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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Aku,Dia Dan Adat...Inilah Ceritanya

While some people in my flat watching the horror/sci-fi/mengarut movie about this psycho woman who is keeping a an injured man hostage,I lie awake in my room, terkebil-kebil tak boleh tidor.How to tidur with screaming-screaming like that? In the end, I get up and make me a coffee and started bloghopping and updating my blog.

As I was talking about the adat things that was imposed unvoluntarily on my sister's wedding, I somewhat realised that I once upon a time ago,I really hated the fact that the 'adat' or how they impolitely put it 'my adat' was used against me by the MRSM boys.

How it started? My father had always wanted/hoped that one day after standard 6 that I will get a place in that prestigious TKC or KTK or Sekolah Budak-Budak Pompuan Yang Terasa Diri Mereka Itu Amat Pandai.

But I failed him.I did not get 5a's in my Standard 5 assessment test. Infact, I was so bangap in Mathematics and only managed B amongst all the A's.So, TKC doesn't like B's.And I am not qualified to become one of the Katak's girl.

So, I have to settle in Convent, with all the jobo girls who are also perasan themselves like angels.Remember in the olden days where people would say that Convent Schools are full of Kaffirs? Yeah...and I'm still Muslim.What they must know that even Convent School got 'sisters' that pray in that small attic, Convent School also mempunyai Ustazah-Ustazah yang lebih alim dari Pertubuhan Al-Arqam.This is because during SRP,the Muslims was literally forced to do Agama subject rather than choosing Arts as an alternative.Another evident of kegarangan Ustazah's is after assembly, the will be bunch of girls that will be inspected head to toe by the Ustazah's to see if they wear camisole and kain dalam to prevent the free show of tiang letrik (as if there is boys watching!!!) Ustazah's also will be measuring the length of our kain to see if we deliberately menyingkat or not.So celaka.The ankle sock with bebola also is a no-no.Last but not least, will be the best kept secret 'ekor'.The Ustazah's were so expert that they can detect your 'ekor' how clever you try to conceal them with sepit rambut.Lagi cilako!!!

As my father travel extensively for his work, I have to stay in the asrama.It is not really proper asrama, it is just to cater for ppl like me who parents are far and for those student who lived very,very far.My father still insist that I go to a proper boarding school and after SRP,I managed to secure a placement in one of the MRSM's.

Jauh pulak tu.But it is better to masuk asrama when your 16 rather than 13, because you become less target of the pembuli-pembuli asrama and at Form Four, there's no such thing as hard orientation.Not like when you're lot younger.The seniors are just pure evil.

I hated MRSM. I never proud of being one of the product but I love my friends. I hated the boys.I was always addressed as this tall girl from Negeri Sembilan.Because I was the only one.I got accosted a lot by boys who were generally shorter than me but taller in ego and stupidity.

They generalised the Negerian women.Like...ohhh..I have to be very careful with them...they got that adat and they will take my harta away.Wah..your adat like this..your adat like that.And they laughed hard.I endured all this slurr during my form four days.But when I got more familiarised with my surroundings, I have started to become more vocal.

Budak lelaki masa tu silap besar lah kalau cakap hal-hal 'adat-I-nak-rampas-harta-you'. Purata kasar, 12 orang dah jadik mangsa ketajaman mulut I yang macam Makcik Wok (if you read Gila-Gila Mag, the 3 Dara Pingitan, You will remember the character mulut laser - Makcik Wok)

Whenever they start to talk about how 'I' want to bolot their harta, I would simply said...Eh,banyak ke harta you sampai you takut orang ambik ? And this boy punya father adalah penoreh getah like that...bukan lah nak mengata ye uols,kalau bapak Menteri Besar, boleh lah cakap camtu dengan I, ni bapak dia pon toreh getah orang...nak kata I nak ambik harta dia yang sekangkang kucing tu...

Paling pedas yang pernah I guna is, my father earn more than yours (in which case is so true) you know what, keep your harta, because you might need it more than me.

And in the end, I never like MRSM boys.But I'm sure some of them are really nice.

Because of that,I have always tell myself that I never need a man to sara myself.If I pokai, my ATM is always my father and my big brother.I went out with boys during my 'gatal' nak berboyfriend era but I have always fare for myself.But how I wish I have used them.

So, I really salute to those women yang mengerjakan duit laki/boyfriend memasing.Kita misti ingat.Duit mu duit ku.Duit ku, duit ku jua.Teruskanlah usaha murni anda.

Selamat menabung untuk masa depan.


lekiu said...

I went to boarding school when I was 13. It lasted 1 month. I was in tears. I hated the fact that I can only eat at scheduled hours, I had to study at certain hours and I had no privacy, having to live in a dormitory. I was used to be spoiled to bits my doting grandma, the regimented lifestyle was really to much for me to bear.

I think apart from Kelantanese, people from Negeri Sembilan gets a lot negative stereotyping.My late father was from Ng 9 dekat rembau.But being brought up estranged from my biological parents, I never really felt like someone from Ng 9.

Ever notice that most if not all religious people, and it applies primarily to Islam and Judaism, insist on being very formalistic. The faithful attention to orthopraxy I think is a sine qua non to both religion. As we grow older however, we tend to have a very Christian biased idea that orthodoxy is more important. Thus, some people(the fundamentalist call us liberals) are always stuck between faith and religion. Faith that requires only orthodoxy and religion that requires orthopraxy.

I think that U should have kikis the boys u dated. It is only fair to do it. I believe that men need to and must pay for the meal. Dont get me wrong, I believe in equality, but there are some concepts in dating that are not moved by time and space. If there is anything we can learn from darwinism, is that the idea of men paying is sacred !!

So to women out there reading, go out there and be all you can be. It is your inherent right to demand to be clothed, fed and obviously spoiled ... ha ha !!

Anonymous said...

Aiyyooo nok, marah kat mak ke dok ungkit fasal adat tuh??? Ya hampunnnn....

Tak de lah kan..just nak tanya jugak since Kelate & Nogori kan pompuan pompuan kat situ kan ada keistimewaan? :)

I like your statement abt those ketot boys : "Short but tall in egos"

Sangatlah benar dan absolutely spot on! That's the case of my ex-boss si Amprick kat Manchester ittew.. short but bloody ego!

have a nice day u ols :)

Han said...

I should have live up to the expectation of the ketot boys..perampas harta...but they have no harta for me to rampas...duit belanja sekolah pun banyak tu aje...cemana nak kikis lekiu oiii?

Cik Lee, karangan tersebut tidak ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup ataupun dah mati..hanya ada kena mengena pada budak-budak lelaki ketot MRSM Beseri Batch 1988 - 1990. Janganlah sedddeyyyy...

X-Eyed Jules said...

tadi tersilap baca. for a moment i thot you were nigerian

Anonymous said...

Hmmm mak pun ekceli venci jugak my time kat MRSM dulu dulu tuh... venciiiii...can't be myself and I was not myself walaupun cikgu cikgi semua sayang kat mak..tapi apa kan daya, out of academic, I was sooooo miserable!!!

Tu belum lagi campur jejantan hipokrit!! Kecik kecik dah hipokrit!

Anonymous said...

Han, aiyyoo ada orang ingat u ols orang Nigeria..camno tuh??