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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jiwa Kacau...Lagi

Tuan Tuan & Puan Puan yang dihormati,
Saya akan menghilangkan diri untuk seketika.Saya amat memerlukan break selepas sessi counselling saya dengan PPKK (Pakcik Perogol Kanak-Kanak)

Fikiran saya amat terganggu.Saya terasa hendak pitam dan paling menyayat hati,saya terbayang-bayang sepotong lemang dan sangat-sangat mengidamkan lemang.

Saya tidak patut berasa begini.In fact, saya tidak pernah rasa terganggu begini rupa.Dan untuk menyelamatkan fikiran saya,saya mesti berhenti berfikir untuk sehari dua.

One of the reason why this feeling occurred is because I could not understand the anxieties that had been in fact voiced throughout the session.An assumption on my part of what I considered to be the best way of coping with the sin was another factor.The failure to connect PPKK's fears resulted in my defence breaking down. PPKK's case underlines the dangers of my complacency and how this can foster a false sense of engagement.A premature ending is almost inevitable if PPKK's are left with feeling that their most basic concerns/issues are not being addressed.

Sepanjang ketiadaan saya,sila doakan kesejahteraan fikiran saya.Saya mesti hadir ke majlis perkahwinan kawan baik saya dan saya samasekali tidak mahu 'mood' teruk saya akan merosakkan majlis itu.



heavenvshell said...

what happened to u dear?

hope everything going to be fine k...

take a rest....

heaven xxx

Anonymous said...

Hmmpphh??? Hope u r okay...yes, do what you think the best for you and your career.

We will always be here to support you.

See u at the weekend...


p/s most of all, have a good rest and jgnla dok fikir fasal lemang!!!

Han said...

susah Lee, especially when the thought of it transferred to you..

In a psychological discipline,ppl like me become a container...pray not...the container breaks...and that is why I needed a space..to mend my own container...

Oh..Heaven...you will find out soon.Thank you for the kuih tart...mana spanish kerbau I?

lekiu said...

defended a serial rapist once and other type of monsters. understand how you feel.

i suppose this is an occupational hazard that we have to shoulder. and yours is harder than mine, you have to engage PPKK's feelings and I didn't have to. I was free to vent my anger and frustrations at him, after he paid my fees of course.

well, again, all i could afford to offer are comforting words... hang in there and stay sane.

Belladonna said...

Han, rehatlah seberapa lama boleh. U need a break. Pi jejalan.Take care darling.. nanti kita sembang lagi.

:: samasam :: said...

hey, kata bulan 11 kita ada date kan? kita dua, date... lupa ek?