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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Monkey Balloon ? Balloon Monkey ?


Either way, they suck to death.Why? The least I can do for my mate who will bertunang today is to get her something nice, like helium balloons.It's like killing two men with one shotgun.Hehehehe..apa maknanya tu? Well,after partying hard..mind you the matsalleh's can party whole day..finished up the whole crate of wines and nursing their hangover the day after.So alcohol-unfriendly like moir, main balloon lah..Begitu tujuan murni yang sebenarnya.

So, last Tuesday, I called up this balloons company that I got from one of the blogger's adsense.I made and paid the order by 10.45am. Free delivery on 1st class Royal Mail.Okay..the mathematics in my head works like this..the most delayed will be Friday.That is fine..because Engagement Party is today.I was a bit edgy on Thursday when nothing came through the post, but I give it another day.Came Friday, no show so I decided to call.Balloon Monkey people (or now shall I address them as monkeys) confirmed that the order was out Wednesday and as usual blamed the forever unreliable Royal Mail.However, she took my mobile number and promised to track my balloons and will call me back.Haram jadah takde.

Again today, the day..there is still no balloons and of course, no monkey.The website announced that there will be no refund given to the delivery made through Royal Mail first class.Well, we see how it goes.

I have few facts to argue.Tunggguuuuuuu!!!!

So, the morale of this story, avoid at all cost BalloonMonkey.co.uk
They terrible, they sucks..and they're monkeys.

To my best mate and her other half..Congratulations on your engagement. Sorry, the balloons is absent.

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