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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Terimalah Kebangangan Aku Seadanya....

During the period of makan gaji buta this morning (working hours laa), I received a question in my comment box by one of our blogger friend.Gender unspecified,I wish not to publish who she/he is but I am willing to share the question that was shoot at me.Nothing malicious, I promise, just a honest and genuine question, and since I am in the mood to bare all (elehh..macam lah fofuler), I hope what I am about to write shall fill in some blank.

You might wonder what I do for a living. Some of you yang genuinely nak tahu and dah pun bertanya, knows the answer to that.To you who wonder, I work for social care services, a service to people with complex needs. Is the most hated profession in the UK as commonly people think that we stick our oar in other peoples's life for a living. Is 50% true, we do menyebok jaga tepi kain orang but we only stick our nose in to those who came for help. Dengan kata lain, kalau you tak jolok sarang tebuan, maka takdelah tebuan itu akan menjolok muka you balik. I salute this people who put their hands up and gave up. Taking up responsibility to care and manage people welfare is not easy. Not many people yang nak mengaku kelemahan sendiri. For not wanting to make matters worst, they came to us for help. Takdelah sampai nak leave things too late and bila hati dah tak tahan, terajang sampai mati anak-anak mereka ni.

I am leading a team of support workers who is working closely in a 24 hours secured premises and at the same time, giving an outreach support to the affected next of kin. My title gajah as on my working pass is 'Pekerja SoSIAL'.... tapi title aje gajah,kerja cam monyet and gaji pulak ciput seciput-ciputnya. Because I am working under health authority and involve largely in outreach job, I took up an inhouse training in managing challenging behaviour, and by doing this, on a job share rota, I joined the psychological input team, making analysis of humans behaviour and working on their support plan. I do involve in cognitive behavioural counselling although not deeply qualified and I am working closely with the dual diagnosis patient. So, I am doing 2 job at the same time, both with title gajah and both with gaji ciput. So, this is what I do. But I am an accountant by university qualification....dan setelah beratus ribu duit biasiswa MARA yang dah kulenyapkan. Like Aizee & Sarafina, during the early days, we spent 2 years reading law.This 2 bitches are now sucessful lawyer in KL and aku? Happy as ever.....

And because of my work , I have to refrain myself from exposing my face yang ala-ala angelina Jolie ni. Because if I expose me, I might have inadvertantly meng expose people yang perlu diprotect identity nya. Tapi, kadang-kadang, terlepas jugak satu-dua....

How old am I? Old enough to beranak 4 if I married my ex fiancee.But I didn't, although I did marry someone I love.Well, for consolation, not many of us ended up with our first love.Walaupun hatiku berkecai cam strawberry smoothies, we all have to accept that Raja Nazrin tetep memilih Tuanku Zara Zalim itu sebagai bini nya sekaligus melenyapkan peluang Makcik Kiah untuk memakai baju liplap dan mendapat pingat.Nangislah air mata darah sekali pun.To you both, what can I say, apart from pantun 3 kerat yang berjaya kukarang dalam jamban sekejap tadi...Ada Ubi Ada Batas...Ada Batas Ada Ubi...Kau Memang Babi!!! Boleyyy?

Having a substantial secular education does not made me a receptive kind of person.I am indeed very lembab and dullard. It took me sometime more than 24 hours to process any new information, and god knows how I have annoyed my tutor group big time by asking numerous question. In fact, today at the training centre, I got told off by my senior manager. Why? Well, put it this way, having high amount of proficiency and eloquency in English will not guarantee that you will understand almost every words.Believe me, I still carry dictionary where ever I go...now more lighter, thanks to Kiah (walaupun hatiku kuciwa dek telephone pemberianku dihisap dgn rakus oleh anakmu) This training manager, being an Englishperson that she is, spoke in somekind of figurative language that I don't recognise. I have to cut in and asked what does she mean by that.After full explaination from her, I downheartedly apologised for cutting her off and told her, as a foreigner, I seems to face this problem (tak paham bahasa) quite a lot. Cehh....dia tegur I kau-kau masa tu jugak...nobody is a foreigner here. You pay tax, you live here and you are one of us. I'm not so sure what to feel...but, there's a slight possibility that dia ni hanya plastik saja.So, to you all, bila I kata I tak paham...please take it at a face value yang I betul-betul tak paham...I have been away since 1991...my bahasa malaysia is as where I left it...and bila ada slang melayu yang baru-baru ni...I memang bangap sikit.

Personal life? Suffice said that I have a parents and siblings. We are fine, we never fight but I don't want to speak too soon. I hardly see them and therefore, no time to catfight. And I think, because of we had lost someone among us, we value our presence plus, we have a parents yang dah tua and tak nak lah pulak bagi orangtua tu cepat mati dek sakit jantung or susah hati. We grew up with high amount of docility towards our parents. But, nothing is ever so perfect.

