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Monday, October 16, 2006

Idle Mind Thinking Hard...

Dapurku Yang Indah Permai

Mak Ngah masih ber SSP lagi uolsss...(statutory sick pay, nama lain for MC) Ubat Batuk Beecham yang I beli semalam from Tesco takdelah nak memberi kesan mendalam.Bertambah sakit lagi ada.I think,kalau tak kebah jugak by today,I nak buat appointment dengan my GP.Manalah tahu,ada something tak kena ke...

Bila dah duduk rumah sorang-sorang (and bebas dari asap rokok) merasalah I berbrowse internet berjam-jam sampai lupa mandi.Terbacalah this news about seorang Mufti tak bagi orang Islam wish the Indian/Hindus Happy Deepavali.Kununnya...we will end up wishing the goddess.

Why can't we wish the goddess? Will there anyway that we will become Hindu just by wishing the Saraswathy,Krishna and the rest,Happy Deepavali?

I'm quite unfortunate that some of my closest family member tak bagi I tengok cerita cina pukul 6 tu.Masa tu kami (me and my sisters) gila lah nak tengok Police Academy itu.Adalah yang hensen nama Chung Wai Kit...alih-alih,ada pulak makcik ni sound kat kitorang,dahlah tengok cerita cina tu,nanti kau orang jadi cina.Berdosa lah..prok prek prok prek...berbulu aje I dengar.

Since I was little,we were repressed to acknowledge that chinese part of us.I don't know why but it's more to do with a family anger rather than racial hatred.I know my Indonesian grandfather is a Chineseman,but his existense was hazed by a disgruntled ex wife.

When I come out from this all malay boarding school, I started to think that the Malay/Muslim are getting too edgy with their identity.We were told to safeguard and hold on to what we have and do not let others kacau our 'warisan'.In fact, the lagu Warisan was one of the school anthem.

When we read the history,is a blatant truth that the Peninsular Malaysia wasn't belong to any Malay.We were the orang datang...and by good fortune,earlier than the Indian and the Chinese.Being the earliest,we have the upper hand but upper hand did not guarantee a safeguard.We have to work hard too.But little that we realised that we are stealing from the orang Asli who have huge rights on every inch of the soil.

I visited my Chinese,Indian and Serani friends during their festives.But never once I want to copy their believe (however Christmas was tempting sebab all the hadiah kena bungkus cantik-cantik)

For the last 6 years, I celebrated Christmas like mad here.I even have a small tree with the tassle,angel and lights.It is just a celebration to make you part of the society.

All this isues,brought up by the overly clever people (mereka tak lah tak pandai,Mufti kah,Menteri Penerangan lah...) are only set to divide the nation and making the things difficult for the Malays and making other races,defensive.

So,whatever next? Jangan wish Selamat Hari Raya pada the homosexuals???? Well,don't be like that...buat aja rumah terbuka and welcome orang datang rumah.Hidup aman.


Anonymous said...

Kann???? Orang kita ni cakap macam the world is theirs but unfortunately we share the world with other faiths/ beliefs/ religion etc... kita ni hebat sangat ke sampai nak kondem orang lain? Kalau dah hebat, apa takut dengan kemaraan pemikiran yg lain,kan???

Anyway.... hope u r recovering soon sebab dah nak raya ni..takkan nak beraya dlm keadaan tak sihat??? Tak mintak Frankie tu pay u a visit kah? oopss on the other hand it might get your blodd boils even more!

Jgn lupa e-mail me your number..dun worry..i am not from JAWI, voley?? :P

lekiu said...

The trend these days for a lot of narrow minded people is to put a barrier, to become intolerant of others. In their warped mind, they believe that living in a bubble would ensure the purity of their belief. In their search for God, they ignore the need to become civil to others.

Some of the shariah compliant officers including most of the shariah advisors at local banks are just plain mad ! Did you know that recently a Malaysian Judge actually lambasted the Shariah compliant product of a local bank as being unIslamic because it appears that in the event of default the borrower would be penalised harsher than someone who took a riba (interest) based loan from a commercial bank. By the way, most of the Islamic banking products in Malaysia contain an element of riba ! It is purely semantics when they interchange the word profit margin to interest. Substance wise, the rate of the profit margin is based on the KLIBOR (Kuala Lumpur Inter Bank Offer Rate) and KLIBOR is based on US LIBOR (United States Inter Bank Offer Rate)! Islamic financing was supposed to be based on profit sharing basis, but most of the product has deviated from such formula and has gravitated towards fee based product with interest at the heart of it. All this has been approved by the Sharia Advisory Board. Who sits on the Board ? Islamic "scholars". When questioned by the Judge on their method which to me look like predatory, they hide behind religion ! Blasphemous !! They wanted so much to come up with an Islamic financing, they couldn't be creative enough, they decide to change the labels, guna perkataan Arab macam Bay Bithaman Ajil, Bay Al Inah, Murabahah... tapi the formula is an exercise in semantics !!

