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Thursday, June 29, 2006



Why do Brazil always have to win the game ? Why do the Ghanaian so mesmerised by the Brazillian that they allow them to score 3 goals against them? Whatever happen to 'We are playing for God and for Africa' ??? Look at the way they shake hands with the Brazillians..as if they congratulate them...'Thank you for beating us'.

Why didn't the referee seethat headbutting scene? Why Thierry Henry always have to moan about the referee?

Why is the Australian soaps are so predictable that you can always miss it and catch up again after few weeks ?

Why is Aisylene (BB) is so worked up about being nominated ? Why is Jenny Shimizu still can't get over being dumped by Angelina Jolie?

Why is all the bank in Malaysia decided that it is okay to 'belasah' the poor people with exhorbitant interest rate while chanting 'Ohh...we are offering/practising perbankan Islam Al-Waddiah, Al-Blahblah..Al-Celakalah..

Why is the kuih karipap so mahal nowadays?

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