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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Melancholic Life

Deepest sympathy to Sultan Pahang & family. I read the news and learnt about the shocking tragedy.If I'm not mistaken, this has happened before.The same Royal Family, the same incident where the 'troubled' son stabbed his dad to death.15 years ago? Can't remember well but it was in the news.

If godwill, this can be prevented.Those who is closer to the 'trouble' should seek help eventhough it mean exposing you and your family. I worked with the troubled and I applaud their family openness.Although some decided to severe all ties,some brave enough to seek help.

Some people would rather chain their 'troubled' underneath their house, locked them where nobody can know they exist.Feed them like they feed their pets.Exposing them mean exposing the family shame.The 'troubled' was refused all helps they can get just because the family are so defensive of their pride.

Our mental health problem is something we should watch out for, because everybody has it.It's either mild,moderate,severe or just under control.That is why we sometimes do things we later regret.

Go out and seek help.


Lee Novotny said...

yes, dasayat sgt u ols... :( ni kes nak letak bawah rumah ni macam dlm Desperate Housewives pulak,kan? :)

Apa apa pun, semoga Sultan Pahang redha dgn takdir ini...

org tu dah kena tahan ke idak???

Han said...

orang ittew pon dah mati jugak...