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Friday, June 16, 2006

Long Hiatus

INSET PIX - I think we all should try this at home..sitting down in the most thereapeutic position..and then text your mate ask them if they think Monica the cat is cute.

It's nearly a month..or maybe it is exactly a month..probably few days more than a month that I haven't been blogging.I must think that I don't care much about me..as it is I am the only one who's been reading this.Well, I have been busy recently..balik kampung,berperang,bekerja dengan kuatnya and added to this,I was blessed with chicken pox!! The f-ing thing menular dengan sesuka hatinya..termasuklah berpakat tumbuh dalam my sensitive area.During this, I haven't wanted to communicate with anybody apart from my 2 flatmates (because we don't have a choice) in case I infected them with my bugs..although I quite tempted to telephatically transmit it to Grace & Nikki in the BB House.

During my recent visit to Malaysia, I'm fortunate enough to have stumbled upon AF4 (Academy Fantasia).Fortunate? The fact that they blatantly copied Fame Academy and filled them with few hopefuls that sometimes cannot sing at all cracked me up.I admire their courage though..big time.Because, never in a million years can I humilliate myself the same.However,young Malaysians must now know that singing is not easy.Can sing only,cannot be their easy 'oyster card' towards stardom or make themselves famous especially in 'Felda Taib Andak' !!! (The Mawi man story came out daily in the newspaper that I managed to remember this) Funniest part, when the parents 'tumpang sekaki'.Actually that is nothing new,Pop Idol and The X Factor parents contestant or contestant parents did the same.Some will give the serial killer Ted Bundy look if Simon Cowell decided to 'kondem' their child.What amused me with the Malaysian parents..that they have now on par with the overseas parents.I believe that 20 or 30 years ago..a hopeful child/young singer can't even tell their parents that they want to enter singing competition..let alone asking permission to sing voluntary in orang kampung wedding.Unless, you tell your abah or mak..that you want to enter the grand musabaqah al-quran...yess..I'll bet you my bottom pound that they will cry..or even mati terkejut..dalam imaaannn.

Well, good luck to all of them in Akademi Fantasia 4.Things are quite expensive now in KL that I'm still reeling after paying $21.00 just to eat halal Big Mc in KLCC Mcdonalds.So for those who do the 'AF UNDI' thing...what can I say..sms vote wisely laaaa.

Lastly, I wish to thank Kak Sam (my AF4 watching companion plus my latest agency berita AF terkini)for the second to none hospitality.Marilah kita sama-sama AFUNDI Kak Sam.

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