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Friday, June 16, 2006

Reading Pleasure

INSET PIX :- Calvin Klein Prospective Model For Its Latest Product - Pelembab Rambut Perasa Asam

Apart from Karen Bremner (The Apprentice) and Suhaimi Sulaiman (TV3 most cleverest man) blog page,I have now discovered the latest reading pleasure of all time, although, I should warn you of it's explicit (maha maha mega mega) content.I have never laugh so much reading his blog that I now wonder if it's the carut-marut words that really ticks me.I wish I know this man because I can only imagine his level of funnyness.However,some might find it offensive.Depends on what you really think.I have met people who 'alamak..kuatnya si anu-anu tu mencarut or alamak..mulia sungguh bahasa kau..but this word utterer..later menyumpah 'F this that..C this..T that..W this..MF that..hipokrasi betul.

So,this is what I find therapeutic..after ditching my therapist.Fancy a try ? Type www.peragawati.blogspot.com, remember, you're responsible for your own action. Owner's risk laaa...

Speaking about ditching my therapist, I remember a friend who moans that she haven't turn into Jesus Christ after having 2 session in a week.I'm sure she will soon, after unlocking her own Da Vinci code. Well, Melissa Mansfield Jones..I'm sure you make a good psychodynamic counsellor.All the best going to Mod 2.

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