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Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Secret Life Of A Gooseberry...Series 2

How can I put it cleverly without offending anyone? The only time I laughed today is when reading ‘Peragawati’ blog. I laughed my despair away. Away as far as Chiswick I guess and then, back again. Lisa ‘Ching Chong China woman’ was voted out by BB viewers today. Well expected. Too much swearing in the world. Imagine if she swears in Chinese words. Nian Mah Ciao Chi Bai.Goodness streuth. The Welsh did their bit of keeping Imogen in; I really think it was for Glyn benefit. He was so upset with Richard he could not utter a proper word in English and confided in Imogen ‘who is going to speak to me in Welsh if you gone?’. Hah...good trick.

Ermm...focus. I want to talk about me. I feel like shit. Why? Because I see myself as a gooseberry again. Since when? Ermm...yesterday. How come? Because I feel like a little pickle again. You’re in a bad mood. Bad day? Obviously. Okay. Let’s not talk. But what with the chicken shit face? Okay...okay..I get the gist. You want to be alone yeah? So you want me to piss off? Okay..can do. Where to? Why are you doing this? Why do you always have to make me feel that I don’t belong here? Have I upset you? Was it something I said? No..it wasn’t me. It’s you. Just because you feel like shit, it’s really not necessary to make other feel the same too. What am I supposed to do now? Back to my room, playing Age of Empire and talk to no one.

I supposed you feel a lot better today because you look a little bit cheerful than yesterday…yeah, you’re sorted now. But I better don’t trade in the water just yet; you might still be in the bad mood. Well, love up then. Act like nothing happened. Good for you. But what about me? Do you not want me around? Well, I leave both of you alone…and I am going to be my usual self, back in my nutshell and feeling shit.

(That was me, talking to myself)

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