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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Doing work like me,the utmost criteria you must have is 'GILA,patience and keras hati. This is because you really need to make sense of the insensible things, you have to argue to prove your point (in the case of arguing the apple is orange),you have got to take anything they said with an open mind and heart and you must prove to your periodical inspector that you are still sane and your stress level is below average.

I made my own bravenet graph of stress.What day is the stressest,how many people that I want to kill on what day what day...how many people in what day that talk the most shit from their arses....

Well, the graph is like FTSE100, fluctuates ikut mood swing memasing.Working with the half past (isshhh..tak baik) taught me that there is a connection between moon and humans emotion.

I'm not sute how the moon will rise tonight but I know that we are going to get plenty of visit from the little devils, arm with them telor busuk or telor beli kat Tesco. They will knock your door and ask for 'Treat'.I have asked my assistant to get us bags of sweeties for the 'Treat'.Or I will risk paying a huge window cleaning bill besok.

But, the little devils are not the lot that I am scared of.We have a resident evil that will conveniently turn into a devil if they feel like it.

Today is a Halloween Day and all of us at the project are prepared with the arms of


Wish us luck.


Anonymous said...

Talk about tricking and treating, teringat mak sesama anak Avang si K jenjalan around housing area mintak treta or trick... hahaha mak siap pakai macam orang nak gi naik haji (sejukkk!!!) :P

Yes, we pray that u ols selamat daripada dibaling telor busyuk! :P

Anonymous said...

Han, satu lagi mak nak tanya...Husz nih sapo dia?? kawan hang kah?? boifren hang kah?? adik angkat hang kah??? jawab cepat!! :P

Belladonna said...

Han, hepi halloween. Kalau sesusah nak control those evil , baling je kote melepuh kat diorang or sumbat mulut dengan butod segenggam.. hihihi

Han said...

siapa dia? boyfren? kenapa? berminatke? honest truth? I pon tatau, but i think he is very interesting (his piece that is!) that I invited him to contribute his idea.

Hah..apa lagi nak tanya? Vital statistics?

Han said...