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Friday, September 16, 2016


Very the dah lama tak hapdate uolssss......

But tak palah..takda orang baca pun. Kan? 

So I thought I share this comment some anonymous sent me. So macho lah he had to resort to being anon.

But hey, siapalah yang berani didunia nyata sekarang ni? Orang yang berani akan menulis di FB dan menunjukkan muka.

Orang penakut macam I, akan bersembunyi disebalik blog.

This guy commented about a flak I made about guys yang suka-suka buat lupa. Haaa...aruah siamang I lah kan...but let's just digest how easy men brushes off things...

'gonna put my comment for you.

guys leave girls because they are ugly (you probably are). girls leave guys because they're boring (we probably are).

so...work it out. if you are either ugly or boring.

you write blog because you want people to listen to you. but they don't because you are ugly, so you make a blog. if you dont post this comment, that proves nothing and everything.

accept the fact and find something that suits you. no point of getting something out of your league and whine about it. it's just gonna make your private part bigger. the one at the bottom.thanks.

life's always wonderful.'

That last part I tak faham...perhaps this guy think that I am out of his league. Well, if your league consist of Accapan or Khir Toyo and the like, yes...I am glad that I am not in that league. Takpalah Dik...I am seriously not hard up of you, your kind and certainly your big private part. 


Mak Piah said...

Ooohhh wowwwww!

DinoHauz said...

mak esah....tolong update selalu. Baca blog mak esah always make my day. Mohon pertimbangan untuk diupdate selalu blognya yar

Shakirin alIkram said...

Assalam, hope your Jumaat will be Barakah and memorable..last Jumaat of 1437. I am a wargaMas and I have enjoyed reading your Blog tp bawah HjH Esah. Tdi nak topup my Prepaid type C terdpt `choleric...'I like how you let that guy `yg mungkin pike he was God's answer to wo..man, dapat you acid!
Nice and I really want to thank you for letting me enjoy your view past few years.
Kenkadang reading young people daily muses and slam-dunk give oldie moldie me exciting and interesting trips into differing minds. I don't have time to Blog but I fB and respond in both English/Melayu/Cina. My style can be of the cursing, profane and cholic mix!
And I am fighting to dislodge two psychotic Kleptos..
Then maybe my diabetic-heart and degil son, may be able to survive supporting his 4 small children, without the GST and the climbing costs of living with the slippery Rgt. Thanks dik Hajjah..
May Allah Bless you sekeluarga and remain the sharp wit and humour that I so so enjoy! Selamat Maal Hijrah 1438.

Ida said...

Masih setia membaca. Teruskan. Please.

Shakirin alIkram said...

Salam Muharraam, HjhEsah..I have a young husband..the father was recently warded for serious..kidney impairment and water in his lungs..in KT. Seems the son, G brought him back to KL and he now stays with a daughter, who live pretty near her mum, his ex-wife!
BUT that's not the main problem..G has Agama Issues..and he's rather drawn to Christianity. His is a long and painful story much like the Murtad Sh. Farleaton.
May I introduce you to him and maybe he will talk to you about his `being at a cross-road!'
He had tried committing suicide because of the psychological stress he was subjected to by his step-father but I believe the problem goes deeper than that...as his father split up 30years ago, with his Mum!
Hope really you can help him, meet his inquiring mind part ways. Wassalam

Anonymous said...

Salam Mak Aji, ramai yang nak baca yr blog. Let him "play with his big private part"alone. Pls update yr blog pls.... Love Nica

Anonymous said...

Hi Hjh Esah... bila nak update blog. byk isu semasa u boleh ulas sekarang....