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Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Emancipation Of..........Me Me


Free at last from mental slavery...thanks to 1500ml of Coca Cola.There's goes all the inhibition.I value my inhibition like I value my Age Of Empire games.When I go to parties, I tried my level best to avoid sipping alcohol because in 10 minutes, I become the centre of attention and quite possibly will be singing Pussycat Dolls song.

If you are watching Big Brother, tonight is the night where Aisylene have evict 1 of her 2 'best mate'.She finally chose Jonathan to go and as we speak, crying like mad.The cruelest eviction ever.

The moral from that short stint is, anything can happen.Anything.Ida Nerina who's just married can just be not married anymore tomorrow.Malaysian Airline, of which I publicly slagged off on my previous post, today have the audacity to send me an Enrich Gold membership card. Just after I decided to stick with flying with Emirates for good.

Who can travel on Malaysia Airlines? I can't.Too expensive.They can't do £700.00 for LHR-KUL vice versa.Too much.Emirates just charging less than £400.00

Lot's of things that is not right back home.Banking systems is sucks...mobile telecommunication is ridiculous.How can you expect people to pay the call charges (prepaid,top up card whatever) and then at the same time expect them to pay roaming, what fuck airtime charges as well?

Mobile phone in the UK is given free if you hold an account with them.Mind you, a very good model too.Call among the same company..Vodafone to Vodafone for example is free of charge.Local call is free too...infact most of the call is free.You only need to pay the monthly charges, which is cheap anyway.

Broadband,Digital TV and stuff like that,all presented to you reasonably charged.Bank and credit company here will not rush to charge you the sky high interest if you fail to make payment.Instead, they call you and ask how can they help.

Malaysian public services should copy that.Malaysian are buying one car but ended up paying for 2, borrowing money from bank who claim doing islamic transaction.

Human Rights kat Malaysia, jangan haraplah.Look at the homosexuals...Malaysian should appoint a gay rights activist.They have them in London.Muslim gays.Muslims should now learn to separate their own belief and others.I'm saying that if you thing being different is hideous,okay, fair enough and keep your opinion to yourself and start to accept and appreciate an individual the way they are.Yes.It's wrong, but it's them.Be happy for them.That is the best.At the end of the day, it is between them and their creator.

How's that? Leave the gays alone.You homophobics, get on with your life.It's a life choice, not an epidemic.End of.

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