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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Labyrinth

I would like to wish my dear blogging counterpart, Lee Novotny to get well soon and so that he is able to get his arse soon on that comfy chair in front of his laptop/pc/palm whatever and start writing his must read blog. Makanlah lemsip bebanyak...

As for me, there's plenty of things to feel sorry for. The manipulation of the system that is directly affecting the innocent.Lee's story wasn't something new to lament about. I was given the horrendous treatment before likewise and to be honest, is inhumane and unnecessary, speaking about holding people up in queue, asking bloody stupid question that is all out to embarass them.

What do we ever do to deserved this? Yet,you're welcoming,treating,feeding and housing the ungrateful cadgers and in the end will gang up on you and set out to demolish the nation who rescue them from poverty,war torn country,anarchist and from all those self-made devils.

We are simply...a person who are fortunate enough to have a slightly clever brain and skills that is worth sharing. We worked our way up.We paid rent,council tax and all those sky high taxes.We made our application to stay in all true account and we are not asking for anything only to be treated fairly.

I guess, to be treated fairly is too much to ask.

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Lee Novotny said...

Nok oiii! dah 3 - 4 entry..tak terbaca mak yg lemah ini eheheh..

You are right on there!! Kita ni yg faaaling dedikasi pada negara dan tak buat jenayah..like u said esp. bayar tax (alih alih kita ni yg bekerja kat sini juga yg bayar utk enemployed ppl bagai)

to be continued...:)