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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Memori Kacang Botak

Masihkan you all ingat cerita ini? Hati Bukan Kristal, the title and it was on the cinema possibly about 15-16 years ago when Julia Rais is still pretty to look at and Ridzuan Hashim still has plenty of hair on top. Erma Fatimah never changed a bit apart from graced to maturity like apple. Thanks to her night firming cream, if she is applying one.

Hmmm..It is so hot now in Twickenham where I work that I am finding it difficult to concentrate. I get sleepy and hungry easily and the only way to combat that sensation is too put aside work and browse the internet dengan sewenang-wenang nya. And I come across this. Hati Bukan Kristal. Here are some bits and pieces of Hati Bukan Kristal. Let’s do the ‘transenglish’ bit...Heart Aint Crystal or maybe, My Heart Is Not Crystal. Either way, if I assume correctly is the same. The Cik Cur called Michelle tetapi adalah gadis melayu yang bernama Erma Fatimah is a mistress to one of the most influential and successful businessman in the country, bukan Datuk K. Nina adalah gadis separa melayu (bcoz mak nya adalah pompuan omputih dan bapanya adalah jejaka Kelantan gitu) bernama Julia Rais or now YAM Cik Puan Julia, is a young and aspiring journalist takes on the role to uncover details of the ruthless world behind the lights and glamour surrounding Cik Cur Michelle who is also a model. Julia Rais went on a joyride later on in a middle of the night with Susan Lankester and banggggg…married the Crown Prince Of Pahang. A Model in KL probably don’t earned that much that Michelle need to do moonlighting jadi Cik Cur mencari pendapatan sampingan bagi menyara kucing-kucing siam nya dan membayar bil Celcom gitu.

Nina the journalist was guided by the experienced newsman Razif or once-upon-a-time-a-handsome man called Ridzuan Hashim. They both went undercover to expose the dark secrets of the upbeat lifestyle of the rich and famous, only to stumble upon the truth - among which includes drugs and an explicit affair with a sugar daddy.

Ridzuan Hashim (hensem sungguh dia masa ni) taken up a role of a man who hired a Cik Cur but would rather spend a night with her chit chatting. The Cik Cur was so taken by his charm and menaruh hati gitu and eventually found out that he is using her as a part of his news scoop. Not only left broken hearted by him, Michelle the Cik Cur is also left facing an angry Sugar Daddy that in the end accidentally killed her.

Penned by Habsah Hassan and directed by that camp-looking Raja Alaudin. This movie, apart from featuring Julia Rais who was like a popia goreng panas in her time, is well worth watching. Taklah mengarut-ngarut macam cerita melayu lain…yang kunun nya directed by a director with Prof.Madya title before his name.

Zaiton Sameon is in it before the freak accident where she lost her only son and her true self. Wherever she is, I hope she is okay.

I think, this is a time for me start getting nostalgic and start searching for all the quality old Malay Movie like Adik Manja, The Jins Shamsuddin Esok,Esok,Esok movie and many more (not Badul or Mr.Os pleaseeeee)

And while watching it, I’ll be back to my usual self…mengata..mengata..dan mengata sambil mengunyah kacang botak. Cukup bahagia.


Lee Novotny said...

oh yes..Ridzuan hashim was hensem...

and yes I love this film too.. dan filem ni menang banyak oskar,kan?? ehhh oskar pulak..apa ittew nama..Anugerah Seri Angkasa ke ekk?? **matilaa dinch hui anugerah bangsa!

nah said...

oh yes... i do miss adik manja nye felem.....

:: samasam :: said...

yes, RH mmg kendo masa tuh. suka sgt kat dia, even time tuh me still sekolah rendah...hehe. and suka gak film nih. lagi satu i suka film Fenomena - ramona rahman. and Mira Edora - J Rais, Azhar Sulaiman .. hehe..

Han said...

Azhar Tapak Seleman tu pon..dah tua gitu.Susah la..duit yg banyak tak reti nak digunakan untuk kechantequean dirii..