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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lagi Lagi Datuk K...


Baking hot today. Well, I’ve seen worst, it’s just bila dah duduk negara sejuk ni, badan pun jadi manja dan mengada-ngada. Tak tahan panas konon…

Jayne is now up for eviction. The fact that she got less vote than that equally-annoying Richard shows that having a big bust does help to earn a little nectar points from the men. The stupid lot like Mikey, MP (Michael Pengotor), Spoirall Siall obviously will favour those with CikTek and would happily nominate Richard yang takde CikTek tu.

It is really really dull and this is what we have to live with to watch, since all of us decided to chucked Nikki out. Padan muka kita.

Reading Lee Novotny’s blog reminds me of this rather annoying man I met at work today. How some people use a desperate measure to make themselves ‘stand out’ from others. Why they do it, is questionable. I can only think of them having a very, very low self esteem. To overcome that, they will do anything and unconsciously becoming an exhibitionist. Like this man I met today. The HQ decided to send all the Manager’s for Employment Law Training at Kingston today.(Bengang nya, takleh lah pakai short gi kerja hari ni) He is apparently a Deputy in one of the project down in Southampton…dan tak hensem. He overtalk his boss (in fact, he overtalks everyone) and in many occasion, made references to some of what he thought is funny examples. Tak kelakar pun. He laughed at his own recollections of events, probably hoping people will notice how ‘unusual’ he is. I think, but I'm not sure if he is trying hard to show that he is knowledgeable. It ended up making him look immature. Hmmm..Immature,that is more like it. I don’t think he’s that old eventhough I could be older than him (but acik kan maintain younger look, thanks to Olay Anti Ageing Cream gittew…) In addition to my account of annoyance, he sat in front of me…bubbling away like budak2 pandai. Celaka.

So that woman in LA Fitness is probably a low self esteem case…and the need to show off the things that she can do best (menari-nari sakan) is so important for her own mental health needs. Like Datuk K, when I was in Malaysia recently, I read about the news that Datuk K is still enjoying his conjugal access to his marital home with his on again off again ex wife. I supposed, he is doing that (kongkek wife dia walaupun dah bercerai gittew) for his own mental health needs as well. His look gives out a lot of definitions..misai pun nampak gersang aje. Habislah Siti Nurhaliza.

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Lee Novotny said...

U ols pasan tak muka Datuk K ittew macam terlebih taruk bedak pulak..more make-up than CT gittew. Musti CT menggeletis kegelian lepas ni kena ngan misai melenting ittew LOL...

Ok u ols, mak rasa u ols betul kot abt low self esteem diorang ni. Hmm mmg mengada ngada sangat! :) **matilaa kita pun mengada ngada panas kununnya! :P

I want Spoiral to be nominated next week!!!! Cian Jenny!!!