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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Civillised Questions & Bloody Fool Answer

It is very difficult to think about nice things when you're extremely depressed.Shrinks don't operates at anti social hours and although there's a on call psychiatrist,they would rather pump your rectum with antidepressants than talk your shit through with you.Why? They have plenty shit stuck in their own rectum. Remember,one sign of stress is constipation.

I used to think that medications is a factor that can drive the mad, maddest.Well,after a long haul soul-searching, drugs only contributes 25%,15% genetic,10% organic and the remaining 50% self-inflict.

Silliness is first step to self-destruction.Some silly moment is unevitable.That's okay since it is least expected like becoming pelupa.There is a silliness that is created with intention to annoy others or even yourself.Less careful, this man made silliness can cause fatalities.Who knows what will be the end of human anger.The popular example of things that shows how silly people can be is when a frank question is replied with a silly answer.

Contoh-contoh soalan,jawapan bangang and cara mudah untuk mengelak permusuhan adalah seperti berikut :-

Q- Kau dah makan?
A- Apa? Kau ingat kau sorang je yang lapar? Aku bukannya tukang masak, tahu tak?

Analysis - Wouldn't it be easy if the question (that is clearly honest and plain) were answered with a simple YES/NO.

Q- Eh, Raya hari Isnin ke Selasa?
A- Oiii..bukannya aku yang tengok anak bulan..bukannya aku yang menyimpan mohor besar Raja-Raja tu....

Analysis - If you are emotionally decent,you would have opt for...I'm not so sure or simply, tak tau lah...let's check.

To those who asked the questions, with that kind of answer, you will be psychicly demotivated,sometimes become consciously angry and retaliates, especially when you're somaticly distress.The anger will stay in you at least for 48 hours until it subsides.But the memory will stay.Bad for mental health.

To those who gave that silly answer, you are the culprit.What were the motives anyway? You're now responsible for few counts of offences.You made the questionner psychicly depressed with your answer.You also triggered your own 'disturbance' by answering in a sarcastic manner.Remember, there's always a reasons for everything...if you're sarcastic, there's a sarcasm in you that haven't rest or bla..bla..and finally, the verbal or even the facial response from the questionner will create/transfer emotional trauma to you.Concsious & Unconscious Transferrence.Also, bad for mental health.

So,people.We should stop driving each other crazy.Let's starts now.


lekiu said...

I didn't know one sign of stress is constipation. I never have that problem thus far..Pagi pagi senang je keluar. But I take a lot of synflex sebab panadol actifast ke, ponstan ke dah tak de effect sangat.

This is a good move citer pasal mental health. Just right up your alley. Ganti Dr Phil lah ya ? Nak consult private psychiatrist mahal, RM 300 per hour ke cam tu. Jadi eloklah U berbakti kepada masyarakat cam ni.

Looking forward to your next series on mental health..hehe

:: samasam :: said...

i selalu jugak kena macam tuh. bila kita cakap, busy la sekrg nih.. then kalau dia reply, ko ingat ko sorang je ke yg busy? terus i turn off dah. mcm tak kuasanya aku dgn jawapan mcm tuh, rasa demotivated sgt nak borak2 lagi dah dgn org yg jawap sarcasm like that. dahla lama x jumpa, tak borak and then bole jawap camtuh. so next time, jgn harap la nak tego, jumpa lagi dgn spesis yg suka jwb camtuh. ..

Anonymous said...

Ni susahnya nak hidup sesama manusia nih..kena tahu saikologi jugak..kalau silap silap, sekehlogi lah jawapnya. I think kita kena tahulah bila nak mengajukan pertanyaan pertanyaan ini..kalau masa diorang tgh moody ke, depress ke..haruslaaa dijwabnya secara marah.

Bak kata orang the ones who hurt us most are the ones that we love or loves us. Gitulah lebey kurang.

Hope u r feeling better....

:: samasam :: said...

majuk ek?