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Sunday, June 18, 2006

BB 2006 - Big Brother, Big Boobs, Big Broil,Big Banshee, Big Brothel, Big Bitch, Big Brusque ETC

: NIKKI - She's very loud for such a small person

: AISYLENE - The blonde who have no control over her bowel movement
: : -LISA CHING CHOW MEIN - My flatmate reckon she got a mouth like a sewer

: PRINCESS LEA - Seeing her boob so much forgotten how her face look like

Are you boring/interesting enough like moir to watch this Channel 4 yearly reality show? I'm sure some of us glued to it like Arun Nair's & Liz Hurley's lips. Apart from missing some of the episodes and missed to see some loser's who opted to walked/ejected/evicted from the house..my interest to continue to keep up is still indeficient. Those who is now history, the woman that cannot decide whether to pronounce her name 'Bonnie' or 'Bonnoh', Man who is so in love with his own Turkish Delights dick, self proclaimed 'Paki poof', Man who decided that he is after all 'not into that kind of attention and decided that he don't want fame' and a sport scientist who think the only nice person on earth is Mother Teresa and others are bastards including her. How life is full of colours..and I strongly reckon that Monica the cat should enter the house as a house pet.

I'm so pleased that they finally rid of the Duchess of Notting Hill (GET GRACE OUT..GET GRACE OUT..) and now she can teach all young girls back home tips to become a successful bitch and disgraceful losers who will resort to splash a drink every time they get flushed!! Grace is so nasty that she should fuck pig.

I'm not liking any of them at the moment apart from Susie, because she reminds me of my honourable ex-boss, Michelle Whiting who is calm, collected and clever.

But out of excessive boredom and hatred, I have them listed here for me to have a laugh and mind you, watching them can be a very good constipation remedy.

So, people..happy watching.I'm watching it by myself tonight as my viewing partner is away cat sitting.

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