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Saturday, June 24, 2006



It's not really her looks. Did I tell you her looks? A cross between Sade and Olive Oyl. That's not exactly complimentary is it? No, it's true she's striking to look at and massively charming with her ready smile and doe eyes, but not really my type. No, really not really. Too tall for one thing, though she was wearing flats the other day.

That helped.

"Do you think these look like Chinese shoes?" she said.

"A bit but not entirely," I responded, engaging immediately with her, even though I was meant to be working; indulging her really. (What do I care for the look of a pair of shoes who myself have only two pairs: one pair butch boots for the manual labour I sometimes do; the other for the office, that let in rain?) "Though Chinese shoes usually have a curved -" (looking for and failing to find the noun) "- are rounded at the top."

Leaning back in her chair, she regarded the shoes on the end of her outstretched long - as I said - legs. They were black with a gold trim which curved across the upper foot, denying the characteristic round top of the Chinese slipper shoe.

"I think they look funny. D'you think they look funny? I said to my friend when I was buying them - do they look funny?"

(What friend? Another friend? I used to think they were all one friend but now I'm not so sure. There's only ever one at a time though, that's certain.)

"I like them" I said bluntly.

"It's so nice to have a low shoe when you want to be comfortable, isn't it?" she said, seeming relieved.

"Yes," I said, who wears nothing else. Twenty years in deepest dykedom have taken me out of high heeled shoes and out of the world of high heeled shoes, except on the feet of other women.

I thought though, that the soles looked thin enough to let in water just as well as mine. It was hard to imagine that she could or should or would wear them out of doors.

I didn't ask her.

Instead I turned back to my pc and thought: I would lick her feet from heel to toe. I would lick her inner thighs. I would sip at her vagina. I would take her clitoris in my mouth yes breathe it in and suck and lick and draw it in. I would crop the hairs above with gnashing teeth. I would embrace and ambush her from behind and assimilate her all before.

I would wallow in the hollows of her mellow coffee skin.

But not today.

Originated From 'The Chinese Slippers' - Courtesy Of Liann Snow (www.liannsnow.com)

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