Another thing, I got asked about my sexuality a lot. For sure, I don't sleep with you or your partner. But I am a very,very shy person. Anything of S.E.X. remain a subject embarassing enough to discuss in public. But, I can get hold of barangan sakti (yang telah di advertise free oleh Ustazah BellaBedot dalam blog nya) if you all are interested to spice up your bedroom life.

I live in a flat with my 2 other friends, they are the nicest people to live with walaupun, ada jugak adegan-adegan menyakitkan hati yang telah berlaku.

For those who question my faith, yes, I am a muslim. I may have an opinion like Stalin, but I do believe in other explanations...and I believe that if you are not set out to hurt anyone, you are as good as gold. If you believe in god and god will believe in you.

What sort of music I listen to? Look at my imeem list...I am such a boring person with bad taste in music.

Am I that holy that I bestowed myself that 'Hajah' title? Not really, but I am quite fortunate to have the opportunity to buat umrah 8 years ago.

Do I have any bad things to say about my partner? Apart from tak bagi I makan ayam dalam rumah dia, I hate the fact that dia basuh pinggan mangkuk tak bilas dengan air bersih (yeekkkk...habis berbuih-buih) and dia tak bagi I tengok 'Friends'.

Describe myself in 5 words.... Demam,Penat,Stress,Lapar & Belum mandi. Well, hope this helps.To all my peminat-peminat setia....dengan kekwat nya....I'll be away for the weekend ni...it is a bank holiday weekend in England and I am about to do my dissapearing act. But I will miss you. Maybe, we will see each other soon.


Lee Novotny said...

Stalin katanya..hapa, nok ada misai melenting macam Stalin ittew kah??? LOL **larikkkkk!!!! :P

Ehhh apa ni??? Ayam tak boleh makan kat mah dia?? U can't watch Friends?? Tak bilas pinggan berish nersih (mmg lagu ni lah lagak orang Inggeris...norm yaamat! Venci!)... aiyyooo jgn merana lepas ni nak dok ngan dia udahler nok.... there must be other place you can stay...

Other than that - have a nice long bank holiday weekend..kompeni mak choti sampai hari Selasa..so next week's gonna be a three days week! Yay!!! Take care

Makcik Kiah Kidman said...

Esah oi, aku lagi kuciwa hp tercanggih yg pernah aku ada tambahan lagi pemberian ko (secret admirer aku) non-functional at the mo. Oleh kerana aku menghargainya, akan ku bawa ke dr mobile hari ini juga. (amboi ko ni, mengadu kat si Bella ye.)Ko pemalu nak cakap pasal s.e.x? Amboi! tengok sikit ghope tu! Tapi apa2 pun imaginasi ko memang kelaasss dan telah terbukti dgn pemberian barangan sakti ittew.

Typhoon Sue said...

oooo... from your last post, i figured u're some sort of a shrink. was about to post some question to you about it but someone apparently beat me to it.

been there since 91 huh? lama tuh. PR?

it's a good job, don't let anyone tell u otherwise. and don't be jealous of your lawyer friends either. (Aizee & Sarafina... macam penah dengar aje nama nih...). It sucks being a lawyer. Trust me.

A job is not all about making money, no matter what ppl tell u. it's about making a difference, and i think u are.

Hjh Esah Jolie said...

Yes you all...I mmg pemalu,pemalu,pemalu...but, shopping is somekind of informed choice, so, Kiah, takdelah susahnya nak beli barang-barang sakti itu..ko ni pehal? Tak letih-letih ke nak ajak aku threesome?

Sue, that Aizee & Sarafina, nama separuh sebenar..are both very sucessful lawyer, made from MRSM (but adalah sorang tu dah tak mengaku MRSM sebab dia asalnya satu class dgn Zara Davidson time dia kat Convent dedolu) although sucessful, they both have similar problem...they both want to kill their boss!! I now wonder does all lawyer homicidal? (apart from senior partner) Came to England 1991 to study, back home...travel...came again in 1998 and just got my naturalisation last year, much to my father dismay.

That's true not abt making the dosh though..but I rather have money and not work...that will be the ultimate difference kan?

Lee, mmg ada back up plan...

Oh ye Kiah, aku buat umrah tu nak cari cahaya kebenaran (plus free travel kan masa tu kerja dgn SIA) apa yg ku dapat? lagi terbalik ada lah!!!

:: samasam :: said...

i always imagine yg u nih kalau jumpa kan mesti byk bercakap kan? sure ala2 kak joyah mcm citer opah tuh kan? hahahaha... i love that