They then claim that HSBC, Citibank dan banyak bank barat lain semua nak buat islaminc financing sebab "superior" product !! Sebenarnya bank omputeh tu buat islamic product sebab sama je kaedahnya ! To them it is just another business venture. But blind as we are, shamelessly proud we are of perceived "superiority" we assume that we have converted the west ! They're just smiling cynically because we look silly !

Now the banks running Islamic financing products are fuming mad at the Judge. They claim the Judge punya judgment is an insult and an affront to Islam !! Padahal orang tua tu nak make sure justice is achieved. In true Malaysian fashion because of the decision, the Judge has been issued an order to be transferred.

Sekarang kecoh isu murtad. Don't get me wrong, I am not supporting it. But instead of nak buat undang-undang itu ini nak halang orang murtad, the more important question is why did it happen ? From darjah 1 sampai Form 5 semua sekolah try to inculcate Islamic values, Islamic studies dalam curriculum. Why has it failed to create a model Islamic student? Why have the religious authorities failed to attract them to their activities ?

Wanting to find an easy solution out, the religious establishment in the country blame every one, the government for not doing enough (how much is enough pun tak tau la dan dengan berjuta ringgit budget to them to run programmes. One religious authorities was given RM 150Million budget and they screwed the money for some stupid investment went bad), the missionaries in trying to seduce muslims to convert, financial reward for conversion (we also gave orang asli money to convert, but success rate is still debatable).

It is just plain sad to see that in their hurry to seek validation from God, these moral guardians do't give 2 hoots who they trample upon.

Most of us were thought masa kecik kecik perkataan Arab pertama ialah to recite "Bismillah.." In the Name of God the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate. Sampai tua, most of not all of us will try to precede all our actions with the prayer. Tapi cakap mulut je la...mana compassion dan mana merciful entah.

Masa Nabi Muhammad SAW (Prag, I read you kuliah malam, so teringat untuk ucap selawat)mula mula sebarkan Islam, the people who embrace are the oppressed and the marginalised. Tapi sekarang ni afer 1000 tahun lebih, the people yang oppressed, the people yang marginalised others are the religious establishment !

Maybe that sounded harsh, I understand thats a bit over generalising. There must be people who are the opposite of what I described, but their voice is hardly heard, tenggelam je... and what is heard ialah suara yang menjengkelkan. Marah nih...

Ok lah....meleret plaks, Bella dah tertidur tunggu I....

Btw, get some rest and down plenty of liquid, you should be ok. Lagipun it is said that demam/sakit tu maknanya Tuhan nak hapuskan dosa dosa kecil.

:: samasam :: said...

x sihat lagi ke uols?

Han said...

hah..tu dia Lekiu punya comments...u patut jadik Human Rights Lawyer lah..

Belladonna said...

Han, u cakap pasal christmas teringat annual gathering my family evry x'mas.

Yang boleh minum tu minum, yang tak boleh minum tu main cards. Bebudak meloponglah depan x'mas tree tunggu 12am exchange present.

Kawin rojak teaches me to respect&tolerate other people's belief and privacy. Sometimes kekok jugak nak bawak diri sebb ada practices yang berbeza but it would be nice if people become less judgemental, less prejudice and just enjoy life to the fullest =)

highheelseliparjepun said...

hi there..nak tnya..serius bout the tart?bg address..nanti send.tp lambat smpai la..makan masa krismas atau raya haji la..hehe..get my email address frm lee novotny..

S a m u e L said...

Hola!!! I sukerr gitu entry ni...hapalah diorg ni, baru wish deepavali jerr dah ingat kita ni mendewa-dewakan tuhan hindu yg bertangan 12 tu...ayoyo!! my parent yg alim tu pun tak kisah...siap kitorg pegi rumah sambut bagai...besides diorg pun tak pernah halang i tgk citer cina segala..asalkan tak lalai solat gittew!!

I start dr kat UM lagi dah start celebrate xmas....dan tahun lepas i yg tolong pasangkan pokok xmas tu dan letak segala perhiasan dan letak kapas-kapas kat poko tu untuk feeling salji...he he!!