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Friday, July 07, 2006

A Year On...And It Is Still Raw

A year ago today, I was getting ready to work.The agenda for the day is to travel to Luton with one of my client.As at 7.15am, as I am leaving my flat and get on bus to work,for some reason,I decided to travel on different route to Luton.We usually get on Picadilly Line from Hounslow East to King's Cross and then Thameslink to Luton.When I arrived work,I suggested to my client that for a change we should try on a new route to Luton and it will be fun.My client was anxious at first because changing route is like changing her whole routine and for young adult with autism, changes in routines is major thing.At 7.45am we left London from Richmond Station and changed for Thameslink at West Hampstead.Little that we realised that sudden decision changed our fate.We could have been perished that Thursday, 7th July 2005.

My colleagues,friends and family frantically trying to reach me on my mobile.It's so chaotic that day that mobile transmission was badly disrupted.I keep getting text from my mates asking 'Are you still alive?'.I did not realised what happened till about 11am.My friend in Malaysia texted saying that there's a bombing and 30 people had died when the BBC and GMTV news keep telling us on the telly that there's a power failure at the train station and there's fatality.I supposed they wanted to keep London calm.

I called my family in Malaysia and assured them that I'm okay.But I was shakey a bit because I can't get over the thought that I might have been dead,exploded to bits.

For couple of months, I was emotionally disrupted.My partner live in Finsbury Park and to visit, I have to brave the tube, which I couldn't bear to come near for weeks.I have to depend on my MP3 player to get me through the tube journey, until now.I could easily get an asthma attack when the tube suddenly stopped in the middle of the tunnel.I happened to know some people who aren't fortunate to survive.I can't believe that in this modern world,there was this 4 disgruntled obviously misled young muslim man who dare to take this stupid measure to destroy other people's life.

Is this really Islam teachings or just 4 stupid bastards that agree to do Osama bin laden stupid job? They're protecting the religion? But from who? The tube driver? since when suicide is permitted in Islam? Why aren't Osama bin Laden suicide bombed himself? Why manipulating young men to leave their own responsibilities behind and bombed others?

Whatever happened to soft approach in Islam, where the Prophet Muhammad applies on his people and families? Is there anywhere in the Quran that says 'Packed your home made bomb and blow yourself up on the packed tube?'?

I don't believe so.But 52 people has died for nothing and left an unbearable void in their loved ones life.

Let's join all of us at noon for 2 minutes silent.

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