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Friday, July 14, 2006

Drunk and Disorderly...Big Time


This is the world worst antic.And you can be charge for it,if you decided to display the results of your intoxication fuelled behaviour in public.

I am fortunate enough not to get 'intoxicated' in public places.Considering that I will only become friendly with alcohol on invitation only.Sometime you have to sip some,when you're trying hard not to offend the person who offered.

There's a time when there is no one to offend, that is you want to drink voluntarily, like moir.Alcohol, for a very strange reason is a good sleeping aid for me.I have difficulties sleeping...especially when I'm free from work.I'm always sleepy when I'm at work.Errr..indication of psychological damage.

I woke up today like usual today.I slept well last night and early too because I remember that I didn't watch Big Brother.You can usually tell when people went funny with you.My inquisitive nature starting to ask question and in the same time, trying to remember whatever it was that I can remember.

As at 8.42 am today, I vaguely remember some unpleasant bit of my intoxicated self...and there will be more memory to come.

Not very pleasant at all.No wonder they went funny...weird kind of funny.

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