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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Evil Makji Esah

Scene 1: Voice Over Actor :- Hjh Esah vs People At The Credit Card Centre, Time : 10.24 am

I can't remember who I spoke to but I certainly made her upset and probably want to kill herself after our telephone conversation.I received my monthly statement last Saturday.I was so surprised to see a purchase interest charges on £5.53 in addition of my other expenses.Tak banyak mana pun, but being a typical Capricorn that I am,I want all expenses to be justified and I do not appreciate being charged for something that I haven't a clue about.Nowadays, some bank no longer offer the freephone service to their customer and if you have queries, you have to call some 0870 number and pay a national telephone rate for that.If you ask,I must say that I am not at all happy with this because we are giving them business by applying to their poxy institution for a credit card facility.But the bank is also within their right to charge the service they render, so, I can't win if I were to complaint.British institution fixation with the robotic telereceptionist has gone long way back.You think you can't get annoyed with 'please press 1,2,3 or 4...but since 8 years ago, not only that you have to press the required button,you also need to tell the robot what are your problems, and then being put in the queue, crooned by hidup segan mati tak mau music before the right person (if he is the right person) attend to you.That could take up 8 minutes and 25p of your money.Then we undergo the process of self verification, please confirm nama datuk nenek, date of birth and pundek pundek pundek...Mind you, some bank can be very patronising and sarcastic by playing this voice recorded message telling you how your call is important to them and how millions zillions people elsewhere are also having problems...not just you.Sialan.....

In the end, I got picked up by a Welsh lady,and she is now asking for my 1st,2nd and 3rd line of address for final self-verification.Okay..how can I help you........(me telling her my problem).....she goes 'let me check'.....(and this again take ages)....she come back to the phone after 8 minutes, asking me about some transaction that had taken place in April (of which none of her business anyway).....put me on hold to check again....and only return after 5 minutes.

Be very scared.I must always remember that I, at no time can subject this customer service reps to any sort of verbal abuse.I know I was angry and I made it very obvious that I am disgusted with her work. 'You have put me on hold twice for 13 minutes when all I want to know is why are you charging me purchase interest when I made my payment in full. I must remind you that I am paying for this call and it is not cheap.You may check your record that I made my payment on time and has done so in the past.' Wah..garang sungguh!!!

The lady once more asking me to wait and she will now check with her supervisor but in nick of time making a big mistake by suggesting that I may have incurr the charges by 'gambling', judging by one transaction I had with Play.com

Lahabau!!! Does she know what play.com is? I pun teruslah 'I beg your pardon, what did you say?' Well, she repeated what she said earlier accordingly and I went 'Do you even know what Play.com is? And even if it is a gambling website, what is it got to do with purchase interest? This is silly and you being silly. I suggest that you do your homework before suggesting anything stupid to me.I resent being charge this interest and I want this charges reversed, and I want it now.

Verdict: I got my purchase interest reverse and I have upset the Welsh.

Scene 2 : Voice Over Actor :- Hjh Esah vs Mak Miss Nigeria via telephone

Well, what can I say...I have been waiting for about 2 months for Miss Nigeria to return. What upset me the most op top of my kerja yang jadi bertimbun dek ke AWOL an dia ni is that the fact that Miss Nigeria is not responsible enough to take responsibility to adhere her working contract with us and membiarkan aku terkontang-kanting bekerja sampai demam-baik balik-and demam balik. What was her excuse? None...apart from 'things have been a bit complicated'..yeah...tak laku dah alasan itu. The fact that I have made contact 3 times for the last 3 weeks, spoke to the mother and was promised a call back with the exact return date.

Did she call? If she have, I wouldn't have spoken to that poor old woman and giving her a piece of my shattered brain.

Hjh Esah : Hi, Mrs Nigeria, this is Hjh Esah calling from London

Mrs Nigeria : Ohh..hi...good evening to you...how's ***** and *****? (my other patients)

Hjh Esah: They are fine....I need to to ask again, when is Miss Nigeria coming back?

Mrs Nigeria: Ohh..hopefully by 31st, but we will confirm again..because bla bla bla bla....alasan alasan alasan...

Hjh Esah : Well, I need to say this, this is the last time I am going to call. I think this matter has to come to an end.It is not fair that we been messed about like this. If you can pass on this message to her, as she never bother to contact me, please tell her that I am now going to give her a date, which is end of May.And if she is still indesicive, I am expecting a resignation letter.This is far too long and I have been way to lenient.

Mrs Nigeria: Pleading but still ber propahan lagi dengan I ni...

Hjh Esah : She know how to contact me if she want to.I really have to go.

Verdict : Don't know and don't care.But, I must admit that I feel that I have been so rude but they deserved it.

Overall verdict : I am evil.


Lee Novotny said...

Mak takottt!!!! Semenjak dua menjak si RN kawen dgn yg iras iras WZR tuh, u ols mmg menakutkan!!! ***larikkk!!!

No seriously, well done! don't let these people naik kepala!!!

Syabas Bette!

captainlukman said...

ma rasa takdalah garang mana, hakikatnya kalau tak buat cam tumampuslah kan kita kan. Sama kes jugak dgn mak kalau fly dgn minah2 arab or south african yg somenya pemalasssssssss**tapi mostlly arabs nie pemalas babi sundels**, ade ke cakap n melantak je pandai, keje malas giler. so hjh esah mak nie diam ke mulut**sah2 lah mulut brand puaka kan**ops**.......sound je**matilahmak**

Typhoon Sue said...

ya memang. u're evil. like the devil.


Lee Novotny said...

Pak Arab pemalas + kuat melantak, ekk Captain?? Padanlaaa badan diorang pun dah macam BABI! Tu diah... hahhahahah