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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Unnatural Offence

There's a news today about two muslims in Pakistan was remanded in jail for same-sex marriage. Their 'marriage' was deemed illegal and they were labelled committing an unnatural offences. Well, there is a lot of illegal things in this world.Killing,stealing and now the same sex marriage.I can agree with the murderer being sentenced to jail for the offence of robbing one of their future and causing bodily hurt to the victim and emotional anguish to the family.Jailed justified.Stealing, apart from not practically hurting the people we steal from physically, punishment is justified because no one has the right to take things that are not theirs.Again, inflicting pain to another person.But, one man we don't know marrying another man we also don't know, how is that offending us? It what way their marriage affecting us physically? And when no one is hurt and abuse, is the inprisonment justified?

One third of my emotionally disturbed patient are homosexual, male and female. Some came out and some, still hiding in the closet. Either way, the out and proud and the quiet and discreet are none the happier. To be in a disapproved relationship is tough and when you're gay, the hurdle is much more bigger. Heterosexual person will only need to worry about themselves if parents,families and community disapprove of their choice of partners, and the gays, not only that your choice of partner may appaled others, your own sexual choice is another worry for them.

As a Muslim, this issue remain very sensitive to me, just because I do not know what solution to offer. My liberal thinking and pure feelings goes to a person choice. Eventually, nobody knows what is in store for them. I am very picky about undertaking cases with gay people issues, especially around the Muslims. Bad enough that I have to endure the guilt that wrapped a gay father for ditching his young family for his young toy boy, listening another fellow Muslim guilt of contesting their fitrah is another burden lot heavier than a tonne of bricks. I do feel for them.As a human, everyone deserved to be happy.A happiness is a life choice and life choice must be made by the person who is living it.I believe in that astutely and knowing how judgemental others can be plus our persecutory nature of these so called 'unnatural offence' made me think that keeping schtum is always a good option.

Well, I am so sorry that the two got caught and jailed. While others is cheering their victory for shoving this unnatural god creature to the furthest sideline of this world, I am more concern of how badly they have been subjected to emotional abuse.I believe that never once they stop cursing themselves to be born unnatural, however, managed to live with the unnaturalness and withstand the physical and emotional trauma. It is hard enough to be different and to be cruelly perceived and received is something else.

I remember this young Muslim chap told me that when you tell your parents you're gay, expect the reaction that you're not only disgraced yourself, you've disgraced them and your whole village.And, the other neighbourhood village too; shame seems to travel at the speed of light.And if you think that in that 2 months on they'll have gotten over it and invited you and your same sex partner round for coffee, forget it. Incidentally, your ancestors are probably turning in their graves.

Some even say that telling your parents that you shag your own sex is worse than telling them that you're not believing in God, it seems.Syariah law states that the hukum for the reprehensible crime of fancying the same sex is to be stoned to death.

Working with people with visible and invisible disability made me rethink a lot of action taken by others, either after taken into much thoughts or in a haste. We promote equality.One of us was born different to one another.If being gay is so appalled, can the society not see this as a birth defect and help them through this difficult time? What good will it bring jailing two gay men? They're hardly preaching gay rights in their village or going round raping young boys...they just love each other, wanted to be together against all 'natural' things and wanted we to be happy for them.That seems to be a little thing to ask.

However disgusted, can we not use our natural power to pray to god to 'naturalise' them? Well, it is so hard and difficult living in the man made society.Human seems to have higher expectation than the creator, yet we all believe in one and created by the one.


lekiu said...

Soren Kierkegaard kata you cannot treat religion like a buffet spread, pick and choose religious injunction that fits your lifestyle. You either follow it fully or abandon it all together.

I go through pain in my line of work as well knowing very well that what I am doing is against what I was taught to believe.

There is much I would like to say, but it is too early in the morning for such deep thought.

At the very least I know that someone somwehere is going through precisely the same kind of pain.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

LeQ,I will have to disagree with that Kierkegaard fella, however, faith is a life path, whereby a life choice with no intention to deviate faith in religion, must be acknowledged.If we can't make ourselves happy, who will? We just have to keep asking forgiveness from Allah and beg to be shown the light one lane after another.

Makcik Kiah Kidman said...

Esah, tak tau apa nak cakap. At the end of the day what is it that can make us really happy not just for now or today but everlasting happiness. I think only you yorself will know the answer.

Lee Novotny said...

Masalahnya tak kenal maka tak cinta.. asik asik nak prosecute we ols nih; isn't there anything better to do?? Like kahwinkan sajork both men eheheh.. actually I have heard things like this (kawin sesama lelaki) ni a common thing in afghanistan pun. hah kau, kata kuat sangat agama!

Selama kita di buru sebegitu rupa, selama itulah kita akan hidup dalam pura pura. Yang kawin cikki pun last last main ngan jantan lain belakang bini.... what a sad phenomena!

Rockafella Gurl said...

fuuuuhh complicated la.
but, if in m'sia jgn kata disgraced by satu kampung but ur own self jugek seumor idup uolss..

yg lain2 tu.. between them & Allah laa kn. masuk kubur pon sengsorang uol, kita tak bwk ape2 cuma iman & tawakal.. ayooo, sazah sgt aku ni.

spanker said...

God Himself does not propose to judge a man until his life is over. so why should you and I?

nice entry :)

stephen said...

hehe...sori, nie unrelated komen, check this out.

pedestrian said...

You said ... "however, faith is a life path, whereby a life choice with no intention to deviate faith in religion, must be acknowledged".

That is an argument without basis except to pacify one's guilt ridden conscience ? That is another way of saying, I believe in God the Almighty but I think some of his laws are wrong, thus I refuse to be bound.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Pedestrian, there was never 'a refusal'...not there is a guilty conscience.