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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This Is What They Do


Part of my job, I have a great fortune to have the opportunity to mingle with the know-it-all professionals i.e. Social Workers, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and some with elephant title but doing exactly the same job like I do but with better pay, because they were attached with the local council.

Not only these people personally are less interesting than their occupation, the fact that they spent half a day planning people's life and discussed what best for them, is unbelievable.

I must say that the nation in the UK are the luckiest, not only they have all their choices in their hands,all this choices will be financed by their government.You may declare your self emotionally unfit..after spending long day looking after your 4 children from 4 different sources or shall I say donor, on top of 4 counts of child benefits, you may choose where you want to live and dump the rent bill to housing benefits and because of the self inflicted stress, you can claim to local DWP/DSS that you are incapable of holding a job and therefore entitled for income support,incapacity benefit,disability living allowance,mobility allowance and all that shit.

You will then required to spend your day pushing prams all over high street shopping centre, exhibit your designer baby to the world and trading gossips with others.This is all courtesy of a tax payer like moir.

For those who is not British, ahh..look no further than this goldmine. After few years of slaging off your own nation, you may acquire British Citizenship and then, start to enjoy the perks.This is what you should do,

1. Claim asylum. Tell the Home Office that your life is under threat.You can make out that you're a political asylum eventhough, you don't belong to any of your local political party. Not only they want you dead, they too want your whole family vanish from the face of the earth.Tell the caseworker that you can't live in Iraq because you have succeeded in impregnating one of Saddam's daughter and now you are as good as a dead man walking.Tell the caseworker,you can't live in Afgahnistan because of your refusal to become a Taliban's and you're now in Osama bin Laden bad book.Tell them, you can't exist in Jamaica because Jamaican kills Cicimannnn...

2. Have all this heart wreching episodes of your life told to the caseworker.If you're wee bit wealthy,assign a solicitor who will then represent this soaps to the caseworker.

3. Submit your asylum application. Within 6 months, you're full fledge British Citizen with ability to sponge off benefits and you may import your entire families here.

Painfully, the truth behind all that was..there is some of the successful asylum seekers that have been in and out UK, revisiting the nation who they first claimed wanted them dead.There is indeed a gay bar in Jamaica..and there's a British National who is seeking Osama bin Laden and willingly travel back to their forefathers in Afghanistan for a crash course in making bombs and preaching hatred.

More painful, there are some very genuine immigrants who worked,paid tax,lived harmoniously alongside the civil citizens and that their residency application was blatantly turned down because of some petty excuses.

To all the foreign professionals, please have your bank account fill up before you could apply for residency or working visa.If they fail your application with no option of refunding your fee, please appeal and tell the Home Office people that you hate the Kaffir's and want them dead. The verdict ?? You'll get your British passport the next day.

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