat called Mikki. I befriended Mikki and become very fond of each other until he died of old age. My partner was crushed beyond words. I witnessed their friendship and that ‘insaf’ me big time.

In the end, psychology and the idea of what comes round go around is what we should watch out for. And Monica The Cat.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

South Korea - Well Done !!!


As at 10.00 pm, after enduring 90 minutes of hell from the hand of 11 French roughman..South Korean Team made it to the round 2.Well,I'm so happy for them.We don't know when the Malaysian Team is ever going to come out of their shell of 'kaki bangku' ness and start playing adult football and qualify for World Cup.So for now, I have to support South Korea.That is so far the extend of my world cup knowledge..apart from agreeing with the fact that Ronaldo is getting fatter every second.Is he? What I admire most about South Korean Team is their fighting spirit.Better than the Japanese.Sorry Japan..for very strong political reason..your team is so transparent to me.In fact, I loathes Japan to bits and tits.

Because I live in England, I will support England and the luscious David Beckham. John Terry is alright but he well have to do something about his hair.Wayne Rooney look not much different to the lout bloke that won the 9 million lottery. Micheal Owen should practise in the field more and lessen his trip to the race course.Of course all of us will support England..I mean, people that I know of.So will the Welsh, the Irish and the Scottish..I hope.Will England win the World Cup ? That is for them to play..for Liza to watch and scream and for me to find out the score in the news.

BB 2006 - Big Brother, Big Boobs, Big Broil,Big Banshee, Big Brothel, Big Bitch, Big Brusque ETC

: NIKKI - She's very loud for such a small person

: AISYLENE - The blonde who have no control over her bowel movement
: : -LISA CHING CHOW MEIN - My flatmate reckon she got a mouth like a sewer

: PRINCESS LEA - Seeing her boob so much forgotten how her face look like

Are you boring/interesting enough like moir to watch this Channel 4 yearly reality show? I'm sure some of us glued to it like Arun Nair's & Liz Hurley's lips. Apart from missing some of the episodes and missed to see some loser's who opted to walked/ejected/evicted from the house..my interest to continue to keep up is still indeficient. Those who is now history, the woman that cannot decide whether to pronounce her name 'Bonnie' or 'Bonnoh', Man who is so in love with his own Turkish Delights dick, self proclaimed 'Paki poof', Man who decided that he is after all 'not into that kind of attention and decided that he don't want fame' and a sport scientist who think the only nice person on earth is Mother Teresa and others are bastards including her. How life is full of colours..and I strongly reckon that Monica the cat should enter the house as a house pet.

I'm so pleased that they finally rid of the Duchess of Notting Hill (GET GRACE OUT..GET GRACE OUT..) and now she can teach all young girls back home tips to become a successful bitch and disgraceful losers who will resort to splash a drink every time they get flushed!! Grace is so nasty that she should fuck pig.

I'm not liking any of them at the moment apart from Susie, because she reminds me of my honourable ex-boss, Michelle Whiting who is calm, collected and clever.

But out of excessive boredom and hatred, I have them listed here for me to have a laugh and mind you, watching them can be a very good constipation remedy.

So, people..happy watching.I'm watching it by myself tonight as my viewing partner is away cat sitting.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Reading Pleasure

INSET PIX :- Calvin Klein Prospective Model For Its Latest Product - Pelembab Rambut Perasa Asam

Apart from Karen Bremner (The Apprentice) and Suhaimi Sulaiman (TV3 most cleverest man) blog page,I have now discovered the latest reading pleasure of all time, although, I should warn you of it's explicit (maha maha mega mega) content.I have never laugh so much reading his blog that I now wonder if it's the carut-marut words that really ticks me.I wish I know this man because I can only imagine his level of funnyness.However,some might find it offensive.Depends on what you really think.I have met people who 'alamak..kuatnya si anu-anu tu mencarut or alamak..mulia sungguh bahasa kau..but this word utterer..later menyumpah 'F this that..C this..T that..W this..MF that..hipokrasi betul.

So,this is what I find therapeutic..after ditching my therapist.Fancy a try ? Type www.peragawati.blogspot.com, remember, you're responsible for your own action. Owner's risk laaa...

Speaking about ditching my therapist, I remember a friend who moans that she haven't turn into Jesus Christ after having 2 session in a week.I'm sure she will soon, after unlocking her own Da Vinci code. Well, Melissa Mansfield Jones..I'm sure you make a good psychodynamic counsellor.All the best going to Mod 2.

Long Hiatus

INSET PIX - I think we all should try this at home..sitting down in the most thereapeutic position..and then text your mate ask them if they think Monica the cat is cute.

It's nearly a month..or maybe it is exactly a month..probably few days more than a month that I haven't been blogging.I must think that I don't care much about me..as it is I am the only one who's been reading this.Well, I have been busy recently..balik kampung,berperang,bekerja dengan kuatnya and added to this,I was blessed with chicken pox!! The f-ing thing menular dengan sesuka hatinya..termasuklah berpakat tumbuh dalam my sensitive area.During this, I haven't wanted to communicate with anybody apart from my 2 flatmates (because we don't have a choice) in case I infected them with my bugs..although I quite tempted to telephatically transmit it to Grace & Nikki in the BB House.

During my recent visit to Malaysia, I'm fortunate enough to have stumbled upon AF4 (Academy Fantasia).Fortunate? The fact that they blatantly copied Fame Academy and filled them with few hopefuls that sometimes cannot sing at all cracked me up.I admire their courage though..big time.Because, never in a million years can I humilliate myself the same.However,young Malaysians must now know that singing is not easy.Can sing only,cannot be their easy 'oyster card' towards stardom or make themselves famous especially in 'Felda Taib Andak' !!! (The Mawi man story came out daily in the newspaper that I managed to remember this) Funniest part, when the parents 'tumpang sekaki'.Actually that is nothing new,Pop Idol and The X Factor parents contestant or contestant parents did the same.Some will give the serial killer Ted Bundy look if Simon Cowell decided to 'kondem' their child.What amused me with the Malaysian parents..that they have now on par with the overseas parents.I believe that 20 or 30 years ago..a hopeful child/young singer can't even tell their parents that they want to enter singing competition..let alone asking permission to sing voluntary in orang kampung wedding.Unless, you tell your abah or mak..that you want to enter the grand musabaqah al-quran...yess..I'll bet you my bottom pound that they will cry..or even mati terkejut..dalam imaaannn.

Well, good luck to all of them in Akademi Fantasia 4.Things are quite expensive now in KL that I'm still reeling after paying $21.00 just to eat halal Big Mc in KLCC Mcdonalds.So for those who do the 'AF UNDI' thing...what can I say..sms vote wisely laaaa.

Lastly, I wish to thank Kak Sam (my AF4 watching companion plus my latest agency berita AF terkini)for the second to none hospitality.Marilah kita sama-sama AFUNDI Kak Sam.