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Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Tribute To Nicholas Davis

(Nicholas Davis, taken in 2005)

(Continued) Haiyoo...you all, I was so terkejut sampai habis dry apricot I telan (habis pastu ciritbirit) after hearing that news. The things is, I knew he had cancer but he was given the all clear years back. Before Xmas last year, he called me when I was driving, my client answer the phone and we just passing on messages to each other. I invited him for our Xmas do so that we can do a bit of catching up, and Nicholas being a busy man that he is, politely turned it down as he already promised to another venue.We spoke on the phone briefly somewhere in January and he told me how he has been ill with having cancer in remission, but at that time he sounded alright and we again planning to meet up.Of course the meeting up never happened as I am so cut off from everyone (even my partner) to know what is happening.

One of my casual staff know MB1 and they chatted while MB was waiting for me.On the way home, MB told me about what she heard from this casual staff of mine that Nicholas Davis only have 4 weeks to live as he is suffering from cancer...something that I know but busy to take on seriously.I was in 2 minds, manalah tau, kot kot that news was fabricated, but when come to think about it, who would want to buat cerita-cerita macam ni kan? I decided to call his mobile (how I have to called the HQ asking for a copy of the old telephone list), still unsure if the number is still inuse.I got to the voice mailbox and it was his voice recorded message.I left a message and hours after that, I realised how stupid that message is.What I briefly said is that 'Ohh..Nicholas, I heard some news about you, it is not good and I hope it is not true.Let's meet up..this is my number or my office number xxxxxx'. Camana nak meet up kalau dia dah dekat nak padam kan?

In the end, I decided to email using his old email address yang I tak tahu masih valid ke tidak...I don't know why but I feel that he is slipping away anytime soon.But I rather keep that thought in my head.

Nicholas Davis and I are always in good term.We have this friendly professional relationship but he is the only one that I confide in, everytime I have massive work and emotional issue and because he is a qualified psychoteraphist, he always made me feel at ease.When he was promoted to the higher managerial role, he named me as his successor and have supported me throughout.He left the organisation a year and a half ago and we still keep in touch. I have a feeling that his health was stopping him from socialising and my work is bracing me against the world.

In the email that I composed to him, I said the things that I wish I had said to him before. I also said that I wish him well for the sake of his wife and his young kids. Nicholas Davis is only 33 and he have so much to live for.What I also said in my email is that, if what I heard is true (about him dying) how I wish who ever that read this mail may pass on the message to him and if I don't get the chance to see him again, this email is my goodbye and he will be the person that I will remember for a very,very long time.

Hope he will pull through...just like before.


Rockafella Gurl said...

huhu.. sedih lak aku baca nok, condolence pd family nick.. dah cancer kn, pyh nk kata, i hope ko pon ok pasni ya! yg pegi tetap pegi, kita yg stay ni hanya mampu brdoa.

Lee Novotny said...

What sad news to happen on a young person like him. makes you wonder sometimes that you have to be careful in your life (well, even that does not stop u from getting ilnesses like this).

My heart goes for him and his family

Belladonna said...

Sorry to hear about your ex boss. He was very young. But Tuhan sayang dia. May God bless his soul.