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Sunday, July 02, 2006



England Team suffer a similar fate like Wayne Rooney,got sent off from 2006 World Cup. The result was unsurprisingly anticipated by many Britons (those who tak gemar bola)who obviously expect the least from their 11 lions.

Now the WAGS and the men itselves can start packing and return back to England. I bet Theo Walcott luggage is the heaviest as he, compared to others have more spare times for shopping and lurking around photographing himself around Baden-Baden.His holiday of a lifetime.

I think we might be wishing farewell (or good riddance, more like) to Cristiano Ronaldo.After famously winding Wayne Rooney's up,he will definitely be in England hitlist.He may as well claim asylum in other football club outside UK.

I wrote about Mawi and his love life misfortune.Today came the news of the demise of his father.I can only imagine his grief over both losses.

People say that you can never guarantee the longevity of a relationship.True.Relationship are often fragile and will always be.Footballer's and their football clubs,husband and wife or even friends.Longer period of relationships will depend on your level of tolerance of each other.Why is separation happens? simply because you no longer can tolerate who you're with.I must say that I applaud those who are in a long term relationship.But they lied if they deny of never bitched about their partner.That's alright.You're allowed to let off some unwanted steam.If you can tolerate shit then you can always live with it.And because of that,we musn't blame one of being insecure,because nothing in this world is secure.

There's a time when I hated my partner's guts.I'm better off with orangutan sometimes..(I said this out of spite) But there's always room for making up.I guessed, both of us still tolerated each other and I hope it stays that way.

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