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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wherefore Art Thou ?? Part 2

Some years ago, I am fortunate enough to be invited by an ex to a showcase in Kuala Lumpur Planet Hollywood.My ex was sent over to interview Anggun Cipta Sasmi...or just Anggun...

Physically, dark skinned,good looking Anggun is a very small person.Many was mesmerised by the way she dance.Unique and ...how shall I put it, difficult to copy.Ogy, in one of her 'Melody' stint, tried once and looks horribly funny.

No Malaysian can deny the fact that Indonesian sings better than them.True, very very true.Before 'Academy Fantasia',Malaysian Pop Idol and those Malaysian Talent Search Reality Programme,we watched 'Asia Bagus' religiously.(I'm talking about me) and the fact is that Indonesian hopefuls are the most much awaited contestant.They sings like goddess.I remember a young lady who sang like Whitney Houston but talked like Megawati Soekarno-Puteri...kung-klang-kung-klang..

Whilst other Indonesian like Kris Dayanti,Ruth Sahanaya and the rest are still riding high in the local media, we seems to have lost touch with Anggun. Dimana kamu ya ?

From the birds and bees and the babi's....Anggun is still very much alive in France. In fact,her concert tour had lined up till end of this year.

So, Anggun, aku akan datang ketemu kamu di Peranchis yah....

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