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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hani Mohsin Passed Away ?????

Apparently so.Al Fatihah. My sister emailed me briefly, and I learnt the rest by browsing the news.I feel so bersalah sebabnya,prior to this blog, I was writing about HM ex wife, Tiara Jacquelina.Ada indication mengatakan yang HM semestinya dapat untung dari his divorce from her. Not that I knew of for a fact but human nature, sukalah bergossip.Sekarang ni dah mati sakit jantung pulak.Akak terasa sungguh berdosa.

While browsing,I read about how civil their relationship were (HM & Tiara)and they even celebrated his birthday together with her new family.And that piece of information really made me feel worse than it is now.

For all we know, he maybe still nursing his broken heart from either his failed marriage to Tiara or his unblessed relationship with Chef Wan daughter.

I met Hani Mohsin in person few times, that is while he was courting Tiara (during Raja Lawak stage show) and when some years ago,I happened to know someone working nearby his office in Ampang. So, selalulah nampak dia.A good looking, smart and a sentimental-looking man.

He died of an apparent heart attack in front of his only child while waiting to board on a plane.My thoughts are with the girl who I can only imagine, traumatised from witnessing her own Ayah collapsed and died.

Anything can happen..to anyone. To Hani Mohsin, rest in peace and Al Fatihah.


Lee Novotny said...

Ye, mak pun terkezut baca berita tu kat internet - actually melalui emel kawan kawan di M'sia.

It's strange enuff u r right cuz u had just mentioned his name in your previous entry!

Mak pun minat jugak ngan dia ni masa dolu dolu..hensem,kan?? :P

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmatNya..Amin...

p/s cian anak dia jugak sbb tetiba jek HM jatuh terjelepuk depan mata!

suhaimi sulaiman said...

Love your blog. Found it when I googled myself.

Lee Novotny said...

Waaaahhh u ols, selebriti dtg bertandang kat blog u ols...mak sujudddddddddddddddddd!!!! :)

***matilaa mak jelesss!!! :P

Han said...

Ye lahh..kak Lee, Tokojut akak..

Wow..Suhaimi Sulaiman melawat blog sayaaa...Fenxs..fenxs..

Han said...

Lee, u pon celebrity jugak. Bukan u ke yang berlakon Hatiku Bukan Penyapu ?