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Monday, July 03, 2006

Why Are You Still Fat ???

1. Because I can't stop eating very much.
2. Because it is in the gene, where my frame are huge. I'm not really fat but huge (either way, still fat lah!!)
3. Because fattening food is tastier than the healthy one.
4. Because I want to be in the Guiness Book of World Record.
5. Because gym fee is so expensive and I am feeling very uncomfortable being in the changing room where public nudity is a must..and also the unisex steam room (uncomfortable?? yeah..right!!)
6. Because I can't cook in small portion, so to avoid wastage (yang sangat dibenci Tuhan) I ate them all. Mercilessly.
7. Because Syanie,Afdlin Shauki,Missy Eliott,Twista,Sumo Wrestler still fat.
8. Because I can't do my bit during the fasting month because of my gas-and-a-lot-of-tricks problem.
9. Because I don't exercise in the park.Too many stray dogs.
10. Because...my baby fat is still there even after 30 odd years.

What else ???

1 comment:

husz said...

half of number 5 is enough for me.. Gym fees is too expensive lol...