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Monday, July 24, 2006

Puteri Gunung Ledang - A History I Don't Know About

I’m almost 2 years too late but lucky enough to get the chance to watch this movie. Directed by a director that I never have heard of and acted by the sexy, Hani Mokhsein ex wife Tiara Jacquelina and M.Nasir. It also featured that stupid looking, wannabe Simon Cowell from that Academy Fantasia. His called Adlin Aman Ramlie (as per the ending credit) I’m glad that he secured the role of Sultan Mahmud and as I remember vividly, Sultan Mahmud is the stupidest Sultan of Malacca. His stupid face matched the not very clever role. Sodapp nyo aku mengata…

Puteri Gunung Ledang (PGL) is beautifully made, in addition to the beautiful Tiara Jacquelina. I’m glad I bought the VCD and only managed to find a time to watch it now.

There’s so many question came up in my head after watching it. I’m not sure if this movie was reconstructed to fit in Malaysian audience taste or the legend really happens as it told. I have done very well in History lesson in my time that I am enthralled to learnt about something I never heard of.

a) I never knew that Puteri Gunung Ledang is Gusti Puteri Retno Jemilah, originally from Majapahit. Since I am fully unaware of her existence, I can confidently say that I certainly never heard of Sultan Mahmud and Co., visited Majapahit that lead to Hang Tuah first set eye on her.
b) I never knew that the Majapahit Royal family possessed the power of Matrix that they can telepathically communicate with each other and do that fly fighting stuff. I am doubly surprised that Hang Tuah got the same ability. How bizarre!!
c) I never knew that Prince Demak or Pak Haji Demak (because Azmil Mustapha clothed in a Tok Bilal costume)of Pulau Jawa exists!! Let alone know that religious person like him will resort to attacking some innocent village people in Majapahit in bid to marry Gusti Putri Retno Jemilah (panjang nama, sakit tanganku menaip ni)
d) That The Majapahit King is so desperate to offer his sister Gusti Puter Retno Jemilah for marriage to either Sultan Mahmud or Prince Demak in bid to save Majapahit from their attack. It’s a very contradicting facts taking into account that The Majapahit Royal family have that special super power that enable them to save their own selves.
e) On top of all this new account of untold history, I never thought that Hang Tuah secretly admired or have embarked on a long distance love affair with Gusti...errr PGL. I knew about him suka nak gila kat Tun Teja but later decided to pass on his luck to Sultan Mahmud. I can’t help thinking that he might pocket some handsome reward in return. Like Hani Mokhsein & Tiara Jacquelina and later beautiful Tiara decided to marry that Datuk. Mesti ada kick back tu. Do you really believe that people will be generous enough to do the kind of sacrifice?
f) That Hang Tuah was so broken hearted that he decided to disappear but they later found him lying down in the pool of mud with his face facing the sky helplessly. Tak macho betul.
g) That stupid Sultan Mahmud is so evilly powerful that he is able to cursed PGL to become invisible by day and visible by night.
h) That Hang Tuah is a national sprinter that runs insanely fast to beat the sunset in bid to catch PGL before she become eternally invisible.

Beside all the above historical point that must have been left out from my history text book (or I simply tak membaca) I never knew about Tiara Jacquelina hidden talent. She sing and dance very well that I almost mistaken her for Toni Braxton. I can only imagine how Hani Mokhsein must be feeling when seeing his beautiful ex wife. Well, good for the Datuk. Good for Tiara Jacquelina.

As the unofficial movie reviewer, I highly recommend all of you to watch this. It came with the subtitles and some unseen footage. If you live closer to me, give a shout and I’ll lend mine to you.

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Lee Novotny said...

u ols, dinch hui lah sebab apa tapi masa mak first first tonton PGL on VCD kat umah adik, mak terusss zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

**matilaaa mak!

p/s but surely Sejarah Melayu dan Nusantara memang mak skerr... Subjek Sejarah mak mmg sker kat skool!