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Monday, June 26, 2006

Inundation Of Shit Feelings


Can you think of anything to take your ‘kusut masai’ mind of things? Especially things that can reduce your heart to failure? I packed my suitcase last night with intention to get away for a bit or maybe longer. Others should have a bit of space from me and so should I from them. Good for the relationship. My suitcase ain’t heavy (his my suitcase) but with the unforgiving weather like today, you don’t even want to drag yourself anywhere...but some of us have to work and have to earn a living, especially ‘pendatang’ like me.

I had a good night sleep. My bed is in different position now and it is less noisy and more cooling...and I woke up feeling less edgy. That’s how I want my morning to be. I remember laughing before bed last night as I read through ‘Peragawati’ blog about buttock. How did he know about Beyonce hairy bum, tuhan ajalah yang tahu.

As my mind was set to leave, I wrote a small note to my best friend asked her to wish me luck and to tell her that I am always going to be behind her no matter what happened. I don’t say things like that everyday to her but it is good to have her know that I’m always going to be there for her...manalah tau kalau kalau matilah pulak aku hari ni dilanggar bas. We only have each other here, macam mana marah dan benci bila bergaduh tu, she is still the pillar of my strength. Chewwwahhhh..Di Dalam Emosi Ini.

My day to begin with was good til about midday. Then I found out that father was found unconscious and has to be taken to the hospital. That little information has now changes everything. I am now can’t even lift my chin up. My colleagues are trying their level best to cheer me up and for the 5th time in this month, I utilised my power at work to have someone to stand in for me while I need a time out to chill.

I don’t know how to talk myself out of it…I mean, this state of mind I’m in. It seems easy to ask others to do it but when it comes to your own, how you wish you can slap the people who even have the guts to suggest that. I tried to sleep but my inner vanity fair stopped me from dozing off. Jadi debab pulak nanti.

This may not work for other people but it seems to have done wonders for me so far. Sheila Majid song that is. I have to keep reminding myself that I live among orang putih and have to make sure that I will not get an irate warning through my post hole. This is because I’m planning on having Sheila melalak full blast on my £159.88 stereo. So...Twickenham...let me present you Malaysia’s best kept secret...Sheila Majid and here is...Selamanya…

Ketika ku membuka album kenangan dulu
(When I opened my old album)
Ku teringat kepada dirinya yang ku cinta hingga kini
(It remind me of you that I love til today)
Ke mana pun perginya, kita selalu berdua *
(Wherever we go, we always together)
Dari hari ke hari terasa indah saja *
(And everyday feels great)
Itu dulu, masa lalu *
(That is, before)

Ku ingin tetap menjalin cinta kita seperi dulu
(I want to keep falling in love with you)
Merasakan bahagia bersamamu selamanya (repeat *)
(And feeling happy with you forever)
Meraih bulan dan memetik bintang
(Touch the moon and pluck the stars)
Akankah kita cuba demi cinta kita berdua
(Together we will do it for love)

Psssst..I am trying my best to be a good translator.


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Han said...

I will.Thanks for noticing.