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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wednesday Note

Can you just believe that it took me ages to finish off this post? What happened was (if you really want to know) someone was so clever, accepting this incoming pop-ups promising a free flight to New York.That is it, the file contained some very weird virus that freezes the whole bloody thing. That is what happened to the 1st computer. As for the 2nd one, one Monica Gellar like, decided to spring clean the flat by dusting, cleverly removed the connecting socket to the router and what do you know, my desktop is unable to receive any signal. It took me ages to repair the whole lot, plus I dengan takde masanya, membanting tulang hiarrh...hiarrrhhh...(disamping nak mengajarlah yang dua orang tu kan..sedap makai aje..bila dah rosak..tersipu-sipu pulak duduk diam-diam) Ingat kau..lenkali..kalau ada orang nak bagi rumah free pun, jangan pepandai nak accept-accept file bagai ye? You hear!!!!

I actually want to wish DBI and Ustazah Bella a happy anniversary. Speaking of anniversary, I never knew my parents wedding anniversary...and the whole time they been married, tak pernah lah pulak nampak sejambang bunga ke or anything that could suggest my father being a romantic kind unless seeing my mother heavily pregnant. I do remember my mother cooked us a nice food to celebrate his birthday but never seen anything reciprocal from the big boss. However, I do believe that some men find it so painful to express their feeling feehlong ni...and maybe my father is one of them...and until now,after their divorce, my mother never complaints. If its were me, habis dah kisah kejahatan laki ku ku war war kan serata alam. (Pasal tu lah tak berlaki sampai sekarang gamak nya)

On a different notes, all 3 of us have decided to move out from our very beautiful flat that is owned by a very good looking gay man (psstt...kaya dia ni you all...baru je beli yatch berharga 1/2 millions kat Canary Wharf sinun) We gave our notice few days ago, he came round and looking so sad that tenants nya yang baik-baik cam kita orang ni nak blah...but what to do, I have to move on. MB's is moving into MB2 mums so that they can look after her, and I, have to start being a obedient partner. We will be leaving the flat by 1st of September and before that, as a farewell, akan ku organise party gila-gila to mark our end of era living in one of the poshest flat kat Isleworth town ini. But, my new home will be only 10 minutes walking distance from Emirates....so, you all yang support Arsenal tu, silalah jelessss ye.

If you read my previous post, there was this regret about losing some small post it with contact information of a person I so want to keep in touch. That person is my ex boss.At work today, I was told that he has only 4 weeks to live.Apparently his cancer returns. Hmmmmm.....(to be continued)

Night-Night you all.


Rockafella Gurl said...

sorry ler.. mak support liverpool sajork ahakss!

Lee Novotny said...

Nok, kenalkan mak dgn your current landlord pls... mak nak beramas mesra dgn dia..hehehhehehe

Jen said...

Hi Hjh Esah,

Greetings fr me to u.
Apprecaite if you can answer the following qustions as I m looking for a place for my nephew to share with his friends for 2007-2008:

1. May I know how far far is ur place to Imperial College in Zone 1?

2. How much is the rent? Does it inclusive of bills?
3. How many room are there??

Have a Good Day & Regards,

Belladonna said...

Hjh Esah, auuww...thanks for the wishes :) Aku mati-mati ingat uols berchoti, rupanya internet problems. Btw, baanyaknya pc/laptop kat umah.. bleh buat internet cafe gamaknya, hiks

:: samasam :: said...

haha..sempat lagi lee tuh...mementang kaya!! hahaha