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Sunday, June 18, 2006

South Korea - Well Done !!!


As at 10.00 pm, after enduring 90 minutes of hell from the hand of 11 French roughman..South Korean Team made it to the round 2.Well,I'm so happy for them.We don't know when the Malaysian Team is ever going to come out of their shell of 'kaki bangku' ness and start playing adult football and qualify for World Cup.So for now, I have to support South Korea.That is so far the extend of my world cup knowledge..apart from agreeing with the fact that Ronaldo is getting fatter every second.Is he? What I admire most about South Korean Team is their fighting spirit.Better than the Japanese.Sorry Japan..for very strong political reason..your team is so transparent to me.In fact, I loathes Japan to bits and tits.

Because I live in England, I will support England and the luscious David Beckham. John Terry is alright but he well have to do something about his hair.Wayne Rooney look not much different to the lout bloke that won the 9 million lottery. Micheal Owen should practise in the field more and lessen his trip to the race course.Of course all of us will support England..I mean, people that I know of.So will the Welsh, the Irish and the Scottish..I hope.Will England win the World Cup ? That is for them to play..for Liza to watch and scream and for me to find out the score in the news.

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