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Monday, June 19, 2006

Don't Kill The CiCimannnn...

The 2 thugs that thumped that Jody gay man to death got 28 years lease in jail. They hated homosexual man so much that they proudly shouted to the passer-by that they don’t like the poofters and poofters should be killed. How evil. If they lucky, plenty of sex starved man that populates the jail they’re in would be happy to give them back pleasure. They surely won’t be needing conjugal visits from their partners.

The common theory of reverse psychology technique is that people who hated other people is really hating what they saw of themselves in that other people that they hate. What you reckon? That common psychology mess with your head ? That I agreed big time. What you feel about certain things can affect your way of thinking. I used to loathe drug that came in tablets. There is no way can I avoid taking tablets vitamin when I was little as my mother worked as a nurse and whatever you say to save yourself from the taste of that bitter stuff in your mouth won’t wash with her. No matter how easy other people said it would be to swallow a tablet, the psychology of pure hatred and terrified ness will ‘stop’ that tablet from entering my throat. I can feel that my pharynx swollen up that no tablets can get in. That is stupid psychology doing their bit in my head. I cannot remember at what age really that I started tolerating tablets. Probably only quite recently when I became desperately ill and in need of antibiotic that sadly did not came in liquids. So, unconsciously, you can beat psychology.

I used to have this weird thing with cats..that I disliked them cats. Urghhh..I supposed when I was heaps younger, some nasty ugly cat must have succeed to signed some bloodied autograph on my cheek that put me off them for good. My hatred towards cats and dogs is more like my ‘takut' to the max with them. I terrorised the hell life of cats. Cats better pray not to cross path with me or they will be catapulting 10 metres away from my free kick. My mother got sick of they way I behaved to the poor cats and keep brainwashing me that those cats will come and haunt me in my dream. Ohh..ibu..nak tau tak..that never happened.

I am now cat-terrorism sober. It’s been 10 years and for the last 10 years, cat made me sad. Unconsciously, I became cat friendly. I lost my younger brother suddenly 10 years ago and as his image slowly fading from my head, his love for cats strengthen my memory of him. My partner has a cat called Mikki. I befriended Mikki and become very fond of each other until he died of old age. My partner was crushed beyond words. I witnessed their friendship and that ‘insaf’ me big time.

In the end, psychology and the idea of what comes round go around is what we should watch out for. And Monica The Cat.

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