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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ku Terbakar Kepanasan Hatiku...

Schtum for bit when opened a post at work today. One of my disgruntled ex-colleague has served us with a letter from his lawyer. Alah..bukannya lawyer bayar, ni bangsa lawyer no win no fee tu, those who represent accident that isn’t your fault claim.

If I’m not mistaken, the similar letter came few months ago and because I don’t know any better (or malas nak melayan sebenarnya) I pon pass lah surat tu kat my boss. Let her deal with it. Orang putih dengan orang putih. Eloklah tu, yang menyaman si Irish, nak tukang ambik alih si Welsh. So, si Melayu macam moir, duduk makan kacang cap Pagoda aje lahh..

Today, I decided to stop dwelling on my guilty feelings for my buruk sangka of the late Hani Mohsin. Well, indirectly I tak bersalah because itulah hakikat freedom of speech sebenarnya tapi kejahatan mulut is something one can certainly avoid by mengurangkan activity mengata dan menggossip orang lain. I tried to look at things differently because I never thought about him in years. There was a time when I fancy him like mad during his bujangan days and my menengah rendah persekolahan days. He was in that drama where he acted as a son of the orang kaya servant and he got bicycle racing. He stood out from other actors because he got that classic look, the hero Malaya look. My father likes him and that Ahmad Fauzee. I doubt because of his acting abilities (because my father minat kat pompuan jambu-jambu macam Siti Nurhaliza, Seripah Ani, Azie, Uji Rashid) I think it is more to do with him being a student at MCKK. My father can talk about MCKK for ages. Macam la dia sorang yang dapat masuk MCKK dalam Malaysia tu. MCKK this, MCKK that. Tak kuasa betul. Tu belum lagi I bagitau dia that Suhaimi Sulaiman yang bijak bistari tu pon student MCKK jugak..lagi besarlah batu jemala my father gamaknya...By the way..Hidup MRSM...rasainnn kau MCKK!!!

The surat saman betul2 membunuh mood I bekerja hari ni. But you can’t tell your client as such..ermm..don’t disturb me today because I just got a letter from people who intend to sue us. I hate Mark Sweeney!!!! The celaka besar Irish man. In addition to his celaka ness, he named me as one of his referee when trying to look for new job. And because of that, I have to mengadap my HR Director, mintak advice...

My HR Director, si pompuan tua yang berambut platinum blond itu, advised me to just give him a reference. This is because he can actually use my reluctance against me personally in the Employment Tribunal. I told the HR Director that my reason for not giving him one in the first place is simply because I have nothing nice to say about him. Really nothing. Not because of pure malice but Mark Sweeney is just a very unpleasant man. So, do you want a bad reference or no reference at all? (My reason lah) So, in the end, I took up her advised, I respond to his reference request and the majority of my answer to their question is ‘I wish not to comment’. The last question was so poignant where they asked ‘Would you re-employ this person? If yes, please state reasons’. I wrote back ‘No’ and my reason ‘ I wish not to comment’.

Rasaiinn kau Mark Sweeney. Suka lagi melawan akak. I can’t help to think dia ada masalah mental dalaman yang membuatkan dia marah2 tak bertempat. Sexually frustrated kott??

Meantime, I kenalah cari jalan lain untuk selesaikan masalah surat saman ni. Benci betul bila baca paragraphs from the lawyers ‘We consider that you are in breach of the pre-action protocol in still failing to make a decision on liability, failing to give reasons for your stance on liability, and failing to give disclosure of all relevant documents. In the circumstances, we must assume that there is some significant issue between us.’ Macam bagussssss aje.

Itulah gunanya ada Line Manager. Maka kepada dialah akan ku pass kan surat ni besok. Dan aku, boleh lah menonton ‘Bad Girls’ dan ‘Big Brother’ dengan hati yang amat tenang sambil memakan ceklat Maltesers. My aphrodisiac.

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Lee Novotny said...

errkkk u ols, mak pun guna no win no fee lawyer ni u ols.. mak menang occay? £7K je..ok lah tu kan?? heheheheheheh

**matilaa mak celaka dimata ex-kompeni mak:P