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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jiwa Kacau

The World Is Not My Oyster

Frank methodology for kekacauan jiwa is 'separuh gila'.Well, must admit, every one of us have a moment of manic.WE too have our disabilities.But it is vague and undiagnosed.Childhood is a very important moment in our life because it help to carve the way you are today.

I remember the joy in my childhood vaguely.It took me a while to come to term with it and to forgive whoever.Parents are trying their best to be perfect and perfections can sometimes become toxin in your mind.Because along the way you are going to dislike yourself for wanting to be perfect.Why? Because it is difficult.

We are lucky that we express our need very well, which ever way that suit.WE fragmented our feelings very well, well enough to know how to ask for help.

However much help you get,still nothing would be perfectly suit in.The help will get you through the unwanted emotion,but hardly satisfy your need.In the end, however much you ask/need help, you can never feel perfectly better.

The omnipotence in this equation (who is always, you) will always win.But not necessarily in a good way.

And that is why we have our manic moment.It is created by the obligation of our troubled soul to become perfect.

In the end, we can't, can't we ?


Anonymous said...

mak oiiii bahasa Inggeris u ols very derrrrr great! susah nak jawab pertanyaan persoalan ittew :P

Anyway, mak pun ada Oyster card jugaks nok..heheheh padahal ada £3.00 je dlm tuh :P sekalis ekala mai London, leh guna..nampak vass sket, kan? tak perlu cucuh dalam lubang slot tiket tuh :P

Hope u r feeling much better..oh i do wanan say something. I dont think i really enjoyed my childhood... as a matter of fact, I think I was a loner...too much complication within myself even in that age! ....:)

Han said...

Who can enjoy life with repressed situations? Time and situations wasn't right...pasal tu happy macam mana pun childhood, tetap tak purrrfect!

Kalau tak org buat kita tak happy, kita sendiri pulak yg ada masalah...

Hope you're well too Lee.By the way, uols Sabtu ni pakai micro mini dress dengan sholl bulu-bulu ayam ala-ala Ms Congeniality II ke?